Advanced Aikido: Principles of Motion : Advanced Aikido Techniques: Kick & Punch Combo Part 3

The last two techniques, we are standing right
in front of Ukei. Everything worked perfect. You’re ready for the kick, we cut and redirected
his angle. We parried the punch, did a Raiyunagi the first time, did Saiyunagi the second time.
I would love it if it always worked that good, but some times you’re in motion, they’re in
motion, you’ve got multiple attackers, and it just doesn’t work that way. You’ve got
to learn to adapt. Principles in motion, that’s what we’re talking about. The kick comes in,
here it is, I’m off balance, I Ukanagashi the punch because I just wasn’t prepared for
it to begin with, but I’ve got to get out of the way. As his momentum goes around, the
technique I do now doesn’t really matter. I can do anything, but I’ve got to get out
of the way first. Avoid the attack, control the situation by my avoiding the attack here.
Here, I could do a Koshinage. I could simply, move here. Here it comes again. You could
do any of the other arts we did earlier. Ikkyo. Nikkyo. I’ve already shown you Sankyo. Irimanagi,
Saiyanagi. All the techniques, but they’re all based off of, here, here. He reaches to
grab me again. Kobagaieshi. All these principles just develop on the fact that you remain centered,
you have no attachments. No attachments. I’m not thinking what to do now. I’m just am.
He kicks.

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  1. The end there is the very important part. Aikido has a LOT of techniques that can be very powerful… but you can't decide before the fight what technique you'll do first. First, you just block and avoid… then when you feel something you recognize, you can take it. Very good. This is some of the best instruction I've seen considering the limitations of it being a 2 minute youtube video.

  2. um.. have any of these teachers ever fought a person that doesnt know martial arts? i dont think so…… mos tof these things would never work on the street

  3. what is your definition of "on the street".
    cowards with guns? of course it does not work against bullets.
    everything else is a physical attack to which you can react.
    its funny how many people say aikido is stupid and uneffective.
    stop watching flashy boom bang bruce lee videos.

  4. People who say Aikido is innefective have never even studied or watched a live fight with someone who is well versed in Aikido. It does work, you just have to find the right instructor. There are a lot of bad styles of Aikido. If you want to learn it right, choose a hard style. The hard styles are the only practicle forms, the soft styles teach you to dance, not fight.

  5. Good attitude Cap`n . You have obviously been paying attention to your teachers.
    Peace back at you ILZ (Taekwondo instructor) and thanks for aiki video whoever posted it.

  6. Well done video! Good instruction, well thought out. I am glad I watched this one, keep up the good work!

  7. Well either Sensai John Turner was really shitty at Aikido or your full of shit yourself. Try fighting someone who isn't an out of shape 50 year old with a beer tumor…dumbass.

  8. a few things..
    1. it's not appropriate to mention other peoples names in your stories.
    2. you fail in your story to mention if you laid a hand on him. Aikido is mostly defensive and therefore reactive.
    3. I agree that the truth in combat is outside the style.
    4. You admit to lying or exaggerating in the above post in a later post. Above you say 20 below you say 18 years.

    All said, how can you try to discount Aikido as ineffective when you yourself admit it's the man as much as the art?

  9. actually this is not true. In Aikido you "Train" doing the entire technique, but in actuality only use a fraction of it in combat.

    The block/redirect, getting the opening, moving out of the way, etc.. All just portions. All useful knowledge.

    To say what you are you must think the forms in Karate are designed to use in their entirety too. ?

    The training starts from a grab.. It doesn't end there.

    No art is perfect. You can only draw from them what your understanding will allow.

  10. 1, it's not appropriate to put a private person's names in a public forum as part of an unsubstantiated claim. There is no reason to mention, we don't know him.

    2, hard to believe and sounds pretty boastful.

    3. we agree. So why do you try to discredit Aikido when it's the man, not the Art?

    4, You are discredited in that in your own story, by your own words you were not telling the truth. "Over 20 years experience" then later he'd only been studying for 18 years?

  11. He stated "Over 20" knowing that it was not.
    The only part of the story 'we' the readers have any proof of is that what he first claimed, he later changed. 20+ became 18. A small difference, but since he was boasting he could have said he kicked Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee and O'Sensei's butt by himself when he was only 10. We have no proof of any of it.
    It's a immature. And I'm sure he just didn't expect anyone to call him on it. And my logic is flawless unlike yours. 😉

  12. I really like the way you explain is really effective and esy to do , usually nobody explains you have to figure out was going on keep such a good job
    roberto saavedra
    harajitsu mexico

  13. it`s fake can you do this in a real fight no,look at your kibadachi position,and you are a sensei can i tell you that you are a sensei please correct you and than post on youtube

  14. So basically this is more theatrical than anything? Is that the intent? Or is it actually supposed to serve some practical purpose such as self defence? I dont imagine this sport is thriving given that the demonstration is in this dude's living room.

  15. After studying a few styles like Gracie jujitsu, hake ryu jujitsu, goji karate, wing Chun, pekiti terse Kali, and another few styles; I have seen a lot of these aikido moves in these other styles. They do work, but here is a time and a place to use each technique. You learn to control people through levers, pressure points, locks, and chokes. It will make your other fighting techniques better, if you understand these principles, that aikido teaches.

  16. Guys, I can watch many videos but some of the videos doesnot play. Especially "how to" videos and that video as well. Details:
    I am sure Java is enabled and Flash 10.2… is installed. Many videos start itself and which doesnot start itself prompts/displays a "play button" on the vidoe screen. Any trouble shooting sequence doesnot help too. Is it about a "terms of use" or something?

  17. ive never seen anybody puch or kick like that before, you should go outside and watch fights and then you will learn.

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