Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Moves : Advanced Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Ankle Lock Clip

This is Don Daly representing
and in this clip we are going to demonstrate an ankle lock from the guard position. I am
in the guard position. Okay a lot of times when I am in the guard position the guy will
try to pull me up, okay try to pull me up, arm triangles, all kinds of things like this.
So if he is going to pull me I am going to keep going with it. So if he wants to pull
me up that is fine he can grab me, pull me, as he pulls me I will not come up with him.
I am going to lift my hips up. Hips up in the air and I am starting to squeeze my knees
together, keep legs tight, break his grip, two hands in the mat here, so we always go
to one side, we never go either side one side, here I start to walk my hands forward, I come
right over the top of him, as I am walking forward I come through, I reach back, I grab
his ankle here. I shoot my other knee through here and we took the toes under the armpit.
Toe is here, I come through here okay, I am going to grip like this okay, one hand over,
one under. We come through, we grip, I turn my bone here up into his Achillis tendon right
here. So we take this bone, we turn it up here, we got this here, and we lean back,
okay ankle lock. So again, come around deep, toes in the armpit, hand here, hand here,
keep it tight and lift back till he taps, painful for the ankle.

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  1. i guess this is a stupid question but could you brake someones ankle doing this or make them not able to walk on it??

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