Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : Strike-Grapple Combo in Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight
Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida today we are going to be talking about
advance jeet kune do. So we would just this in relatively slow motion so you can get the
essence of it. So we start with the trapping technique again and I get the cross center
line energy that allows me to score 1 hit, 2 hit, 3 hit now I can go into the arm pull
and get into the straight arm take down which then allows me to transition into position
to where he is down and I’m up. So one more time. 1 and 2 and hit and hit, then I pull
the arm and I get into the take down position but it is me up and my opponent or my a salient
down under controlled.

100 Replies to “Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : Strike-Grapple Combo in Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts

  1. :=) But today I am also studying jiu jutsu judo and several other ground sports. Now I would like to meet a MMA guy :=) (Sorry, needed a bully answer) :=)

  2. just like in math class you dont learn the answer to every problem, you learn the basic principles and the essence of the material. You learn how to do it, and more importantly you gain the confidence that you can do it. Being trained for the chaotic nature of fighting is a great advantage. Maybe this video isnt as in depth as it could be, and i agree that its lame with the assistant just accomodating.

  3. Perhaps the reason why a Systema or Krav Maga practicioner will never fight in the UFC is because these martial arts are about survival and incapacitation. JKD is pretty much the same…anything goes. But I still would like to see how JKD would stack up against MMA style fighting. Big difference between a street fight in which JKD might excel and MMA in which being in a matted cage might benefit MMA. Both martial arts are very good and effective overall.

  4. I am lost… Are you an instructor or not ? If you are, then I don't understand… These are just basic teachings… If you want realism, then go pick fights in the blocks.

  5. I do not study JKD but to me most Martial Arts are about 1 thing – "Fight back!" – In MMA – I see all kinds of arts in there. I would not discredit any type of martial arts. The UFC is an extreme sport, the fighters do hold back punches, kicks, etc, to avoid accidentally killing the other, but it not the real deal, there is still so many setbacks.

  6. i was born in 1977. am too young for original mindset of marital arts birth. streets tested and trued. jeet kune do is fundamental in form but i wish to include: winner-defenition: he who expends the least amt of energy and suffers the least amt of damage. be it only to turn face and run, face will fight another day. forced to stand…face will another day fight. but always honor your motive.

  7. I don't expect you to understand the JKD mindset but here's a taste.

    "Jeet Kune Do is not an organized institution that one can be a member of. Either you understand or you don't, and that is that. There is no mystery about my style. My movements are simple, direct and non-classical. The extraordinary part of it lies in its simplicity. Every movement in Jeet Kune-Do is being so of itself. There is nothing artificial about it. I always believe that the easy way is the right way."
    -Bruce Lee

  8. Try kiokushinkai in japan. One punch can actually KILL anyone. Is a lifetime trainin', but it really works. These videos show the techniches for beginners, not real situations…

  9. UFC is not the street. There are rules, and gloves, and the hands or feet are not prepared like in traditional martial arts. Perhaps that's the reason of these figthers "endurance"

  10. ok. I'll bite. kiokushinkai fighters have fought for many years in full contact and they are still alive today. why- because these guys just like other hardest hitters in the world -Thai, MMA, Boxers and all of us later found out that these so called death blows really dont work. The human body is so resilliant that 50 blows and 2 pints of blood later, your opponent is still fighting back. All these myths are dying slowly. Bruce lee invincibility, Kungfu flying, Ninjas disappearing, now dead!!

  11. very true i agree 100% lol but i still say he pretty good…
    but ya jkd is not a style its a philosophy use what is useful and discard what is not useful. as bruce lee said. lol ya bruce didnt like fancy stuff either thats why u never see him do a tornado kick rofl in competion its good but in street fight u can fail epically lose balance and ur done thats why roundhouse,side kick and etc.. are good i live sidekick best though easy to do and powerful.

  12. that's why he personally opened them up in Seattle, Chinatown and Oakland right? I can tell you don't know much about the subject or DW.

  13. in kyokushinkai you are not allowed to attack the face, for example, bare handed. why? accidents, of course! Im a trauma surgeon, and saw a liver rupture with hipovolemic schock, the attack was an ushiro geri. Myths? of course!!

  14. A shito ryu practicioner killed a drunk young man with a mawashi geri straight to the face. the septum bone flaw deep in his forebrain. I was in this autopsy. I'll try to prepare a video and post some pics.

  15. My friend, I can see you really don't understand what you're criticizing. You may think training in a ring is the ultimate in combat. But I ask you what happens when you leave the gym and three attackers surround you? Do you drop one of them and pull guard? Real world situations is what's trained in JKD. Multiple assailants, weapons, joint and limb destruction too. And yes, various methods from bjj,csw. judo, and jiujitsu to name a few.. The BS of tradition and ego was filtered out long ago.

  16. I can see you've already made up your mind. Unfortunately until you empty your precieved understanding of what JKD actually is, there is nothing I nor anyone else can say to change that.
    In my humble opinion, the harsh truth always lay in combat. Sparring has taught me that. JKD is not about traditions. It's about freedom from them. I can't make you see that. You have to see that for yourself. And you won't get that from a video on youtube.

  17. If you base how good some one is in fighting when your looking at it like "1 man vs 4 men with weapons" , how can any one trained in any art survive ? Its not 1v1 , do you see any MMA fighters using the "Inner CIty Black Kid" style of fighting ?

  18. "How to transition from Hitting to Grappling"??? You never ever ever ever want to go from hitting to grappling. Never. There are no locks, only breaks.

  19. Anyways, it's just common sense… Based on my experience, thugs either attack you from behind or give you a straight hook in the face… Bottom Line is, stereotypical thugs usually punch…

  20. you're right with the first half of your statement but take my word on it mate. I'm a professional Thai boxer and a lot of my friends are at similar skill levels in MMA and boxing. This shit doesn't work. Trapping doesn't work. Frankly, this crap just looks like traditional kung fu (which doesnt work) mixed with some things they've seen in MMA all whilst trying to pretend it's for self defence.

  21. That's a good attitude towards training to be honest. Unfortunately that's just not the way the world works. these "systems" usually take the same place in people's heads as religions. And nothing is more stupid than religion.

  22. To be honest, I don't believe in this "it's the fighter, not the art" stuff. I'll not deny that a lot of it is on the fighter but the fact is that there IS a wrong and a right way to punch and kick etc. and if you go with a "martial art" that doesn't teach you these things properly then you're in an inferior art that will be seriously handicapping your abilities. This is the reason that most MMA ring fighters will cross train in very similar arts.

  23. But that's the point. Doing a technique properly doesn't neccesarily mean it looks nice. And take my word for it, a perfectly executed Tae Kwon Do style kick looks relaly nice, but it is of absolutely no use whatsoever in an actual fight. Whereas the Thai style kick is not a pretty kick, the thought behind it isn't very subtle, but it'll hit with just as much speed and a hell of a lot more power. And more importantly, you don't sacrifice much i nthe way of balance/defence to do it.

  24. chineese were not the 1st people on earth and not the first to have a military and did not travel to all the world 4000 yrs ago and taught kungfu to all man.
    Kungfu only came to the west about 200 years ago.
    martial arts means war arts or fighting arts. you say that the first people to fight were kungfu people and they taught fighting to the rest of the world
    I say that fighting began from the beginning of man kind
    kungfu is is term used to describe fighting arts only found in china

  25. you could be right. WuShu literally means Military Art and is specific, while Kung Fu can be used in a non Martial Arts context to mean "hard working" In 1964 WuShu was theterm used when the chineese set up their sports body International WuShu Federation & not KungFu

  26. "If people say Jeet Kune Do is different from "this" or from "that," then let the name of Jeet Kune Do be wiped out, for that is what it is, just a name. Please don't fuss over it" -Sijo Bruce Lee

  27. Martial arts are almost certainly as old as humans are and constantly change and develope with time. Every martial art is similar to and influenced by every other martial art. Everyones bodies are almost the same and you notice the same types of kicks and punches in unconnected martial styles across the world because of this.

    People have always travelled and therefore have always shared information. Kung fu influences all martial arts in the same way all martial arts influence kung fu

  28. there's a difference in this JKD and REAL JKD.
    Interception, allways think of hitting. Why tassle on the floor? In the streets maybe the guy has his best freind just around the corner and watstes you while you are down playing arm bar. THINK ABOUT IT!!

  29. nothing of that is effective in MMA i try it and get ass kicked ….. the real fight makes you hysteric and you dont know whats next

  30. ive seen it once by some guy makin a debut it dint work for him because jeet kune do is for self defence not cage fighting.

  31. wow you obviously dont know how to fight, when you fight you keep your mind clear so you know what to do next. dont post comments when you dont know what your saying!

  32. Mr Woods, I truly enjoy your videos, keep up the good work. As I understand the concept of having "no fixed style" it means adapting the system to fit the student, not the student to the system. As an instructor, I do not seek to make cookie cutter impressions of myself, but to equip the person with best tools I can to prepare him or her for living in an unsure world. Any comments would be welcome.
    With respect.

  33. Hmm…no fixed style but why is it nearly all JKD students seem to have wing chun at it's base?

    Enjoy the principles/philosophy though and these are good clips. Who cares about mma? This is fine and practical as a fighting structure for most.

  34. <— agrees with jbentely. It seems that everyone think by training jkd you'll be like bruce lee when in reality you're going to learn a variety of ways to defeat an opponent while developing your own style.

  35. @Pantserboy RIGHT! Bruce Lee also said that he never liked the whole "1,2,3 do this first and then this -then that" theory.

  36. Well of course I already know that, I never start a fight cause there's never a reason to do so. But just in case someone starts something I like to be prepared, but I try my best to avoid them.

  37. Is "Jet Kune Do" Better than " Kong Fu "????
    Dos it give you a good health condition?
    Would it like, give you a good fealing about your selve?
    Would your concentration get better??
    Would you be like more protected from gething sick?
    Will they teach you howto like fall safely to the ground if somebbody DID take you down??
    Would you be able to like, for example do splite, high air kicks and things like that??
    Plzz answer this Question

  38. As JKD is the formless form we should not fuss about what is JKD and what is not. YET the way of the INTERCEPTING fist has its principles. And the only four principles that really make that interception work are:
    1) Simplicity;
    2) Economy of Motion;
    3) Longest Weapon to the Nearest Target;
    4) Always Think of Hitting.;

    Sifu with all my respect I do not see these principles in this video.

  39. I know where this dojo is!!!! πŸ™‚ I live in the same city and met this Jeet Kune Do Instructor. I must say that he is a really kewl guy and easy to understand. For those people living in Miami this Dojo is on the corner of 127ave and kendall drive (88 st) in the shopping center across from the Home Depot!.. πŸ™‚ Check his Dojo out!!!

  40. how about at 0:19 i just kick you in your balls because you have no structure or defence with your unrealistic rehearsed trapping. This is NOT jkd people. Bruce would want me to make that clear because of all the useless nubs like this guy who have bastardized his art to fill their pockets.

  41. @Pantserboy I don't think your thinking the JKD way man, you take what works from what u learn and if it does not work for you you don't use it. One of my JKD partners is a big guy and his speed is not his best weapon, but ground fighting he is amazing at. In the end its not what you think works and not works, its what works on at the instant you need it. JKD is made up of over 27+ styles, don't diss what you don't no.

  42. @Pantserboy He's just showing the technique you can do or use. He's not saying that you should do that on a street. Its still up to you what you should do, of course as a trainer, he'll show you ways or moves, its up to the student how he'll apply it. "THINK ABOUT IT"

  43. @Pantserboy fighting isnt only for in the street, im a doorman and im not just gonna hit the guy 10 times until he is koed, better control him after a few hits if it was necessary.

  44. @Ben1987X Bruce Lee Ripped apart Kung fu and most forms of eastern martial arts as being, non-fluid, overly ridgid, and endless forms causing confusion. Simplicity, economy were among the premiere principles. If you want to learn more, check out the Tao of Jeet Kune Do. He taught that your form should be natural and unnaturalness coming together.

  45. @sethfan1000000 Its jamming a punch or kick in essence. Did you see what he did at the beginning? He starts with his arm parallel to the other trainer's arm. He slaps and pulls down the trainer's arm to follow up with another strike. That's a 'trap'.

  46. @sethfan1000000 When you strike at your opponent, he blocks your punch. Just imagine that dude raising his forearm. That's when you need to move his forearm out of the way, with your other hand. The word trap can be misleading, right?

  47. @waterfordel thank you. lol but kids at my school think that punching vertical is stupid and they think fighting is just hitting the crap out of someone without defending yourself

  48. wtf is this shit.. you can't takedown people by pulling them in the arm, bullshit chinese geek noob ass fighting shit.. phh, try some mma bitches

  49. @Pantserboy in which case u would change strategy. if u already see 2 attackers it's best not to get on the floor yes. but if it's only 1 of them, with this technique however if his buddy shows up u could threaten to break his buddy's arm, and if he forced u to do so therefore it's 1 less attacker to worry about.

  50. @ThePrincessMeowMeow of course it can be done, it's not like any random attacker/mugger/thug knows martial arts. with wing chun if someone pulled ur arm we'll learn early on to punch him right away while not letting him control the arm. also to catch the arm when someone is punching is impossible, it's only possible if u stick to him at much closer distance and then he gives his arm out. bruce lee and jkd is what started the whole mma business in america by the way, as it is a form of mma also.

  51. @DonMega187 Maybe it's not his buddy and he's just pissed off the whole affair. You never know what people might think. In my country ambulance personal are verbally AND physically attacked!! No strategy about it just BE AWARE!!! Don't think your safe taking 1 down in a lock, even if he's the only one cause what's next? Laying there all day with this guy? I don't think so…

  52. @Pantserboy Yea think about it …….. in my opinion the solution would be to brake one mans arm and while hes down go and play arm bar with the other πŸ˜€ lmfao!!

  53. People are still posting comments saying this isn't real JKD. You people really have never studied JKD have you?

  54. @Pantserboy How fast is this guy around the corner that you couldn't just stand up when you hear or see him approaching? Also maybe you are surrounded say your enemy takes you down. At that point you may wish you had some jiu jitsu. I don't believe any martial art has the answer, though having an awareness of all may be the closest thing to an answer it also depends on what your bodies natural tendencies are. Also hard work is never wasted time either. Fight your fight, make your enemy fight you

  55. JKD is all about applying the most economical route possible to destroy your opponent, and to also do whatever is nessecary in order to destroy your opponent. also JKD in truth has no form or style it is simply the individuals own physical response in a fight. The JKD that everyone classically knows is Bruce Lee's JKD and NO ONE i repeat no ONE can replicate it in the manner that he did because it is his own JKD and his alone.

  56. this is not JKD. It would be amazing if people would just say that they are doing mixed martial arts.

  57. @strokethefurrywall90 and also because all the shiteaters who jerk off on his posters aint even half as fast as he was πŸ™‚ real JKD or not real it doesnt matter. make ur bpdy stronger, ur reflexes faster, ur brain smarter and ull kick ass as good as bruce lee was doing it

  58. Bruce regretted ever giving a name to what he did. For him it was just a more complete self-defense for humans with arms and legs.

  59. If you got the time to bitch about martial arts on youtube, you are not training hard enough.. you guys all shut up, go out and train. Talk is cheap.

  60. I was wondering what to take as far as self defense,what is effective or shall i say more effective boxing or jeetkunedo.

  61. @Jonny17999 Dear Jonny thank you! For the positive feedback,i always loved boxing but just in case you have to defend yourself against more than one attacker or someone welding a knife or club i figured martial arts maybe the better artform.

  62. @Kruelwanderer911 Well bruce also said "Do not deny the classical approach, simply as a reaction, or you will have created another pattern and trapped yourself there" if you create barriers than you are doing the exact opposite of jeet kune do

  63. Even if i might hit him in the face, he will pull back his arm while i try to pull his arm for takin him down… so its senseless to pull his arm!

  64. @YasdF no it isnt because its more of a distraction to pull his arm then immobilize him the best thing is to get a bigger advantage over opposition

  65. @ikcjjtt Thank you!For the positive feedback,i think your right.That was always my biggest question in street fighting or self defense what would stand up if you get taken down or someone pulls out a weapon.Boxing is very good because there are so many ways to develop the hand and eye coordination and punching power but what happens when someone has a weapon you probably could still take em with boxing training but think jkd is alittle more effective.

  66. A LITTLE? That's like comparing a weapon to a military. Seriously, look more deeply into JKD. It's much more than just techniques, It's about combat survival and effectiveness. If it's practical weapons applications that you're interested in, take a look at Guro Marc Denny (Dogbrothers). He has a series called "Die Less Often" that is being utilized by Spec Ops, PD and Max Security Prison Gaurds. Full contact weapons training using JKD type progressive concepts (Kali Tudo) awesome stuff.

  67. You've got some good insights. If you hurt someone in a fight, you'd sure as hell better have an attorney, and be able to pretty much PROVE it was justifiable force used in self-defense. I was held by Seattle PD for three days (weekend) on SUSPICION of assault, even though is was a clear cut self defense case, they found this out later, but no apology, no "get out of jail free because we fucked up card". The guy on the ground usually gets the initial benefit of the doubt.

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