Aikido Exercises & Stretches : Aikido Exericses: Turning

Alright in this group we’re going to focus
on correct turning or “Tang tong”. Assume a posture that you’re familiar with; even
a natural posture is alright for this, however you’re still going to have to shift weight
and turn. So we’re just going to start with one foot advanced first. Again weights forward;
relaxed even balance. Now in Aikido we use a hand motion which we have not covered because
there are hand motions associated with the rest of these exercises. However, the one
that we’re going to look at for correct turning; notice that the feet are in line, weights
forward; if need be you can turn out, you’re trying to create the smallest profile possible.
Follow this hand back; this is my lead hand, this is my backhand. So you’re going to move
in the direction and then you’re going to be pivoting on your front foot, right on that
center and up on the ball of the foot. Follow that hand; point back, follow the hand; point
back. Now again point back. Now what am I experiencing or what you should be experiencing
while you’re doing this is that you’re going to feel a little tension in the, in the leg
you’re pivoting on. You want to try and work on removing as much of that as you possibly
can. The hips; the knees, the shoulders; everything stays flat and even threw out the entire course
of what you’re doing. The weight you’re going to feel; the weight should be no osculation
of weight, it should be in a straight line; it should be on a direct pivot around that
center point. So as you move around everything should stay flat; if you start at this level
and do it that’s where you need to start doing it. But again hips; knees, shoulders; head,
everything stays on the line and everything pivots as one piece.

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  1. I am learning to do walking tips toe to heel not learning to move hips , tell me more about muscle memory in Aikido .. Rolling punches ,as well as feet work as well in Aikido ,I want to learn more I want to be challenged ,,, all about Harmony

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