AFN Humphreys – Jiu Jitsu

Reporter: Jiu Jitsu, the art of grappling
and ground fighting. A martial art that can keep you disciplined,
help protect yourself and keep you in shape. A martial art available for service members
to learn here in Korea. SB: This jiu jitsu class here is free for
the airman and soldiers that want to partake and it’s just an environment for people
to come and relieve stress out of their day. It really just offers the airman and the soldiers
a second home. You have a little bit of a gut check when
you walk in here. There’s a saying you leave your ego at the
door when you train jiu jitsu. People come here and they usually leave with
healthy egos. Reporter: Not only does jiu jitsu relieve
stress it helps build camaraderie off the mats. SB: We know a lot of common friends. A lot of people we can reach out to during
the duty day sometimes if I need to. We travel up to Seoul all the time. We travel all across Korea for competitions. Just met a great group of friends since I’ve
been here. Jiu Jitsu can be fun but it requires a lot
of your focus to improve and get better at the techniques. Reporter: The class is available at both Osan
and U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys. From Osan Air Base, I’m Spc. Kyle Edwards.

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