Aikido Techniques & Exercises : Kantate Osa Undo

The next stretch that we do is called Kantate
Osa. Kantate means wrist. Osa means stretch. Start out just like this right foot forward,
right hand out. Grab your own fingers. Don’t grab up on the palm. Grab out by your fingers,
it will give you more leverage. The thumb goes right behind. I stretch it down and out.
What I will do, is move relax down to my center. Keep the tension out of the shoulder. But,
I’ll kind of lock this elbow out right against my body to give more of a stretch. Not only
here, but also on the tricep. Just like this. When I stretch this, I see a lot of people
stretch forward like this. When I teach the people to stretch, I have them stretch it
back towards their center because; in reality that’s how you’re going to apply this technique.
You’re not going to apply it forwards. You’re going to apply it backwards. And, I try to
do everything that I teach or practice I do that with a practicality in mind. This doesn’t
look like very practical while I’m doing it. But, you’ll get to see a demonstration of
it. Just like this. Kantate Osa is the stretch you can get the hand up like this. That’s
a good stretch. Up like this. But, the way that I like to apply this is from a grab.
I catch it here, wrap it and you can see how it puts the torque. And, again the basics
that I taught were to bring it back into your center. Not go away from you. But, bring it
to your center. And, you can see I’ve done so and controlled him very effectively.

10 Replies to “Aikido Techniques & Exercises : Kantate Osa Undo

  1. Yes I do. I'm actually affiliated with Force Options of Phoenix, AZ. I'm certified as a Master Level DT instructor. It sounds fancy, but it means I've been put in all of the techniques about a million times. In my DT I teach a combo of aikido, kyusho, bjj, knife & gun work. I don't teach as a martial art, but rather as quick and efficient controlling techniques. Someday I'll post some of the more benign techs here. I don't like to post that cuz of the chance a bad guy is watching!

  2. a short person and the opponent is a tall person. do you teach techniques different to help the short guy or it don't matter. In other words your partners in the vids are your height and the moves are smooth. what if you have a short person vs tall?.

  3. For the most part, the techniques would work the same. I'm sure there are instances where the height difference is so great it makes the technique not feasible. But that is true of anything; you must practice to make it your own. Not every technique will work for everyone. For what you are talking about, the nage would actually lead the taller uke down by using weight underside. Cut them down first, then the technique will follow.

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