Aikido Kubishimi Choke Defense Tips : Aikido Kubishimi Double Wrist Grab Choke

This Kubishimi or choke is going to be done
from the hands at the front. Now I need to get to Daniels neck, I can either go to him
or I can draw him to me. Now this technique will draw him towards me, in order to do that
I’m going to use a little hip motion, a little kick rock just like this and then I’m going
to break my hands free, boom just like this. As I come in now, I’m going to come in, in
a rotating motion. I’m going to come into the side, this arms going to go down one side;
this forearm is going to be on the other. My outcome goal is to trap this elbow with
this elbow. So Danny’s here, come in here, attack, this arm goes down, I’m here and underneath
its duplicated, I’m here. Squeeze and turn it up just like this. Let’s do that again.
My hips rock backwards, my hands are free now. He may have physical contact with me,
doesn’t have me though because I can very easily go towards him. A lot of different
versions of choking is guillotine, traditional jujitsu chokes but this one is going to allow
me paused control on this side, paused control on this side. I can lock it up, twist and
squeeze. Right there. That is Kubishimi, a choke from two hands grabbed at the front.

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  1. Looks cool in this demonstration but it wouldn't go that smoothly if you found yourself in that situation for real.

  2. Oh, no you can't. I've had a pair of thumbs pressed against my adam's apple with killing intent and I am still alive to tell the tale. Get over teh d34d1yness myths. It's just that you can still keep choking them, even if they manage to ounch you in the nuts.

  3. I prefer avoiding Kubishimi techniques, many people can be choked out really quickly if you're not careful and it can possibly cause permanant brain damage when you do choke them out. Not to mention if the guy knows what you're doing he can prob just hit you in the nuts before you complete the technique.

  4. Because there has always been chokes. Aikido is preety much an up dated samurai art. Anyone who preaches about peace and harmony better be a bad mother fucker.

  5. If this were real, the lifting motion could snap the other guys neck, also if your getting choked suddenly from that, I don't think your concentrating on hurting the guy to get out, your hands are gona be on the arm that's crushing your windpipe.

  6. In all the time I have worked on doors , noone has ever grabbed my wrists. ( I have 15 years Aikido and TKD 4th Dan ) but Aiki has some practical applications , especially if someone tries to shove you. You dont always want to break someone face in a confrontation . Do you ?

    All you guys shouting " yeah bite his nuts off and run over his face with a pick up truck! " you need a hug or something?

  7. if i'm a man being choke like this, i hit him in his balls as hard as i can. because i'm in difficult situation.

  8. Yes , armchair ninjas are all over you tube. I think Sensei here would demolish most of them before they had time to say "Yeah but I would do this…"

    They would be lying on the floor twitching in about 3 seconds. They dont teach Aikido to the Tokyo police because its rubbish.

  9. Finally someone else has a valid opinion. I'm tired of the [email protected]#holes also, I practice Aikido too. I'm sure if pushed far enough any martial art will do damage. I'm just sick of all the gorillas that think you have to use MMA and hurt people.

  10. that sounds good and you may hurt the guy choking you, but he has you in a bad spot and will most likely break your neck. You can try though, but your jus risking our life.

  11. leykisfan1
    i said…"if i'm a man being choke like this, i hit him in his balls as hard as i can. because i'm in difficult situation".
    if you did that, have posibility his grab being lose and you can hold your left hand to his elbow to close to your soulder and your right hand to his right wrist to push forward at his right side and step your left foot to his right side too. quik movement is needed. i think that is the best way to counter him.

  12. when the hell are you ever in the position, when the guy is grabbing both your hands and is in front of you?

  13. I agree that Aikido training bring you state of calm. It also gave me sense of balance and center. However as far as the techniques are concerned, it's not really that effective in real life. That's because in Aikido you assume your opponent to be either static or one directional in the movement. In reality, opponents don't behave like that.

  14. You see a screwdriver in someone's tool box. You say, "This won't hammer in nails, this is a useless tool," when all the time you are describing yourself. Or are you saying, "This is not a nail that has been hammered into wood?" You have to know the question to understand the answer.

  15. I studied it for 3 years Ricesp. I know nothing about it? And have u studied other art as well or have u tried and spar with people with other discipline using Aikido technique? It simply doesn't work in non-controlled freestyle environment.

  16. @Xentradi97 the whole point of aikido is you practice and practice until you can see things forming and react instantly, thats why there arent so many moves involved. some martial arts choose to ponder every eventuality, this just gives you core skills. but alas you are right and is true for most martial arts students they spend so long trying to get into moves that may or may not work its more a hinderance then a help. but they do work if performed instantaniously, but again years of practice.

  17. @Therapyismywork you used the wrong word. pressure points conjures up some images of a heart exploding technique or whatnot, where in actuallity its just artieres/ nerves close to the skin eg while in a classic choke hold just apply pressure with your thumb to the artery in the neck, (easy to find it on yourself) and they will soon collapse. yeah you have to wait but if they just collapse, well i prefer that sort of thing to straight fighting


  18. try taking a chop to the kidneys, a jab (2 fingers or thumb) to the neck, or punch to the heart. they dont have to be mystical japanese named accupuncture points they just have to be weak. and they are. not all of them are bruce lee stuff jeez hes only saying aim your attack on where they are weakest. and the point he is making is that it is easiest to attack a pressure point when you have someone choked like that.

  19. @Therapyismywork
    But that sort of thing is pure offense, where really self defense as most take this also prevents too much damage on the opposition, not just yourself.

  20. again, common excuse by MA schools whose technique and discipline does not have much real world relevance when practiced against a real world rule where attackers do not attack linearly. I studied Aikido myself. I'm aware of its benefit. But I wouldn't call it effective art in street situation it claims to be.

  21. Muy Thai, mixed hybrid art or even wrestling are far more effective, because they were born with an idea of more realistic combat.

  22. @namorfilus

    This is why I always drive politely , so that I dont have to kill women who dont use their turn signals properly

  23. @kaljan There are many sub arts in Aikido. This is because O'sensei changed the art slowly over his life. Towards the end the art was apposed to anything that could be called Offense. Earlier, it was closer to Aiki-jujutsu, which is a much more brutal, offensive art (though not as offensive as most jujutsu). This looks like it come from earlier Aikido.

  24. What I don't like about seeing this technique is the end part; where his groin looks like it's exposed to a possible groin grab/or, punch.

  25. Matial arts arent really meant to be better than the other. People should see that its all about peace. Like Bruce Lee says, " water doesnt go through its opponent it goes around his opponent. Water is peaceful." I take martial arts and its help releaze to be the bigger person and walk away when people attempt to pick a fight. In aikido its all about being calm and relaxed and not to be all tense.

  26. kimono legal, arte bacana mas no brasil isso não serve para nada.
    aqui estamos preparados para o combate, e não para ensaios.
    gosto da filosofia desta arte mas para o combate ela é inútil…

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