Aikido Koshinage Defense Basics : Aikido Koshinage Hook Punch Defense

This Koshinage, or hip throw, is going to
be from a hook strike, or Yokimunuchi. Daniel’s going to blast me to the side of the head.
This is a very dynamic Kushinage, because I have to blend with the oncoming strike,
and time myself so I can end up on his hip at the same time. So you need to end up in
here. What I’m going to do is come in and dominate here. He’s already spinning in this
motion, so all I need to do is plant my hip there and draw him over. Here, here’s my hip,
I’m already in position, and away we go. There’s a couple tricky things about this. Is when
I do this, I don’t want to step way out here, because I’m really out of center. I only want
to step, here, almost stepping on his foot, that allows me to get good position. Now he’s
already bleeding out, there’s nowhere for that foot to go, I can draw him into my hips.
Here, I’ve trapped. It’s here, he’s trapped. Now we’ll go ahead and get on the hip. Here
I am, locked up in the hip; he’s already falling, put my hip into it, over we go. Let’s do that
one more time. Blending with it, hooking the hip. That’s Koshinage, the hip throw, from
a hook strike, Yokimunuchi.

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  1. The whole idea of Aikido is to keep your opponent OFF BALANCE! In this way, you can catch your opponent off balance and KEEP THEM off balance, controlling the fight.

    i have not been doing aikido for very long, and this ACTUALLY works. i practice with my m8's at lunch :D.

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