$50,000 PROFIT? IN $7000 STORAGE UNIT! I bought an abandoned storage unit MOTHERLODE!

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls
parents of all ages here we are with another episode in I spent $7,000 on one
10 by 30 I have never ever ever been so excited as I am right now to go through
a unit and look for the second time I came here last night I started I got
after hours so I’m working on it and I found amazing stuff I hope you saw part
one well here we are going to be on part two there’s gonna be several parts of
this because I could see just nothing with boxes but what I saw in those first
12 to 15 boxes I’ve never been more intrigued to come back to a unit for
another time I was nervous waited a week to go through the unit but then when I
got here I opened up one thing I stopped open up one day I stopped you guys saw
the video anyway here we are we’re about to get started on part number two right
so we had an accident here already and everything fell out that box everything
came tumbling down this is the unit this will we got started so far looks like
lots of stuff in here we found Louisville Slugger bat Louisville
Slugger bat Mickey Mantle bat Hank Aaron bat Johnny Bench bat bats bats back he
found Kane’s with gold and silver on them very nice stuff just here’s a quick
peek what we saw in the last one just cool stuff sucks because this all just
fell right here like I couldn’t do nothing about it soon I opened the door
everything fell out on me I’m gonna pick it up all on table to show you was in
that box right off the bat we’re gonna start here with the first box being
something cool I don’t know what these are they look like the reproduction
things made to look like big lures but nonetheless they’re pretty nice maybe
they are real lures I really don’t know the answer to that question they’re big
they’re massive you can see you next to a DVD and we got a indoor rifle
competition 1934 first price won by corporal Assisi Stewart I don’t know
about this stuff here another large lure once again I don’t
know if these are decoration or if they’re really meant to be catching a
fish that is a huge lure if so then we have another state rifle competition
1936 second prize Kanter I don’t think that’s silver but it’s nice this is kind of cool The
Gambler lane Hawk maybe it’s a bowling ball that’s uncut I like it it’s a cool
pattern we got a fencing helmet post sport fencing post we got a golf trophy
here fern Club of W States 1949 presented by fern fast Freight nice
trophy then we got this hourglass I’m keeping that baby that isn’t much nicer
hourglass than I ever had and it looks like it’s in a pirate fashion okay I
apologize if you guys got mad that stuff was laying on the ground but come on now
first box out $7,000 unit part two look at all this goodies not the back as a bag we’ll set that
over here from these blankets are uncanny I can’t tell if they’re Native
American let’s look them all at let’s pull them
off guys I don’t even this is nuts this looks like a Native
American blanket to me I don’t know I have no idea about anything you can
see my foots about a foot so this will be a good major next to how big each one
is try not to step on them they have this is crazy what do you guys know
about these rugs right here I’m gonna need a lot of help on this unit North
babe shorts
clothes a razor Nikon camera got to be careful with everything found 17 cents
could have been Michaela’s Bushido ethic our towel sterling Wow fish that’s cheap another fish for the three dollar price
tag stuff is really well wrapped that is kind of cool better go in the good dog what kind of
separating things like good do you think get looked at chintzy cheesy two three
bucks oh wow look at this there is type I never seen anything like that Wow that is dope we gotta take very good
care of that here we go that’s kind of cool it’s nothing special
but it’s cool with classic hot wheels not red lines at a 1969 we’ll put the
other side in a good pile one minute we’re extremely separating right off the
bat we got so much things to do pinky what is this grass is still cool I
thought those were silver sombreros little sombrero collection possibly
ashtray vintage nice not the normal baseball Louisville
Slugger motif we was good yesterday we’re kind of into it maybe this is the
wife stuff maybe little trinkets they look for this one looks reproduction we
actually said in 1949 I stand corrected 1949 another little wiener dog depression
said it will take that office is the dog look at that
whoo Tonka toys this is nice stuff guys maybe that’s 60 bucks maybe that’s 80
bucks maybe it’s 20 bucks I’m gonna have to look that up Tonka toys mound of
Minnesota it might possibly have more parts to it oh the duck collection is
coming out now this one had a sticker on it so it smells like these four ball you guys are the ones that are the
greatest human beings eww guys out there all you each and every one of you that’s
great right there Konica g35 Tonica ee Matic deluxe
another 35 millimeter camera we found several of those so far I don’t know the
price on us have not sold the conical ones I don’t believe they’re super
expensive but I could be wrong crystal inside the boot my homie Alex
right there hmm John Deere nice okay huh not only
they have we got a Waterford I love where you’re living this life but you
got Waterford Christmas ornaments this is unfreakin believable right there
god Bless America that is that’s everything right there looks like some
special special right here I don’t know we’re gonna take a look into that right
there some sometimes booths are very expensive you guys are seeing some of
the coolest stuff I’ve ever found in storage you know already and my gut like
feel like this has the potential to become the best unit I’ve ever bought
like literally as I stand here right now the only thing rushing through my Vic
right through these odd looking like this at the unit right here has the
potential to become the best unit I’ve ever bought you guys have seen me by
some major units over the years Wow it’s empty but I just loved that Romeo y
Julieta if you guys know anything about the pirate you know he loves a good love
story and this is my favorite Shakespeare home story novel whatever I was fierce about myself there was the
world’s biggest Black Widow no not scared the spider bro you could do is
watch my back in case it comes around me at the Juke move and I can’t see it it’s
probably inside of there no I’ll be this close oh my god work
with me here if you make this difficult I’ll kill you come on jump I’m not
satisfied with this right now oh come on get on the broom push it the
other way yeah like that no spider whisperer
you should have killed it I am scared for my entire life
I’m leaving right now I’m leaving look at that these rugs this one is a dog ya know
store buy flowers this is a nice butcher block right here I like snot a little bigger than mine
you guys know when I cook a lot I use one of these nice that’s got to be 100
maybe I would say 100 maybe 80 then right here we have pretty much the best
do Walt saw there is I think I think it’s like an easy 150 $200 sale here
he’s got all the parts they’re good shape I’m gonna ask 200 bucks for it be
kind of firm not desperate to make my money back but I would like to make some
money on this store just been a while since I’ve found something that this
type of wrap who has really literally got on everything it’s kind of
disgusting this is nice right here this is money I don’t know how much but
please unzip some military bomber jacket flying man’s intermediate type one
please you are doing good money right now that I’m pretty aware of could be
wrong work best hunting vest
not work best car heart that’s a very good brand right there Columbia another
good brand Urban Outfitters and we have one more Palma jacket yes we do yes I’m not sure once again this military
issue this one is pretty good sorry guys this is like freaking put all
this stuff out let me get this out of him there there was this nice little
piece of glass here carnival glass maybe make up a not even good make up got a
lamp here thought that was kind of cool it didn’t sound very promising tonight
but what are you gonna do deck of cards that’s the way life is it’s a freakin
gamble I love it sometimes you got to put the hammer down I’ll just go all in
love in it that’s true that’s what we want to start finding look at that a
military pen or something flavours roll it no it’s just service military nice to
see me is there more here notice hide in bed we’re gonna save this till the end
nope not today this unit is pretty cool and I don’t feel like we needed like set
to leave this with the cliffhanger to get you the game because I think every
box in this unit is just wow doesn’t matter what it is even a closed box a
little bit of costume though just keep setting all that aside with the rest of
our costume that’s gonna hold cool interesting room Buffalo hi this is kind of tricky
and they’re like really a genuine buffalo hide in this mother it’s a
pillow no that is a buffalo hide what the Wow
I got a buffalo this is nuts Wow
oh this just crazy come on be his collection of rare 1982 GI Joe in the
box or be jackets some type of hunting another Carhartt Dicky’s Filson Garmin I got so much
stuff anymore today I got a look up though I feel like that’s money right
there that’s a vintage tag right there that right there has to be some form of
good money Wolverine work where hold on me lay all
these out now that’s pretty cool right there with just one second guy I can’t
it I can’t even I was so excited of all this stuff that is a Native American I
think that’s a gun holder right there probably Native American
it’s nice bags that rug look at this look at this right here just wow guys
fricking going bananas here Oh guys I haven’t dream of finding things like
this I don’t even know what this is w NY New York City J HCV look at the detail
in this trench art on this shell right here you guys this is unbelievable right
here this is type of stuff that I would I would contemplate keeping this stuff
right here it’s insane I can’t even fathom the amount of time put into this
work they call this trench art this is a bullet show missile case I don’t know
what you would call them and we got here another one and and why Oh this is crazy another trend sharp piece right here
that’s a bullet shell 50 caliber turned into a coffee cup because that’s how
they do it I don’t even know what these are right here are these actual holders
for them is this this is crazy military stuff right here this is I don’t even
know what to say about any of this guy’s gonna totally need some help on every
single thing in this unit Rawlings Rawlings oh oh one four four seven
that’s cool man what is in their backpacks are dope the backpacks are
dope Firenze made in Italy genuine leather I mean when you got even your
bags are tight we got you just say Samsonite and it’s alright man
even the bags are clay slow down keep trying to speed up and get things gone
but I can’t I gotta take my time this looks like a nice one too
made in Italy on that is not what my a rod looks like Alex colt 45
automatic what is that one mine fine at 4:45 what I wanna find a call for a halt
the infamous skill saw mag 77 let’s pile like 100 bucks right there as it easy
easy 100 bucks right there good shape comes
in a nice skill silver box hmm JB’s got a fishing waiting hook we
have to have this one looked at he’s thinking gone that would box right there I’m just so intrigued by everything okay
where can we go in the world today because I want to go somewhere in the
world I just want to do this right here and be like nope
we’re not going there again so this game is not working out well we’re gonna set
all this stuff in this box out here real quick then we’re gonna look at it up
close come on like this Pentax emmy super
35-millimeter with the sakaar sacker f 70-millimeter no no I forget what this
one is worth I have to have that one right in the good pile we’ll look all
this up each and everything so this stuff is qualit entrances here come home
like I haven’t found a liking for ever Harold’s Colin but yeah we got an icon
chrony a 6i with a nikon lens don’t know much about that one and then went here
come home right he keep saying life until we find the likeness if you’d like
like I Lika Lika what do we got here it says canon eos
and the handle be a good one mmm never seen this one cannon t70 with
the Etna ro Kona MC auto lens nice these are all eBay
items see what else we have again more importantly than the camera sometimes
are just the lenses often misunderstood we like Canon we like Nikon we could I
find Nikon and Canon all day long Sigma eighty millimeter for that cannon which
is cannon any things are not easy to get out we gotta be careful we get yelled at in
the comments right now canon 50 FD millimetres Canon nice I think
camera set here I have my eye on each and every one of you all why because I
love y’all and I want to say thanks for watching these videos don’t forget to
Like button the share button and subscribe and let me know what your
favorite piece iPad had in this video right here was let me know if you think
anything was worth over a thousand bucks there was a lot of nice items I’m trying
to find something one item that’s over 7 grand that pays for this unit you’ll
have to stay tuned this is part 2 there should be at least eight nine more parts
and I’m trying to take my time give you guys the full entirety of what it’s like
when you spend $7,000 on one unit and what you must find and make your money
back I love you all

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  2. Really great to see you doing so well x. Those little sausage dogs look vintage worth more than $3 I'm sure. Love the trench art. This guy travelled. The whiskey is from here in the UK. As the box said Highlands Scotland. The distillery still exists I believe. Looking forward to more great finds.

  3. 22:48 nice old vintage Duck Decoy, probably lathe made based on the body but great condition…need to find out what exactly the JB stands for….You have well over $100 there and possibly much more depending on rarity of the piece.

  4. You need to use a good auction house . Pay the fees and go for the big money . They will catalogue and get the best prices. Much love and good luck x

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  8. If ths is an antique butcher block table it could easily be worth $1000, don't loball this stuff. Please take your time and work with an antique dealer

  9. Pirate, thank you for going slower opening these boxes slowly. I'm enjoying each piece you unwrap. I hope you'll make far more than the 7k purchases price. You deserve all good things in your life and that of your kids.

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  20. I think in the 60's they made throws to mimic indian blankets, I've seen real ones in mexico, but they were vibrant and beautiful.

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  29. Hi Pirate! How about Museum's in New York? They may be interested in your items, & they would pay insane money. Christie's New York. The MET in New York. What do you have to lose? Take it slow, listen to your subs, they are giving amazing advice. Hold off on the high ticket items from the flee market. I am so happy for you. Blessings!

  30. If those Indian blankets are authentic they can be worth a fortune.. If you don't ruin them WALKING on them!!! I seriously doubt there is going to be much cheesey n worthless stuff coming out of this locker.. It is really aggravating hearing you say nothing special.. You have no clue what you have!!! Smh.. Plz stop grabbing those ducks by the neck!!! You are going to lose money by damaging this stuff.. Do you even read the comments?!?! Geez!!!

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  36. time stamp 1:36 The huge fishing poppers would have been used for big game fishing eg- Shark, killer wales.
    My father (who has been a fisherman for over 40 years) said to also look out for the weights, they will look like a big round led marble about the size of a large baseball with a loop or drill hole. tey can also look like a big square solid led cow bell these are older than the round ones. If you come across the led weights the poppers may also have been used for catching huge stingrays .

    time stamp 3:30 Native Indian rugs, these look like chant mats that would be used in a sweat tents and drum chants to the elders ect. the longer ones look like saddle blankets that sit in-between the horse and saddle. I am also thinking that if they have no tags, they probably have been hand made.

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