Aikido Exercises & Stretches : The Aikido Cobra Stretch

The next stretch that we’re looking at is
the cobra, or at least that’s what it’s referred to in yoga. It’s, you can do an elbow cobra,
and what you’re trying to do is, you’re trying to keep your back straight, and you’re trying
to cut yourself at your lower back, and trying to open up your abdomen, your hips, and trying
to get some blood flow going through into your quadriceps, and through the major veins
and arteries of the front of the body. Now if you find yourself fairly flexible, try
to come up even higher. But if your hips are coming up off the floor because of it, go
back down, you’re not flexible enough yet to actually get there. But the more flexible
you become, the more you can start working with it and trying to get your body to relax.
So I’m not quite at the point of being able to grab my feet, but I can relax enough to
keep my hips on the floor and keep everything relatively loose and easy going. Stretch forward
just to help stretch the shoulders out a little bit, bend the neck and the head, and try to
continue relaxing the lower back, and that pelvis down, keep your shoulders light and

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