Advanced Bushido Self Defense Lessons : How to Defend Against a Knife from Multiple Opponents

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Master Dave
Herbert from the World Martial Arts Center, World Pro Hapkido Federation in New York City.
We’re going to be demonstrating some advanced Bushido techniques. Okay, second one. It’s
possible you can have more than one opponent. There could 2 or 3 with one with the knife
on your throat. In that case, you have to upgrade your defense tactics. You cannot afford
to play. Otherwise, you can end up being dead. 1; hands are up again, I turn. I start to
take it the same way. Down. I bend the wrist back and the arm back. Then things change
because usually we have more than one attacker. Once you’re in action, they’re all in action.
So let’s say I had one in front, one here and one behind. I would have to deal with
the opponent, but keep up with the other ones. So I would turn and cut as I turn and lock
his arm and he is into the wall. I finish that and now I have a knife to deal with other
opponents. The same thing a little faster. So, hands up. A little small talk doesn’t
hurt. Listen fellas, I think you’re making a mistake. I’m just trying to get home. I
live over there. Then you go. And you deal with the rest.

45 Replies to “Advanced Bushido Self Defense Lessons : How to Defend Against a Knife from Multiple Opponents

  1. Here's some constructive criticism. If you notice when he makes his first movement, he clears the knife from his throat. However, his second movement, is to grab the knife hand. Two motions. He should either turn and grab, in one motion, or just turn and strike for the eyes, groin, carotid artery, throat, solar plexus, bladder, etc…. But one motion, not two. WOuld not work in real life. THis technique may well get somebody hurt. How was that for constructive?

  2. watching a video on youtube isnt going to save your life, professional training/classes would be best if you really want to know how to defend yourself

  3. Once opponent is dis-armed pull right leg back on a 45 Degree angle, sharply and quicky with plenty of power bring right leg foward untill momentum is blocked by attackers testicles. Repeat process untill attackers voice is in the high octave frequency…

  4. If the dude is holding his knife to your neck or face, its pointed at the high center part of your body, (your head or neck), wich means the outside part of his knife weilding hand/arm, (depending on wich hes using), will be facing towards the inside of ONE of your hands, once youve figured out wich hand that is, move that hand across your waist and swing it up and tighten your fist at the last second, hitting his rist with your closed fist… read the second box to get all info, letters R low

  5. …Once youve hit him with your closed fist his wep will have flown out of his hand, and his arm will still be extended, also causing his arm to move that way slightly if you used enough force, then, while hes off guard/ off balance, step in with your foot farthest from the opponents wrist you've just hit, and step in to his arm and grab the wrist closest to your arm before you turned, put your apposing foot to the arm you used to grab his wrist,

    Next box, letters are getting to be low.

  6. … After that, apply pressure to his shoulder your pulling back with your hand by putting your free hands FOREARM against his shoulder and pushing, or using your free hand to choke him out while keeping him from doing much with his arm locked and your foot infront of him keeping him from moving or turning much at all. (this can only be done in a 1 on 1 fight unless you just decided to break his arm like that and run like hell)
    I know ill get a whole bunch of bad comments for this but oh well.

  7. Sorry for my box 2, you need to put your hand, Opposite to the one your grabbing his wrist with, INFRONT of his legs, sry, didnt explain that engouh.

    *and spelled enough wrong.*

  8. fuck meh.

    for my *fix* on box 2 i messed up explaining as well, you put your FOOT, opposite to the hand your grabbing his wrist with, infront of his legs, i hope i got that right now, damn!

  9. Good demonstration,
    yes most of your are right, the attackers aren't going to remain stationary, and they probably will hurl punches, but you need to think… … … Is the defender actually going to disarm the knife that slow? No, they aren't, depending on the experience they have does depend on how fast they go, lets just say they were up against a pro, that means (s)he is going to go fast, and they wont see it coming. Learn to take punch, and once you have the knife, slice them up.

  10. @TVwatcha01 Not necessarily timed attacks in real time from a trained professional would be able to engage in real time quick enough to throw off the attacker and successfully complete these moves. Even if only the first few were done successfully that opponent would already be in too much pain to react effectively.

  11. All the people that say it isn't realistic and that the technique won't help is true, but it can still help u if ur attacked cuz thn u jst have one more thing u can do for defense

  12. @irbb07 If the attacker does not have you held, you are free to move any body part quick enough away from the knife before they can react to strike. Same thing with a gun to the head; The shooter cannot pull the trigger fast enough if he is point black range and you move your head.

    A reaction is just that… a reaction to the first move. If you make the first move there is a very small range of time you disable him before his reaction can be effective.

  13. @TVwatcha01
    Yeah, you're so right. So stupid and dangerous to think you can do it with no problems. A better thing to do is to kick in balls once you rotate. Or do it like Jackie Chan. Kick his hand while step back. But not everybody can kick as precisely and fast as him. Then, the best is to give your attacker what he wants. Trying to self defence with a move should be done only at the last time, when you know and are sure he/she is gonna use the knife.

  14. i want to learn some knife self defence where the techniques don't involve me cutting the attacker's neck.

  15. Love when he says and you deal with the rest with the knife now in his hands. Do the Harrison Ford trick in Indiana jones when two swords men's came At him he shot em. Well it works in the movies lol

  16. Keep practicing Joey this guys good. Chickens a little ninja secret. The Beverly Hills ninja a must see movie to master Martial arts

  17. Lol, i like the way the attacker compliantly starts to move the knife away from ur throat even before you've got ur hands on it!!

  18. The problem with crap like this is that most martial artists engage in serious mental masturbation. If you're not testing your stuff against 100% resisting opponents then don't teach it to others. You're just going to get someone killed.

  19. Not a bad lesson. I would prob just give them what they wanted though. It seems to me that everyone usually gets cut in a knife fight.

  20. I wish they would rename these videos. Bushido is not a martial art, it is strictly a philosophy which, as some of you may know, literally translates into "The Way of the Warrior." A major part of the practice of Bushido is mastering martial arts like kendo, judo, and kyudo, and aikido along with daily zazen (meditation).
    I don't practice, I am simply looking to find a proper school and master. I've always wanted to practice Iaijutsu (the art of sword drawing)

  21. big problem with attempting wrist locks in situations like this, to many different variables which could work against you, what if your hands are sweaty or what if it's raining and both your hands are wet then you're a lot less likely to get a proper grip on their arm to be able to do anything and then next thing you know you get stabbed so going with these little drills doesn't work so well it may give you a bit of an idea on what to do but in all reality going for more of an instinctive take on it to get the upper hand as fast and simple as possible rather than attempting to grab someone in a way to try and bend there wrist and it certainly doesn't just go by how most martial arts are taught for this sort of scenario because they could be trained or just a good fighter because alot of people with no martial arts background are exceptionally skilled in hand-to-hand combat and just basic street fighting and you don't know how they can move versus how fast you can move if they pull her hand away even slightly then you won't be able to get a proper grip and then they will be able to get lose and stab you especially if they are more powerful then you, perhaps something basic soon as you see the knife don't put your hands up and don't let them get close, if you can punch them on the inside of the wrist or forearm, even if they are gripping the knife tightly there is a higher likelihood to break there grip because of the nerves along there and it doesn't take alot of training or skill or accuracy to do aside from knowing how to punch quickly and hard after that elbow in the face or temple or kick to the groin fight dirty at that point you're fighting for your life so fight as dirty as possible to get them to stop long enough for you to be able to turn and run you don't even have to hit the inside of the forearm or wrist 11 A Punch to the back of a hand when they're squeezing the knife tightly if you hit them hard you could crack some of those bones it would cause a great deal of pain if you can throw a good punch but they will also not be expecting it traditional martial arts don't work so great in the streets especially if someone is going primarily on grappling when dealing with something like a knife unless you are expertly trained in whatever which most people aren't so don't lock yourself in grab take them out quickly and throw them into the next opponent use their weight against them to redirect their momentum into the next attacker or a wall even, use your environment to your advantage not saying that this isn't perhaps useful or correct but thing is for most people this sort of thing isn't going to work because most people don't have the training to be able to do this sort of stuff

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