Action Actor meets Karate Master : Joey Tee and Tatsuya Naka

Osu! how’s it going everyone my name is
Joey Tee and I am an actor in Japan chasing my dreams to be the new action
film star. I’ve been trained in karate full-contact. I’ve been dancing all my
life I do acrobatics martial arts tricking all that good stuff
but the only thing I’m missing is traditional something that’s actually
Japanese to find my identity and I am here at “kuro-obi world” to learn from the Masters and I’m here to train so hope you enjoy

37 Replies to “Action Actor meets Karate Master : Joey Tee and Tatsuya Naka

  1. Adorei 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Pena que é só 2:20 poderia ser uns 10:00 minutos de vídeo.
    Mesmo assim ficou muito bacana 😎.
    Renato Karatê-Do Shotokan Nakayama OSS 🥋

  2. 形をアクションに置き換えていく、これは楽しいでしょうね!


  3. I really hope actors like this bring karate to the action cinema… Is such a big and incredible martial art to explore and it has so many great stories to tell. Wish you the best, Joey Tee :3

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