Aikido Sword Fighting: Ken-Gi Two : Spiraling Throat Cut: Aikido Ken-Gi Two

Now in this part of Ken GI two things are
going to get a lot more dramatic. We’re going to start covering a little more ground. We’ve
dealt with a front attacker; we’ve dealt with the rear attacker. We’re dealing with a front
attacker again and we’re doing a pretty good job of driving them back but now in order
for us to really end this, we need to become a little more aggressive. We’re going to be
a little more assertive in our cuts, so I’m here, let’s go through the whole thing. We
have one followed by two and three, four, five, six, seven, turn for shomen, tsuki.
Now as we do tsuki, we’re driving forward, the attacker is going to begin to parry back.
I’m simply going to draw this in, bring it up, lower my hips and I’m going to step and
cut at the throat all at the same time. Now I don’t want to stop here though, I want to
come all the way around, o.k. So let’s look at that in motion, it’s a lot easier to see
in motion. I have one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, here we go, here’s
ten and I end in a defensive posture just like this because I don’t know what the person
behind me is doing. We don’t have the ability to see behind us, we think we can. So I’m
coming cut to the throat and turn to a defensive posture just like this and that’ll take us
through the spiraling throat cut for Ken GI two.

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  1. I… Don't… Understand…. Why he is turning around after only taking 1 step to face his opponent lol

  2. Kendo cuts and stances are not the same as Aiki. These kata are for learning harmony. I play kendo and i think the same way as you, but i think it is us who miss the point of this style of thinking.

  3. This is an exercise of ki on the move. Not kenjutsu. This is not combat and should not be portrayed as combat. His movements are fluid and correct for what he is doing.jamjax is correct. This is an exercise of harmony. I too, study kendo and iaido, this is aikido. "Different strokes, for different folks!"

  4. There were thousands of different ryu in the days of the samurai and they all had different approaches to how to use the sword, and they all were effective for their application. Only thing I don't agree with is his grip is too wide.

  5. I hate the way you cut half of your range of motion away when you use a "Thrust or stabbing technique" Did you know that leaving the tip of your blade out in the open while 'setting up' for that stab will make it ten times easier to knock it aside, slide up your blade and arm, then slice that unblemished neck of yours right in half? EVEN IN PRACTICE it helps to pull back farther, it adds power and speed to your thrust, and gets you farther out of enemy range. Also use your feet. In, out, around.

  6. @xcosmicsoulx He may be excecuting his style properly, but I'm here to tell you… This isn't MY preferred fighting method with a katana. He's far too rigid, even in kata. His grip is past the tsuba… Come on. If I was in a sword fight with this guy the ideal strategy would be to use footwork. In and out of his perimiter. I could imagine a couple of ways to attack his poorly tuned grip as well. He's just too rigid…

  7. @15kardozo What about you put a break to your toungue? you are a disgrace to every warrior… I dont even need to mention that this man can tear your fuckhead body to peaces in an instant do I?

  8. @kfblss137 I really don't think that a real sensei would waste his time putting videos on the internet. They wouldn't be satisfied by teaching what his masters taught him in such a poor way like in here where he can't correct you if you're doing something wrong and that sort of stuff. Normally there's a lot of respect involved about teaching oriental martial arts.

  9. Stupid Caucasian Man playing with a Samurai Sword, you may never fight like a Samurai, but at least you can die like one.

  10. @thorazini1 from a layman's point of view^^… fact this guy has no idea of real swordfighting…what he shows is more meditation than real combat…..So, no he couldn't cut most of us apart^^

  11. @jessebrownie and I dont think he knows about the way the Japanese fought. they were all about honour. in the beginning the battles was fought one vs one untill one side won, later they went into mass warfare after nearly losing to the mongols, but they still fought 1 vs 1, just that in battle.. if you were 100 vs 1. there was only 1 guy fighting him, i he died, then another took his place, trying to defeat the enemy 😛 so this is mostly meditation/training 😛

  12. @Slotty seriously, do you think civilised races could be so dumb? it comes of as both misinformed and gullble.

  13. @GoGoVengo seriously, do you like read any history at all? Japanese Warfare was all about honour back during the middle ages, Soldiers had atleast a couple moths of training with the Katana, Bow or Yari ( which was the only weapons the common soldier used ) in Europe we gave the Peasants a pitchfork and used them as human shields, in japan the peasants job was to provide the Clan with Food so they we´re never used as meatshields,, so please. read some history before you start ranting

  14. @Slotty there are plenty of instances where peasants were driven onto the battlefield in japan, there weren't many battles with only samurai, think about it, why would you decimate your entire 'upper class' when there are plenty of lousy peasants with pointy bits of bamboo?

  15. Hello,at the risk of being a little rude—who taught you to hold the sword with your front hand on the blade.You need to use a boken with a tsuba so you only hold the tsuka.some styles of iai and kensutsu you do SUPPORT the blade directly but not hold this aikido swordwork instead of a shinken sword tradition.

  16. @kujatheangelofdeath I think not.I am a lowly ranked swordsman and from this vid he is less skillfull than I with a blade.He may be better(should be) in unarmed but it is aikido and that takes exceptional skill and training to handle an average striking art practitioner-thats why aikidoka dont allow any attacks in class but the ones they first teach you.

  17. @hendrikmarine are you a jarhead because you sound like one,and a really young,dumb one at that.check out plenty of vids about jarheads getting the shit kicked out of them,some by katoys in walking street in pattaya,thailand.
    Its more about the person than the art and you wont learn that as a jarhead

  18. @xcosmicsoulx you are wrong about these techniques being handed down.Aikido only existed from around 1947 and it evolved mostly from Daiti ryu jujutsu.(this at least is old).
    Unfortunately even Morehei Usheiba started to drop out the sword stuff in favour of jo and others have even dropped out all weapons

  19. if a person plans on using the bokuto as a defensive weapon and not as a substitute for a live blade when practicing the customary techniques for katana,i would this hold is workable. i got into bokuto training because i wanted to familiarize my body with proper sword attitude and stiking. over time the beauty and simple effectiveness of the tool has made me a devoted bokuden (my term for a guy who uses a bokuto as primary weapon).when u make that switch,i find many proper sword techniques >

  20. become pointless or just plain counter intuitive. proper sword drills will aid use of this tool.that said,there is room to develope techniques for the practice sword itself. this is how new styles and schools of martial arts come about. by old traditions and crafts being put to new uses and context. this is my view

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