A Demonstration of Perfect Samurai Swordsmanship

traditions for women are still practiced today. The daughter of
Grandmaster Tanaka prepares her blade
to demonstrate her sword handling skills. Traditionally, samurai
tested their technique on bamboo, which is said
to have the same resistance to human bone. [SPEAKING JAPANESE] NARRATOR: The bamboo is
not fixed to the stand. The slightest mistake in
angle or speed and the cut will be ruined. One cut is difficult
enough, but to achieve them in rapid succession is
true samurai swordsmanship. [SPEAKING JAPANESE]

100 Replies to “A Demonstration of Perfect Samurai Swordsmanship

  1. Against bamboo? Sure.
    Against a skilled opponent? Not a chance

    And I’m saying this with all the love and respect for Japanese martial arts and culture.

  2. People people, there are etiquette in chopping one head off. Make sure you hand is balance or the dead ghosts coming back and complain. Talking about pain in the neck.

  3. Yeah i bet she will decapitate so many men nowadays. Luckily she trained her whole life to be ready for not making someone suffer half a second before he dies. Time well spent.

  4. Samurai were men. Women were not allowed.
    The Bushido was all about being an honorable warrior, yet to this day all they care about is cutting people in half or decapitating them.
    Well, bamboo nowadays it seems.

  5. Why is samurai swordmanship so glorified if they barely ever used the sword? Why not some spear or bow action?

  6. Its funny what happens when you mix having suboptimal Iron a strange insular culture and an obsession with ceremony

  7. Nah….i would go for european swords or middle eastern swords or weapons of the Malay archipelago. Battle tested between civilisations

  8. 0:25 No… “Traditionally“ samurai swordsmiths tested their blades on human corpses. When that became undesirable, they switched to bamboo.

  9. what most people missed and what makes this sword cut even more impressive is that she does it from her "weak" side a left to right cut is a lot harder that a cut made from right to left.

  10. Well, we certainly don’t want to cause any pain when we decapitate someone. That would be inconsiderate.

  11. Green bamboo is fresh and softer than seasoned brown bamboo, the diagonal cut is easier for the blade than a 90 degree cut. 緑色の竹は、熟した茶色の竹よりも新鮮で柔らかいです。 斜めカットは90度カットよりもサムライブレードの方が簡単です.

  12. so basically even though they killes someone with that type of blade that doesnt mean it was quick and harmless
    it hurt very much which if you were to decide you had to use your blade you wouldnt care since they would want to hurt you as well

  13. used brilliantly while cutting off the heads of poor Filipinos civilians helping American soldiers during WWII

  14. Nice that the Smithsonian Channel show the proper way for a Japanese soldier to behead American prisoners during WWII

  15. not wanting to point out the obvious…….but Samurai Women?……they were some of the worst bunch of mysogenistic machos around anywhere…..women were treated like lifestock in those days……truly despicable when viewed from our perch in history nowadays….

  16. lol "this is a perfect straight cut"
    If the sword is sharp enough to cut through in one slice, it would take more skill to cut a jagged line than a straight one. I swear, these Japanese "Masters" are really just masters of self promotion and revisionist history.

  17. Fact. The spear was the main battlefield weapon of the samurai. Not the sword. The sword was considered a secondary sidearm.

  18. most comments are yankees.most are bad comments.this is samurai swordsmaship not a yankee.if you dont apreciate it bec.they are japanese show how bad manner yankees are.make a documentary of white yankees swordsmanship and lets see how people comments.

  19. such a long video for a few seconds of acting….. can we have a closer close-up of his face? to see right into his pores next time?

  20. I can confirm… If the wrong angle occurs on decapitation.. It hurts, I was decapitated twice.. Once hurt(wrong angle) my second Decapitation (perfection) my surgeon said it was a clean cut a I should grow a new head within 6-8 weeks.. The sore one took 2yrs.. So don't knock it unless you've been decapitated. On the other hand the pain of the first wrong angle cut was componsated by the fact I couldn't hear the wife for 18mths.

  21. Can it really be that hard?? I do martial arts and i respect the culture and everything but with all due respect, i really don't understand how people can call themselves "masters of the blade" if they only just managed to cut a piece of bamboo in half.

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