Aikido Exercises & Stretches : Aikido Quad Stretches

The next stretch that we’ve got is a modified
hurdler. Now traditionally the hurdler with straight leg out, and as you can see, it puts
a lot of stress on certain areas. You can reduce that stress just by bringing the leg
in, and changing where the fulcrum is, and making sure that your ankle is as close to
your butt as you can get. It doesn’t take much, lean back ever so slightly, I’m only
moving back maybe 2 or 3 inches, and I’m feeling it all the way through my thigh. Now this
is one aspect of doing this. However, if this is creating too much stress on your knee or
is to uncomfortable, you can lay down, keep your body fully straight, grab your foot,
grab your ankle, kick back slightly. Again, it’s a very nice stretch that’s very safe,
and very easy to do, both as in bed as well as in front of the TV; pivot, other side. Quadricep stretch, safety way.

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