5 Batman Weapons in REAL LIFE

one of what up is Chad wild clay in my last ninja weapons video a ton of you guys commented below to do Batman weapons holy cow with so many of you so let’s go buy some Batman gadgets and test them out on some fruit and soda and the first weapon we have gotta test out is the batarang it has got to be one of Batman’s popular weapons we see it being used in nearly every Batman movie and Batman TV show got to check out Karatemart of course because they always have every ninja weapon I need and of course they do have the steel blue bat throwers for 1495 if you are into bat themed weapons then the steel blue bat throwers should be number one on your list oh these are cool bat wing bat throwers three bat shaped throwing stars for your nighttime adventures all right well let’s buy these and let’s go have some daytime adventures then the batarangs have arrived let’s check these babies out okay it comes with a nice little pouch here and little straps I can put this on my belt and I can open it up and pull out my Batarang looks like there’s three little pockets nice look at this oh that is sharp I just like poked my hand right here opening those up ow yeah these will definitely do an amazing job got like razor sharp edges right here this is really nice check this out it’s like a brushed chrome but a really dark shiny blue stainless steel nice let’s open up the other box and here’s the blue wing just blue wings bat throwers here it is nice I like that blue design on there that’s cool they’re both about the same width both of these have very sharp edges here both are going to do an amazing job of destroying some emoji water balloons that’ll be fun but before I do that I need to become Batman I think I found the holy grail of costumes here this is Halloween costumes dot com and I found the adult deluxe Dark Knight Batman – I’m going to look exactly like Batman in this outfit I am going to upgrade with a deluxe Batman mask let’s order both of these things right now through and the Batman costume has arrived let’s check this out and see that man deluxe mask first let’s check out the mask why not this is like a very thick rubber but very kind of stretchy – couple velcro straps in the back and here’s the indeed Lux Dark Knight Batman costume and it looks really sweet it’s got like like a hard chest plate here for me very very lightweight but it’s going to give me a very muscular look really cool kind of texture stretchy material down here below for the legs and it came with a cape and a belt right in ha I have Batman raaah alright I got my buddy Justin behind the camera what do you think are Batman’s number one most used weapons the bat boomerang you got it yeah check that baby out yeah razor-sharp edges so I’ve got these blue Batarang just like throwing ninja star and I’ve got the black ones nice well why don’t we stuff some enemies and knock them out huh nice The Joker doesn’t stand a chance against Batman bat array Oh alright let’s get these jokers oh that was the melt my blue one we’re going to the black one this time Oh the Joker’s got a strong base huh I think I need Catwoman’s help let’s go get her and the next Batman weapon we will be testing out is not the thumbs up although if you do want hit the thumbs up down below underneath this video I would greatly appreciate that that we know that you guys want me to continue doing these weapons videos so these are hitting the thumbs up but for real the next weapon is catwoman’s with Catwoman wield the bull whip uses it to whip and attack her opponent so hardest lady or take-homes less than 300 your ever paid but you can also use it as a grappling hook to grab objects or ledges and then she can swing from them so let’s jump online and see if we can find a Catwoman bullwhip here we go this is perfect leather bullwhip only $5.95 nice if you’re looking for a good quality whip made from genuine leather look no further than the leather bull with the black braiding of this whip and it’s studded handle make for an intense whipping experience alright let’s buy this thing dude oh let’s check this thing out oh wow okay so it’s got a very sturdy handle here starts out thick then goes down thinner and thinner and thinner how long is this thing this is probably my goodness 10 feet long and then it comes to the very tail here it’s got a little red string I go so I’ve actually never used a whip before this is going to be very interesting but wait a second Batman doesn’t use a whip that’s Catwoman job think we have clay Catwoman I think I have an idea but first back to Halloween costumes dot com we’ve got the girls deluxe Catwoman costume yes Vy is so small she’s going to wear a girl’s costume that will work just great for her $39.99 the Catwoman costume has arrived check this baby out you know what I can’t put this thing on myself can I have no I won’t fit into this why don’t we just get Vy into this thing I don’t see how it looks where’s catwoman oh darn girl you know good well phone bet me I do one darn girl so that may sound like that darn girl much better you looking good it Catwoman outfit I know all right dude do you know what cat woman’s weapon is what the whip let’s go get the whip here you go Catwoman don’t whip me I’m not into that messy and stuff I’m going to take this off – I can’t breathe I can’t take this off too, alright what comes out yeah no I’m keeping it with it with it good with it good whoa what you got to do is you gotta crack the whip. whooo do you hear that? yourself in the face what do you think we could destroy with this whip maybe maybe a water balloon oh yeah yeah harder faster Batman sir Oh Joker’s looks fair whipping it so it’s so hard all right these jokers are not going to bust with Catwoman’s whip so we’re gonna have to go inside and get another weapon to beat these guys if you guys want to hang out with me before every video make sure to go down below turn on that Bell symbol because I hang out with you guys during a livestream before most every upload and I hang out with you in the comment section during the first 30 minutes of every upload so make sure that bell symbol is not just black but also black with the ringing bells on it the next weapon we’ll be testing out is Batman’s gauntlets Batman’s gauntlets protect his arm between his wrist in his elbow and also serve as weapons because they have sharp edged spikes on them that dig into the sides of buildings can block knives or sort attack and it can be used as an offensive weapon against it so let’s jump online and see if I can find some gauntlets for my arm here we go combat armed gauntlets for 2795 this set of two combat arm gauntlets features vinyl construction and a reinforced stripped of three sharpened blades running along the outside of each forearm this looks perfect let’s buy these things gauntlet let’s check these out open these up I’ve got two of them wrapped in plastic ooh these look nice we’ve got the blades protected by the cardboard here that’s pretty smart these cardboard off of there let’s just take a look at one at a time here wow these are cool oh so so those are the metal blades this is going to go on my arm and it has some straps here and it also has some metal plates here too like right here our metal plates to protect my arm of sort attacks so let’s put one of these on my arm yeah got my gauntlet on geez these are cool man check these out I’m gonna be sliced into some fruit with these blades and I’m going to be blocking some sort of tax I come this way like this I got metal walking mechanism on here yeah I’m digging these things look cool let’s go outside and destroy some fruit oh now we have the Batman gauntlet take Catwoman or must it be now if it smells out if you want you want to push me with these balls pretty sharp so the red pepper at him bring it on Catwoman I can’t see anything at this time is going to Joker’s gonna happy for me I can’t the Joker is red the next Batman gadget we will be testing out is actually a weapon used by one of his greatest foes the Joker and his Joker cane sword you often see the Joker walking with a walking stick or a walking cane but that cane turns into a very sharp and deadly sword to attack batman with so let’s jump online and see if we can find a cane that turns into a sword here we go perfect travellers cane sword for $29.99 this travelers cane sword is a great option for those that want a discrete yet practical self-defense system by combining the walking stick sword and bludgeon weapon together you can feel safe from camping hiking or simply strolling down the street oh yeah this thing looks perfect let’s get the travelers cane sword and look what came in the mail today I think we know what’s going to be in here let’s just open it up and take a look there we go yep this definitely looks like a walking stick or a cane has a ball at the top here for grabbing with your hand has a little bit of a grip handle here and then just a plain old metal cane with a rubber end down here nothing nothing to be concerned about right just a plain old cane that I can walk around with but wait wait a second what is going on here what is this Oh wood that is a sword inside of a cane look at this thing yeah that is kind of sharp there isn’t it this is cool man yeah so you can be walking around with this nobody would know that you are just walking with a plain old sword inside of your walking stick let’s put it back together so no one knows what we’re doing when we’re outside and let’s go chop up some fruit hey Catwoman did you know Batman walked with a cane anything good yeah when he retires it is old gosh this is Joker’s weapon right here the walking the walking cane do you want with it and it’s a cane that’s the weapon I feel get that something else all right I just don’t trust you yeah let’s see let’s see let’s see if it does something else are a little silver things here you’re prepped in like so and then you just pull it out like so and it is a door Shaq example see oh I thought she’d scream her flinching one thing her no yeah I’m sure you could probably open it kind of sharp at the top definitely hurt somebody but yeah dazzling hurts approved hey I just realized at the bottom of the came can be a walker okay now now guys so the very foam at you and you can use the bottom at like a point if you will so that’s like something that you hit with a hammer so you could go boom like that but we’re going to use the sword and I think we should try to destroy some fruits with this actually I think she try to distort some soda with this what do you think let’s destroy some soda that was cool well wrong like a rocket ship alright let’s go back inside and the next weapon we will be testing out is the weapon of a friend of Batman Nightwing and his Escrima sticks they are a pair of specialized batons wired with tasers which made them electrified and are used for most most Nightwing’s combat now I’m not going to bother with buying any electrified excreme’ sticks because electricity is not going to really do much against fruit but I am going to buy Escrima sticks that have a little extra special feature in them so let’s go take a look oh yeah here we go the expandable metal grip baton 26 inches for $21.95 so these are going to start out small and then expand into a larger baton these are going to be really cool to use now before I buy these I also well I’m going to buy them but I’m also going to buy something to practice with because I don’t want to get injured practicing with these things so I’m going to buy some foam Escrima sticks and these are only $9.95 so we get a pair of these and these are going to be a foam rubber so if we hit ourselves no big deal we will be saved so let’s buy both of these weapons just good first we have v-fold Escrima sticks there we go these things are actually a lot bigger than I thought they would be they got a cool golden dragon printed on them here and look how big these are and they made out of foam so if you hit yourself not a big deal you’re not going to get to her great for practicing swinging these babies around now let’s check out the real Escrima sticks here are the real discriminative law enforcement self defense and security let’s check these out or whole look at that that’s this is pretty heavy-duty cold metal what’s inside here oh yeah we’ve got a cool a holder for this so put that right there and it’ll go right on my belt very cool I got both my Escrima stick skin there belt holder here so if I’m out and about and an enemy comes after me I pull these out of my belt and now with a flick of a wrist you should expand I’ve never trust before let’s give it a shot oh that was cool wow these are long to check out how long these are yeah nothing’s going to hurt these things but these things just definitely hurt some fruit so let’s take these outside and give them a test hey Catwoman I got my Escrima sticks here you can ask Emma e-s-c-r-i-m-a now I can block your your attack with my my gauntlets here boom oh that makes like a metal down here that they worked really well it doesn’t even hurt you look so bad at me when I kick you yeah this what’s the kick you’re supposed to let me win all right now these are the practice obscure mistake okay let’s go get the real Escrima sticks now for the real Escrima sticks like make me muses I can pull them right out on my belt just like so well they look so small hold out there Oh pretty cool huh I gotta be careful with these these are a hard metal these will definitely destroy some fruit and other things pretty heavy yeah now I can block with my metal gauntlet yeah you hear that check this out I can actually like hook it with my gauntlet right here and I can this will arm you now I got it for myself whoa oh my gosh bring out my eyes whether you’re holding your eyes is there like this moving stick to the foam for this one guys yeah so what can we destroy with this definitely can prove watermelon let’s go destroy some stuff get ready to cry watermelon Joker the watermelon has been a chance against these scream of sticks look at us that was right in half pretty perfect it’s so fun that I’ve come out it’s just too much fun to whip out ah if you guys want any of the weapons or any of the costumes used in this video check out the links down below to where to get those the costumes I got from Halloween costumes dot com thank you so much you guys you have awesome costumes definitely gonna be using them a lot more in future videos and of course thanks to karate mart dot com for providing the weapons like they always do if you guys want to use a 10% off coupon code on their website type in wildclay during checkout and receive 10% off your order so down below links to everything that I used in the video please give this video a thumbs up and if you haven’t seen this video here definitely check it out if you’re not subscribed check out this right here Thank You Vy for helping out on this video she has an awesome channel of her own check this video out because it’s amazing and I’ll see you guys real soon with a brand new video and comment below what you want to see me do next

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