Advanced Foil Fencing Attacks & Strategy : Foil Fencing & Getting Out of a Corner

If you do find yourself often getting backed
into a corner, backed off the edge of the strip, there are a couple things that you
can do that are pretty easy to adjust in your game. One, it’s very simple, and happens right
at the beginning. When your bout begins you want to attack rather than retreat. It gives
you at least, that much extra distance, which is actually considerable amount of time. And
also, if you’re in a habit of being a defensive fencer, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing,
it can break the, the habit against an opponent that tends to push you off of the edge. So
once you get a little momentum going forward, that might be a trend you could consider,
and gain a little bit extra ground, so that you have time before you find yourself in
that predicament. Whether it’s a predicament where you have your feet off the edge of the
piste, or just where you know you’re close, and your game isn’t what you know that it
should be. Your other defense might be to be a little bit more offensive as you retreat.
Even if they’re not a thrust that you plan on hitting, force your opponent to parry because
she’s more likely to retreat, or less likely to drive you so far back. One last thought
on how to defend against being pushed over the line, is if you are facing an opponent
who wants to push you off the sidelines, there’s one small trick you can do and that is if
she has moved off to one side. If she has moved, say, there, to try to get me to follow
her as I’ll probably drift, and then push me off the side later. I’d follow here to
access her target area. If instead, I decide, if I decided instead when she moved over there,
not to follow her, I’m forcing her to fence at the diagonal which is a little bit uncomfortable.
It’s a little bit counterintuitive. It also puts her in the same danger she was trying
to put me in, which is that she is more likely to fall backwards off of that strip and incur
those penalties. So they’re just little adjustments you can make. There are a lot of other creative
ways to fence against different techniques but a couple that’ll hopefully be useful in
staying on the strip. And of course, lastly, the best thing you can do, is to stay in the
middle of the strip as much as possible, so you don’t run into those risks and give ground
when it’s necessary. But if you find yourself running to the edge too often, you’re giving
too much ground. You need to find places in your game to make adjustments against the
opponent that is running you to the end of the strip.

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  1. You guys are good fencing teachers you both should be coaches๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜ฆ๐Ÿค”

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