4 Fighting Tips | Shaolin Kung Fu

Hi. I’m Sifu Romane and this is Shaolin fighting
tips. The first tip that I can give you on fighting
is whoever controls the distance controls the fight. This is really important to understand. Basic, basic concept. If he’s a strong puncher, I can use my foot
to keep him away from me. If he’s a strong kicker, I obviously need
to come inside where I can use my hand skills. If he’s a strong puncher, the other thing
I can do is come inside the grappling. That will also eliminate his punches, as well. Another fight tip that we use for Kung Fu
in particular is using our contact reflexes. This is important because this range is what
we call immobilization range, and it’s one of the things that makes Kung Fu unique. So as soon as
we make contact, we know exactly where he is. You don’t even necessarily see him to know
what to do. The other thing is, if I
come inside here, I can automatically pin his arms against his body, and that’s what
we mean by using your contact reflexes. I’m Sifu Romane, and these are some Shaolin
fighting tips.

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  2. how to win to funning to lost to win real love her to another and right real to fight and this to saving one time all time to right real don't fear

  3. I would like to know what kind of kung fu ?we have to do if with several years we can become kungfu master the kung fu where u can defend urself

  4. If you're trying to hurt someone try learning krav marga, do not disrespect this sacred art. Kungfu is not about fighting, Kungfu is about making peace within your mind and with your enemies. These guys cannot teach you the true Kungfu

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