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  1. Speaking of fading in to obscuriy, can you do a video on K9999 from King of Fighters.

    Jhun is an example of what happens when chase teenage girls

  2. Sean was fighting as a kid in a SNK game!? KoF and street fighter stories happen in the same universe CONFIRMED 😂
    Edit: 2:09

  3. Do a video with juri han, luong, and chae lim. Chae lim is like an even way less known taewkondo fighting girl than may lee on kof

  4. Yeah. I would like to see a sequal to this video. Plus I would also suggest swordfighters and gunners in the future.

  5. Ótima lista! Já conhecia a metade. A outra metade foi realmente algo novo. Mas, a dúvida que não quer calar: esse SF tem algo próximo de minimamente canônico?

  6. Hmm… since you did a video of beat em up games turning into fighting game, how about fighting game characters appearing(and playable) in non-fighting games?

  7. Shin is official canon to main street fighter.
    Like you said about that he watch alex and gerald golby fighting in "Vale Tudo Eternal Fighting" Tournament which take held befor Streer Fighter 3 New Generation.

    Know participant on this tournament.
    Alex, Balrog, Gerald Golby, Like Bernado, Kam Leopoldo and Jumbo Flapjack from Slam Masters.

  8. i know all the game titles & i know all characters but king in this list, there's 1 more tae kwon do entry that you don't know & that's lee gaon from capcom's m.m.o fighting game "perfect k.o"

  9. Shoot, I've played Aggressors and somehow missed out on Lee Hae Gwon! Yung Mie I knew for sure those since I actually enjoy playing Fighter's History Dynamite from time to time. May Lee on the other hand I just can't get the hang of and forgot she was a Tae Kwon Do fighter over time. Definitely didn't know the others though and it was enjoyable to hear about.

    Also thanks again Cammyplayer X3

  10. Also, some more lesser known Taekwondo users:

    Kaori Yanase, from Variable Geo, there's not too much to say about her. She has a kick projectile, a spinning divekick, and a dashing kick

    Olof, from Power Instinct Matrimelee. I don't know if his fighting style is Taekwondo or not, but he kicks a whole lot. He only has ONE punch in his entire moveset. And that punch is his lvl 2 super, which is a very damaging unblockable punch that will also shave off some of his own HP (because he punches with his broken arm and he feels the pain from it). Overall, he's a pretty cool character with a pretty cool moveset

    Seo Yong Song from Buriki One. He's one of Kim Kaphwan's many students. Not much to say about his moveset, because it's more "normal" compared to Kim's over-the-top flashy kicks. Also, the game he's from is known for having Ryo Sakazaki in it (as Mr. Karate II)

  11. Seriously, the reason im really surprised is that Krauser-sama the 3rd was a playable character in the last game you mentioned.

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