Abanico Corto to Tie – Filipino Martial Arts

Hi Brian Johns of Bamboo Spirit Martial Arts
Centre of Oshawa, Ontario. Tonight we’re going to dial things back
and just go through the possibilities of Abaniko Corto to tie off angle #2. I’m not going to focus on combat applications but rather on the possibilities. Let’s do this. Angle #2. From here. Abaniko Corto. Then we’re going to go into the tie. The basic technique is this. The first possibility is the backward throw
from here. Boom. This is a potential wrist breaker. A nasty technique. Let’s go through some of the other possibilities
you can do with this. Here. Bang. Here. Boom. Now I release with the right hand and go into a cane takedown. Boom. And finish from here. Bang. Now if Alex rises up, or stands up, you can go into the snake Throw a punch Stick uppercut here. Finish here. Okay? Those are some of the possibilities with the Abaniko Corto. It all begins with this technique. Over here to the tie. It all starts here. Bring this up like a bicep curl. Like this here. It’s not this. Simply biceps curl. Like this. That’s all it is. Start here and the possibilities are quite
numerous. I hope that you enjoyed that video. Like I said in previous videos, stick grappling is a huge part of Modern Arnis and adds a lot to your game as far as street self defence is concerned. If you’re interested in Filipino Martial
Arts, specifically Modern Arnis, Come see me. Contact me at: [email protected] or click on the links below. See you next week. Thank you!

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