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Renee: Hi, my name is Rene Dreifuss. And I’m here to show you some MMA techniques. But first I’m going to tell you a little bit
about myself and my team. I started training martial arts when I was
six years old. I trained a lot of variety of martial arts. I moved to Japan and trained Judo there. My main instructor was Steve Bower, who, very
lucky enough to train under him. I moved from Japan back to America. Unfortunately I was hit by a car. But I was lucky enough to find Brazilian Jitsu,
and really find my passion in the art of Brazilian Jitsu. And from there I started training and competing
in mixed martial arts. I now run Radical MMA NYC, which is a martial
arts, a mixed martial arts school in New York City. And I’m sort of more of the grappling oriented
instructor. We have Chris Romulo here, who is a Muy Thai
champ. And he’ll tell you a little bit about himself
too. Chris: I’m Chris Romulo, owner and operator
of Chrome Martial Training on Rockway Beach. I’ve been training in the martial arts for
over thirty years. I’ve been training in Muy Thai for about sixteen
years. And I’ve just watched MMA grow, and Muy Thai
grow. And I love the sport and the art. I still train, teach students in Rockway Beach. I’m here to show you guys as much knowledge
as I can. Renee: And he’s very humble, but he has great
Jujitsu too. And here’s Chad Hernandez, my assistant instructor
as well. Chad: Hi, my name is Chad Hernandez. I am a instructor in Radical MMA. Also a MMA fighter. My record is four in one. I made WK2012 national champion. I’m originally training Jujitsu and MMA altogether
four and a half years. Under Cultural Ring Practice, Renee Dreifuss. And definitely one of the best decisions I’ve
ever made in my life. Man, this changed me as a person. Renee: Okay, here guys now. My team and I, we’re going to show you what
you need to know to get your MMA game started. Or for those advanced practitioners, a couple
tricks that can take your game to the next level.

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