Advanced Cardio Kick Boxing Exercises : Freestyle No Hands Kick Boxing Moves

Hi my name is Chemin Alldredge and I am a
third degree black belt in Tae Kwan Do and I’m here with Expert Village. I will be going
over advanced cardio kick boxing. Alright now we want to go ahead and put all of our
kicks into different combinations. We want to do our front kicks, our back leg round
kicks, our reverse side kicks, we had our reverse hook kicks, and our jump front kicks
and our jump round kicks. You want to put those into all different combinations you
can do a front kick, a round kick, reverse side kick, hook kick, front leg front kick
and back leg round kick. You want to take all the different combinations and you can
do a full minute of work out with nothing but just kicks.

34 Replies to “Advanced Cardio Kick Boxing Exercises : Freestyle No Hands Kick Boxing Moves

  1. you all suck ass, she is good but the reason why she is so slow and all is that she want to explain you bitches some moves, and if you all where kicking to that plastic doll you all will be crying

    5/5 the vid must have been longer with real freestyle kicks

  2. she is weak, her movement is awkward, doesnt put anything together. could pick fault all day with this. i honestly thought this was a spoof. she needs to get down the gym and put some speed and power into her combinations.

  3. LOOOL "expert" village…
    even a 2º degree "kick boxer" as say's the title can do better
    (yes i notice she does tae kwon do)

  4. Well, muay thai kick boxing is much better.. they dnt jump coz, when yo u do, in no time, they'll kick ya legs n you'll fall down in no time too! Plus, when you in this condition, your kick is very weak and its nothing to them.. Sorry, its just an honest speech.

  5. it's such a shame these days, they're giving out black belts like they're candy, true martial arts has been watered down and comercialised! So many "black belts" go on and start up classes charging extautionate amounts from naive participants when they can barey even kick properly, it's not her fault though…it's the dumbass who told her she's achieved a black belt and is ready to teach

  6. Ugly ugly kicking, im sorry girl but i've seen white belts performing better kicks than this. 1:10.. that reverse kick omg, that's suppoused to be one of the most powerful kicks you can throw, your technique is real bad

  7. First of all, you said you are TKD 3rd dan is good, but you said you are going to teach kick boxing in next moment is wrong! martial art is martial art how can u mix it together? u don't have a good mind! how many score in your WTF black belt essay? or i should ask that! did u take the test in WTF?
    any one of your kick are not just weak, you lost balance, sexy! this beginner mistake is not accepted. i am 2nd dan in WTF.

    welcome u come korea looking for challenging!

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