Advanced Foil Fencing Attacks & Strategy : Tactical vs. Offensive Foil Fencing

So generally, when you are fencing you are
attacking while you’re advancing, you’re parrying while you’re retreating, but that isn’t the
only way to go. There are a couple things you can do while you retreat that are really
valuable, whether they’re tactical maneuvers or offensive maneuvers. First let’s try, let’s
talk about tactical. If I retreat, I’m not just giving ground, I’m probably eliciting
some sort of reaction from my opponent. So I want to watch my opponent, watch her body
language, and watch her blade, and see what it is she does when I retreat. So the first
time I’m fencing an opponent, even while I’m watching someone else fence an opponent, I
want to watch her carefully and see what that reaction is, so I can take advantage of it
the next time I retreat. Okay, let’s see what this looks like in action. So if, in a bout,
Siri were to retreat, just to see what I would do, if she’s thinking about it, she’s not
just giving up ground. Most likely, I have some reaction. I’ll probably follow her retreat,
but not always. I might follow her retreat with a fast and furious attack, and I might
relax a bit, especially if we’ve just been engaged in a lot of back and forth. If she
notices a tendency in me to relax, whether that’s a dropping of my guard, even a slight
one, or relaxing of my muscles, a bending of my arm, she’d make a mental note of that.
So that the next time Siri retreated, she’d most likely want to follow that with a really
fast attack, taking advantage of my tendency to relax when she retreats. Which would go
something like that. So you can use, you can use a retreat as a way to gather information,
you can use it as part of your strategy. You can also use a retreat as part of your offensive,
and we’ll talk about that next.

5 Replies to “Advanced Foil Fencing Attacks & Strategy : Tactical vs. Offensive Foil Fencing

  1. What ARE you talking about offensive fencing is a tactic. Why aren't you wearing a glove? Why doesn't your mask fit? Why no long socks? Why fence in running shoes?

    So many things about this video show that you are no expert.

  2. For someone watching this video who's just studying how to fence, she explains the concept and theory quite thoroughly. That is admirable. I've been going through most of her videos and it would be great if those who disliked these videos were to make their own videos demonstrating how they think it should have been done.

  3. Thanks for your tips and they r quite helpful! I have a question about this video. It's very useful to notice the fact that yr opponent likes to relax when u retreat but What should u probably do if your opponent tend to make quick attacks or lunges when u retreat?

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