Aikido Exercises & Stretches : Twisting Wrist Aikido Stretch

Okay, we covered the stretch for kotegaeshi,
or a wrist reversal stretch. Now we’re going to work with sankyo. So in this case, hand
flat, reach across, go across the meat or blade of the hand, the thumb is going to pass
right towards the root of the thumb, and along the line of the index finger. You’re going
to turn the hand until it locks and then you’re just going to just drop your elbows and push
forward slightly. Again, you just want to stretch it until you feel a little bit of
discomfort, nothing serious. And if you’re doing it correctly, you’re going
to feel a little tension run up underside of your arm into your elbow on both sides.
It will be a little tight through the wrist, but it will feel good when you stop.

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