$50,000 PROFIT? IN $7000 STORAGE UNIT! I bought an abandoned storage unit MOTHERLODE!

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  1. A few months ago you had every reason to be down but you stayed POSITIVE ?? Now that positivity is turning into profit!!! Gold,Diamonds,Platinum,Cash all coming your way Keep sailing ⛵️ ?‍☠️

  2. Really great to see you doing so well x. Those little sausage dogs look vintage worth more than $3 I'm sure. Love the trench art. This guy travelled. The whiskey is from here in the UK. As the box said Highlands Scotland. The distillery still exists I believe. Looking forward to more great finds.

  3. 22:48 nice old vintage Duck Decoy, probably lathe made based on the body but great condition…need to find out what exactly the JB stands for….You have well over $100 there and possibly much more depending on rarity of the piece.

  4. You need to use a good auction house . Pay the fees and go for the big money . They will catalogue and get the best prices. Much love and good luck x

  5. Love that magnifying glass!!! It’s so intricate! I’d have to keep that piece. The trench art is beautiful too! I’m so happy for you Pirate!! You deserved this big win ?

  6. From what I have read, these types of giant fishing lures are for hanging in a sports bar. I have read that they usually come with eyelets to hang them. Pretty darn cool for sure.

  7. I would suggest you consult with a specialist antique guy. This is something you should cultivate for now and the future. Take your time with selling the unit. This stuff is worth a dang fortune. Seriously. You hit pay dirt here. Everything is old like the guy it belonged to.

  8. If ths is an antique butcher block table it could easily be worth $1000, don't loball this stuff. Please take your time and work with an antique dealer

  9. Pirate, thank you for going slower opening these boxes slowly. I'm enjoying each piece you unwrap. I hope you'll make far more than the 7k purchases price. You deserve all good things in your life and that of your kids.

  10. The leather things with the giant bullets may be arm or shin protectors. Kind of like what an Archer would wear.
    I love when Pirate finds lots of gold, silver, diamonds and lots of valuable collectables ‼️❤️

  11. Omg Mike there’s a reason everything’s in bubble wrap man! You’ve got to be careful opening things! Get a professional auction house to appraise it all and sell it for you, don’t sell it on eBay

  12. Good to see you taking your time on this epic unit. I don't want to miss a single episode.
    Nice work with the spider.

  13. This was an awesome find love all the military shells call me crazy ?. Can't wait to see all you find I think all those cameras n lens could be worth some cash. Blankets are sweet I'm so excited I can't wait for the rest love you storage Pirate

  14. The spider kept the bugs off your stuff. Well done for letting her live. 20:43 they are military gaiters, worn on the lower leg, first world war vintage, like the trench art.

  15. Yes Native American Blankets, The ones from 1st video were Navajo, and I only know that because I was researching pottery and saw the patterns. Same with these, but I don't remember the tribes.

  16. There is nothing there that you cant make money on, if it's small, or like pottery, group it, and sell it in a lot.

  17. You really should be wearing gloves my friend. I see a lot of mouse poop. Be safe, and I can't wait for more vids from this unit!!

  18. I am not kidding. You have valuables call a reputable auction place. Do your homework. Even if you think and item is not worth anything it is. Best of luck.

  19. Dude, seriously, you need to have EVERY piece you are pulling out in bubble wrap LOOKED AT! Seriously, damn, every piece looks to be rare, so happy for you and your daughter.

  20. I think in the 60's they made throws to mimic indian blankets, I've seen real ones in mexico, but they were vibrant and beautiful.

  21. Fantastic finds. The trench art pieces were amazing and are collectible. The cameras are in great condition. The owner certainly packed everything with care. Awesome video

  22. Ooooh some of those blankets/rugs! The bunny rabbit magnifying glass is amazing…wonder whether it's ivory, bone, or celluloid?!
    Just a fantastic unit! Congratulations and take your time determining value of the entire unit…you have a true treasure trove!

  23. If you don't know about them blankets you better ask somebody. If they're real Native American blankets their big money.

  24. Viewers should Never be angry over an accident. Can’t wait to see all your treasures as you head toward buying a new hone for you and your daughter. I know it will happen. And awww you saved the spider. You are a good man, Pirate.

  25. I almost wonder if you should be wearing cotten gloves with all this treasure!! Some of this is historical antiques.

  26. Pirate I have been answering you & talking to you!!! Why don't you answer me??? LOL I JUST
    realized that I am talking out loud to you, & you CAN'T HEAR ME !!! Old age is getting to me.
    You have a very special, get your money back, Unit there. GRAM in TX.

  27. Those are my kind of people. Ask them what they collect and their like well it would be easier to tell you what we don't collect because that's a way shorter list.

  28. I have seen native American blankets sell for more than what you paid for that storage shed. Take them to a expert.

  29. Hi Pirate! How about Museum's in New York? They may be interested in your items, & they would pay insane money. Christie's New York. The MET in New York. What do you have to lose? Take it slow, listen to your subs, they are giving amazing advice. Hold off on the high ticket items from the flee market. I am so happy for you. Blessings!

  30. If those Indian blankets are authentic they can be worth a fortune.. If you don't ruin them WALKING on them!!! I seriously doubt there is going to be much cheesey n worthless stuff coming out of this locker.. It is really aggravating hearing you say nothing special.. You have no clue what you have!!! Smh.. Plz stop grabbing those ducks by the neck!!! You are going to lose money by damaging this stuff.. Do you even read the comments?!?! Geez!!!

  31. You've definitely found a winner,a lot of great stuff. I can't help but think many of those small items are worth money,some look really old you go so fast but no problem.what did somebody say last video? Potential100,000$ I do think you'll have to put in more hard work than ever but it will pay off.

  32. I’m Scottish- Glenmorangie is a nice wee dram. The leather “cup holders” are gaiters for your calves over your trousers. Yes, I’m old.

  33. Fabulous! More unbelievable treasures! I ? that Pirate hour glass for you! A treasure hoard for a Pirate! It all smells like profit! Tyfs.

  34. Indian blankets look new mexico, the lures are displays for a baitshop to advertise to customers, the eyeglass looks like whalebone, the hand is a model of a real hand sold by prostetician, looks like a major score just into it a few boxes, definitly deserve the score, sorry just catching up on these videos.!! Congratulations Mr.pirate.!!

  35. Mike I watched your third vid first – Please tell me you made a good faith effort to find this guys family -to return the family pics. You sound like a nice guy – be a hero! Thanks, I started following you today!

  36. time stamp 1:36 The huge fishing poppers would have been used for big game fishing eg- Shark, killer wales.
    My father (who has been a fisherman for over 40 years) said to also look out for the weights, they will look like a big round led marble about the size of a large baseball with a loop or drill hole. tey can also look like a big square solid led cow bell these are older than the round ones. If you come across the led weights the poppers may also have been used for catching huge stingrays .

    time stamp 3:30 Native Indian rugs, these look like chant mats that would be used in a sweat tents and drum chants to the elders ect. the longer ones look like saddle blankets that sit in-between the horse and saddle. I am also thinking that if they have no tags, they probably have been hand made.

    time stamp 20:48 these look like shot gun or rifle holders that go on a saddle, so when your riding you holster the gun in these.

    you have some great stuff going on in this locker, am loving the set up withe table and show 'n' tell way better, such a great job pirate, may the lord bless you with enough gold and treasure to purchase a house outright from this unit xx

  37. Hi Mike, I Love your Positive Attitude !!! It puts me in A Great Mood all Day !!! & I THANK YOU FOR THAT !!!

  38. Nice unit … You get your money back easily 😛

    24:34 the lens on the Canon camera is a better lens.. 28mm 3.5 diafragma. More expensive…
    23:53 the Nikon camera should have been a very good one if it wasn't APS.. a system of filmroles that never really made it big…

  39. Hello…I loved the trench art. Never saw anything like it. Nothing on eBay compared to yours. Good Luck and keep um coming. God Bless! ??❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  40. You are clueless when it comes to value of your stuff. This person was a smart collector, you need to be a smarter seller. You have to keep it together, don't just take it to a flea market, auction will get you the best price, because the buyers know value better than you.

  41. You probably shouldn't buy a house and go pay mortgage on a storefront and that spider probably saved you guys from having tons of bugs in that stuff he deserves a reward…

  42. I used to sell a lot of trench art and you don't get that much for it… Those camera's look seriously expensive.. The people who owned this unit must have been lawyers or something because everything is top of the range…You need a specialist to look at those blankets..

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