Advanced Sambo Martial Arts : The Knee Bar to Knee Lock Move in Sambo Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Stephen Koepfer
at New York Combat Sambo in New York City and today we are going to be doing advance
sambo. Okay this advance technique what I’m going to do is show you how to transition
from the rolling knee bar that we just learned into a knee compressor lock. So again we make
find in this rolling knee bar that when I roll he may not want me to straighten his
leg out for the knee bar. He would be fighting to keep it bent so what I do I allow him to
pull back and then let it go you see it is like a sling shot. When I let it got I put
my wrist in his knee like a nut cracker, so he is resisting, I put in there shove his
knee down, lock it and squeeze. So once again I attempt the rolling knee bar and he resist.

19 Replies to “Advanced Sambo Martial Arts : The Knee Bar to Knee Lock Move in Sambo Martial Arts

  1. These people are stupid….he didn't fart, his knee slid against the padding and caused it to make that noise.

  2. Awesome! I actually improvised this lock during practice, and it worked twice in a row ­čÖé
    So it's a knee lock, nice to know the name. Very effective indeed!

  3. Actually one if the few good video's sponsored by EV. I was expecting another dud and was pleasantly surprised.

  4. Now that is beautiful!!! Good alternative to the kneebar. Kneebars have always been hard to get in live combat unless in half guard top. Good shit man.

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