5 Class Tips for Beginner Martial Arts Students

How’s it going? Ando here from SenseiAndo.com. If you just signed up for martial arts classes,
you might be wondering how to make the most out of your practice time. You might also be worried about looking like
a total fool. I get it. So, today, I’ve got five tips to help you
fit in, earn respect, and build your skills. Here we go. Tip # 1: Be On Time. I can’t believe how many students—beginners
and even some old-timers— who think it’s okay to just stroll in late, take ten minutes
to change their clothes, and then expect class to just stop when they make it to the mats
so they can catch up with what’s going on. Not cool, man. Show some respect and be on time. Even better—show up to your class early. Give yourself time to take a drink of water,
say hello, change your clothes, warm up, and get your mind focused on your training. That’s not just good for your learning,
it shows respect for your teacher and your fellow students. So, get to class early or at least be on time. Tip #2: Keep It Clean and Safe. I hate to say it, but every martial arts class
has at least one student who stinks. And heads up—if you can’t think of who
that person is, it might be you. Don’t be that guy. Wash your uniform. Wear deodorant. And ease up on that ridiculous cologne or
perfume you’ve been wearing. You’re going to a Kung Fu club, not a dance
club. And hey–if you had hummus or pesto for lunch,
carry some breath mints in your bag. Here’s the rule—show up to every class
like you’re going out on a first date. Also, if you practice in bare feet, throw
some baby wipes into your bag. If you’ve been walking around all day in
flip-flops or open-toed shoes, a quick wipe down of your feet will help keep dirt and
germs off the mats… and out of my face. Plus, after class, a quick wipe down will
help you keep dirt and germs from traveling home with you. And that’s a good thing. One more thing. Long nails on your hands and feet, piercings,
and jewelry of any kind, are all dangerous to you and everybody else. So, trim your nails and lose the bling. If you do happen to get cut or scratched,
I also recommend carrying some Band-Aids and athletic tape in your bag. Getting blood on your uniform might make you
feel cool, but getting blood on MY uniform… no, not cool. Tip #3: Bring a Notebook. This tip is so obvious, yet most people don’t
do it. You kept a notebook for every class in your
academic school, right? So, why wouldn’t you have a notebook for
your martial arts school? Now, I’m not saying you have to scribble
down every word your teacher says during class. Don’t do that. But after class, you should definitely have
a habit of writing down what you learned. Now, if writing seems like too much of a chore,
even though I think that is the best way to do it, well, then use your phone to make a
quick voice note or a quick video. I leave the method up to you, but I highly
recommend that you take what you’re learning and put it into your own words. I promise—a notebook is a game-changer. Tip #4: Hold Your Questions. They say there is no such thing as a dumb
questions. That, my friend, is a lie. There are dumb questions. Here’s an example. Asking a question about a technique that you
haven’t even practiced yet. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen
an instructor—a world-class, legendary instructor—interrupted by some hotshot student who wants to sound
smart by asking a bunch of “what if” questions. “Wait—what if he’s not wearing clothes?” “Yeah, but what if he’s got a hatchet?” “Yes, I hear what you’re saying, but what
if he doesn’t have a head? Hmm?” Hey, Karate Kid—zip it! The answers to all of your questions will
be revealed by practicing, not by talking. Let’s get this straight. A teacher’s job is to show you an idea. The student’s job is to take that idea and
then go practice and explore it. If something’s not working, or if something
is discovered, then you can ask a question. And that’s going to be a smart question
because it’s based on experience, not imagination. So, remember this–listen first, practice
second, question third. 5) Prepare for the Plateau. Being a white belt is the best of times and
the worst of times. It’s the worst of times because you’re
often going to feel like you’re drowning in a sea of new information. But it’s the best of times because you’re
never going to learn so much, so fast again. It’s thrilling. But at some point, you’re going to hit a
wall. You’re either going to think, “I already
know all this,” or you’re going to think, “I’m never going to get all of this.” Either way, you’re wrong. Here’s how the learning process works. Your skills make a jump… and then they plateau. Sometimes those jumps are big and dramatic,
and everyone can see it. Sometimes the jumps are very, very small and
maybe you’re the only one who notices. Sometimes your might have a couple of jumps
in the same month. Sometimes that jump might take a year. Sometimes you might think you’re actually
getting worse! But you’re not. It’s just how it goes. So, don’t give up. As long as you’re doing the work, you are
still learning… even if it doesn’t feel like it. Remember, no matter how long you’ve been
training, there is always more to learn. So, in your head, always be a white belt. That’s the secret. Think like a beginner and you’ll be a master
before you know it. Like 50 years. If you liked these tips, hit subscribe. To keep up with everything I’m doing, find
the link to sign up for my free email updates list. Until next time, go buy a notebook, then keep
fighting for a happy life.

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  1. I hate all the other videos how they explain it, because your better at explaining kicks and punches. That's why I think your the best Kung fu fighter karate 🙏

  2. I saw the thumbnail picture for this video before i saw the title and i was like why the heck is sensei wearing a WHITE BELT???

  3. ths is me….Aisha
    recently divorced due to violence frm my husbnd….my father…brother pressurise me to continu ths marraige for thier so called panchayat and jirga…..my body is realy weak
    i want to restart my life but how???
    they left many scars on my muscles bones and even on my soul

  4. Trimming nails wont be a problem for me…I’ve been biting my nails for years now as soon as they grow back i always bite them again… I’m not sure if thats a good or bad thing

  5. I'm 65yrs old and not a martial art student but your suggestions definitely helped me learn more about life. Keep up the great work

  6. I'm a full time home student with special needs.I'm mentally challenged single middle aged single man without kids.I'm both a homebody and introvert.I don't like loud places at all.I like quiet and peaceful places.I don't like crowded places at all.I learn new things better at home in public places.I rather use free online karate videos at home to learn new karate moves than than take regular karate classes in public places any day.I have got adult A.D.D.

  7. Thank u Sensei Ando,, I now learn how to value the time to be in the class the respect and not just "martial arts" but also to be neat and clean,…

  8. OK here is an obvious question I have always wanted to know with so many pairs of bare feet walking on the same surface how does the dojo deal with foot fungus and or nail fungus

    What if a student has a few toenails which are thick and yellow

  9. I'm debating whether or not to join see the thing is I have some extreme anxiety and I feel like I won't fit in and look like a fool

  10. I like what you said about the plateau and how the learning process works. It's so true that we see those sudden jumps only after a long time being "the same." Too many people say the same thing, that things start to click and come together. Your brain is always working, even if you can't sense it at the time.

  11. Helpful. I'm going to be taking a martial arts class the summer of the time this comment this was posted.

  12. Immediately reminded of that guy who was always about ten minutes late. Shows why he never got past yellow…

    Nice yin yang Gi by the way.

  13. I would up-vote this video 100 times, and keep doing it, if I could!
    To all beginners; This is GOLD!
    Belive me: This info will save you from a lot of frustration down the road and ease your studying.

    Sensei Ando, as a Martial Artist, you have my utter respect.

  14. Practiced kyokushin for the last 10 years and I just started up taekwondo classes today to broaden my spectrum. Great advice full of useful info!! Definitely going to be bringing a notebook to every class now. Love your channel.

  15. Is Taekwondo quite different to Karate? Im tempted to enroll on a Taekwondo Gym near me. 🙂 havent found a Karate Gym which i first started on a long time ago during my childhood.

  16. Well…… I want to ask for an advice, how can we balance both our study and martial arts. Sometimes because of martial arts I dont do great in studies and sometimes because of studies I get worst in martial arts. And second thing my school doesn't give a martial arts classes, I do it alone at home…😅😅😅

  17. I'm amazed how many people turn up late. But then when your instructor also turns up late, I guess this trickles down to the students :/

  18. Oh snap. I've been a member of a dojo for over 2 years now, and for the first year and a half was attending every single day every class I could, working out and learning and practicing etc. Then I hit the wall- I knew most of the drills that we were going to be doing, I knew what I was good and bad at, and I reasonably knew my limits and abilities, so I got bored. When I was bored attendance dropped dramatically. Tonight was the first night of me coming in in well over 3 months, and I learned how much my body had degraded in the time away: technique was still there, but the cardiovascular fitness to keep my breath and stay active for longer just wasn't there at all.

    This video helped out amazingly with point number 5. I think it may be a while before I stop attending again.

  19. I need replys to this , ok ???
    I am in India and wanna learn martial arts at state then national and international level…
    What should I do …. HELP , PLEASE

  20. "You're never going to learn so much, so fast again [as a white belt]."
    I have to disagree… some classes in my graduate courses were DEEEEEEEENSEEEE. I was lucky to still be able to pull all-nighters (out of necessity, believe it or not), but after the exam I crashed and got sick for three days.
    FUN TIMES… not…
    Anyway. Thank you for the tips. I'll have to get those baby wipes…and wash my shoes…

  21. Mr. Ando , I'm 50 yrs old so could I train enough to protect myself within 6 months if I train like 3 days a week or do I need more days?

  22. Hey Ano, I am 12 and I am overweight should i lose weight and then go to martial arts or just go for it because i can barely do a pushup

  23. To change my laziness also with a great interest ,recently with my friends, I joined in a nearby shotokan karate academy .Now i feel I'm not strong enough to withstand the flow and speed along with them.please make a video about basic strengthening and speed techniques that gradually make me adaptive in the upcoming classes.

  24. It's more "5 things to get your teacher happy with you" ; Or "5 tips to be my perfect student" :
    – Be clean
    – Be on time
    – Take notes
    – Hold your questions, …
    – First you'll progress fast and easily motivated cauz' it's new. Then you'll have to train steadily.

    I mean it's parental basic education tips for teenagers. Not that all of this is wrong. But come on, a martial art tips video that asks you to take a shower before coming in class ?…

    It's like you were so pissed off to smell your students shoes than you decide not only to write down your "5 dojo rules" uppercase on the door, but also a fr***king youtube video. I almost imagine a giant TV-screen on the wall during your class, endlessly reminding them to salt their toes.

  25. Youre an idiot.stinky breath is a fantastic self defence.

    Sadly most instructors cant teach ANYTHING more than basics.

    I have list count of the times teachers say karate is japanese(which its not) or cant teach correct bunkai or even worse only one bunkai.

    Telling students a black belt is IT.
    NOT telli g begginners that a black belt is only the begginning for a serious student.

    My teacher is a 6th dan and he STILL has his teacher

  26. THIS HELPS SOOO MUCH!!!! Because this Sunday I’m going to be a new student in Karate and I’m a little nervous 😬

  27. Besides punctuaility dedication,determination,dicipline, hard practice & commitment all factor's are considered equally towards better result I personally believe & feel

  28. Sir I am from India and I want to learn marital arts but the where I live no-one teaches Martial arts, hence I request you to please teach Martial arts online🙏🙏

  29. I know this is a older video. But does anyone had any advise to prepare to return the sport after 8 years? Like I am? 😂

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