Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : How to intercept an Attack in Jeet Kune Do

On behalf of Expert Village I’m Sifu Dwight
Woods of Unified Martial Art Academy in Miami, Florida today we are going to be talking about
advance jeet kune do. Now it would also not to be fair sort of speak to not show the essence
of jeet kune do which translate to be the way of the intercepting fist or the way of
the stop hit. So this might not look in terms as in advance like really technical or what
have you and that’s because it is the quality that surrounds being able to intercept having
a understanding of distance, having a understanding of timing, having a understanding in position,
and this kind of thing. So for example if I sense that Jay is going to try to suck punch
me or something I don’t want to be in hit face cause I’m not going to know when it happens.
So I want to be mentally prepared for intercepting so when he makes a move I’ll be able to pick
up on that and then we would go do in a few clips and would show you a couple of methods
of dealing with that kind of attack.

14 Replies to “Advanced Jeet Kune Do Martial Arts : How to intercept an Attack in Jeet Kune Do

  1. I see you don't have much training in martial arts. Otherwise you'd know there are always precursors to any event in a fight.

    Go train in martial arts and you'll see what I mean.

    There's really no such thing as a sucker punch. Just a sucker that didn't see it coming…

  2. Those who love to street fight should never learn any martial art. Those people are incapable of understanding the power and responsibility one has a martial artist. So yes I would have to agree with your comment based on that.

  3. a street fight does not mean a fight that takes place in the street. any real fight where you are seriously threatened n hav to defend yourself.
    u cant say people who fight shouldnt learn MA or are incapable of learning MA.
    Everyone fights.
    MA & non-MA people
    There r many fighters who after learning the M.A. have changed their character.
    & many in the MA who pick fights.
    Developing self control & responsibility is personal & not based on classes of people

  4. i have to agree with you. a sucker punch to is when someone comes up behind you and you dont see them and they hit you. but please dont cuss. it says like you're angry. lol

  5. "Belts are good for holding up pants"…

    "Rank certificates are best used to clean up messes"…

    They really don't mean a heck of a lot now do they?
    Sorry if I offended you I really should have phrased that a little diffrently, by your post I assumed you didn't have training.

    As a black belt and a martial artist you really owe it to yourself to look into the physical aspects of a sucker punch.
    I would be more than happy to have a friendly discussion with you about this.

  6. I see what you're saying but what I mean is before the punch, is their any body posturing? Are there words being exchanged? Are they close to you? Where are their hands? Is there pushing involved?
    If you train yourself to be able to see those signs then you have somewhat of an upper hand on what I see as a precursor to the "sucker punch".

    I know what the definition is and yet if you observe closely you can actually see the punch coming before it happens.
    That's all.


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