Aikido dan ve kyu sınavlarında dikkat edilmesi gerekenler 1

Hello dear friens and aikidoka brothers and sisters! Since we have witnessed some mistakes or deficiencies related to the traditional aspects in kyu or dan examinations, as Arashi Aikido we wanted to shoot a short video aiming to correct these or show that these are really not very complicated. The main thing is that: There is a kamiza. Ours is here. There is always a kamiza or at least flags in every place. And there is an examination committee -here in front of me. And ukes and the other participants will be sitting in some other place. The participant called for examination steps out from this group -if she/he is to participate to exam higher than 1st dan she/he would have weapons- she/he comes with weapons, puts the weapons to a suitable place, first salutes kamiza then salutes committee. When the committee receives the salutation, participant then calls her/his uke. -calls just by her/his eyes- they exchange salutations, uke repeats the same salutation sequence they confront each other and wait. Then committee ask for a technique (sitting or standing) Until the technique is changed by committee same technique should be repeated non-stop There is no exact number of this like 3 times, 5 times or 25 times. When the committee is satisfied -it may be at 3rd or 30th- they may change the technique. With the directives the techniques are changed. When it is time for weapon tecniques uke waits and have some rest even it is 3 or 5 seconds, always tori goes to take her/his wepons Tori presents the weapons to uke, uke makes his move and the exam goes on. When the exam is ended, first uke and tori exchange salutations, then together they salute the committee finally again together they salute the kamiza. Uke withdraws. Tori collects his weapons and withdraws. Now let’s practice this. Onegaishimasu I have received signal to call for an uke Now an instruction comes Instruction asks for shomen uchi ikkyo -a well known basic technique- We have stopped with the command. Another technique is requested. Let’s say tachiwaza. We stand. Our position is always like this. Not this, not that. Always this. A technique is requested and we have started. Done. Weapon technique is requested. Uke sits and rests. Let’s say they requested bokken. I have picked my bokken. I salute kamiza with my weapon. I take my place. Invited the uke and he will attack. I am always ready. The practice is over. I took my bokken and salute my uke. Uke again sits an waits for a possible new request. I have received another request or end command. We salute each other and salute committee. We salute kamiza. We salute eachother. Uke withdraws. Participant tooks his weapons and salutes and withdraws and waits on the side. This is the main routine of the exam but there are also other things to draw attention. An aikido dan exam participant should not tidy her/his outfit during the exam. For example things like this should not happen: This is wrong. That is wrong because: from now on we are at or above black belt level If you disrupt the tidyness of your dogi while doing your techniques, that means someting is amiss. An aikidoka should not scatter his clothes, She/he should be able to start and finish in this tidyness. Lets say, despite everything, uke’s hand got stuck and tore the dogi, some piece of hakama came off etc some mishap has happened… In such a condition participant makes an apology by a salute, stands back and fixes his clothes trying not to show anyone. Then comes and salutes the commitee and uke and the exam continues. But please keep in mind , this is in no case preffered. Tori should always do his techniques in tidyness because that is what a warrior spirit necessitates. During examinations, people waiting should wait like this. This maybe 10 people or 100 people. Straight, relaxed, hands ar free. But not this way, not this way, not this way… If your knees hurt after waiting too long you may sit cross-legged You may wait behind the people sitting in seiza, not in the front, hiding your feet and cross-legged. But again straight and in this manner. Either this, or this at behind. Never lieing or leaning on someone. If we are in that uncomfortable state than it’s better to move to tribune or a place out of sight. You shouldn’t stay loose or pert in front of the committee. This is an art of discipline and this discipline should be applied. If we rewind back, you step out from here when called, call your uke and start your examination. These are important, quite simple but traditional aspects. If we don’t follow these then the art loses its meaning. Everything becomes informal. This is not a street fight, we are trying to share a life lesson in understanding of dojo, discipline and way. Hence we are performing or trying to perform an art. Please do not degenerate the neccessities of the tradition of art. Thank you very much.

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