AIS Sports Draft – Combat : Andrew three months in

The immediate feeling once I got back to Melbourne
was more, I don’t really know what I’m doing; whether I should take a second to think
about it or just jump straight into it. But I did jump straight into it which was good
and the coaches were fantastic so I got a lot of help and plus I started enjoying it
from the first week. I did get hammered and I got a few hits to the head but that was
all part of it. If I didn’t have that challenge then I wouldn’t
really be really doing as well if it was easy I wouldn’t be really trying as hard because
there’d be no growth in it so because there’s a lot of room for improvement and growth I
took that as a challenge and I went with it. I love the fact that I’m here. You know
you can sort of say even though really it’s just, it’s a fast track program you are
a part of the Australian Institute and I was thinking about that as I went for a walk this
morning. I was looking at the buildings and thinking how on earth did I get here. So I’m
a big fan. Yeah!

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