Aikido Basics: Ushiro Waza : Aikido Kubishime Sankyo Defense

Ushiro Kubishime, any type of choke from behind.
In the basics, this is how we get into this. Ushiro Kubetori, one hand held, Kubishimi.
In the beginning, Uke doesn’t really grab very hard. You can hear my voice isn’t changing,
so he’s not applying the choke. And this is how you want to start this, nice and easy.
Notice how he’s already got my balance. I don’t want that. Shift forward, and bring
this hand around in front. OK. As soon as you feel that arm come around your head, boom,
immediately sink and bring this hand around. Notice the position of the hand. As soon as
I do this, that puts me in position to put him in Sankyo. That’s the easiest technique
from here, and that’s what we’re going to cover. He goes to grab, boom. I grab Sankyo,
and I back out from underneath this. Here, back down to the take down, which should look
vaguely familiar now.
Once you’ve covered the basics, then we step it up a little bit. Now when he grabs, he
puts the choke on a little bit more. And you’ll start to notice my voice starts to change,
he should be squeezing more. So I shouldn’t be talking clear now, and that’s exactly what
I want. He should also focus on pulling backwards slightly. Again, he’s not trying to choke
the life out of you yet, but he is putting it on you and making you uncomfortable. The Sankyo technique makes it darn near impossible
for him to hold this choke on me, even if he’s got it really tight. Now I’m going to
let him really choke me, and you’ll see, you’ll see my face turn red, I’ll give it a couple
beats, and then I’ll do the technique. Just like that. One more time. OK, really choke
me out here, ready. Just like that. Very difficult for him to maintain that choke. Now, notice,
I’m not doing any other motion, I’m not doing anything else, except just the Sankyo technique.

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