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– Black belt is the belt of having a firm, solid grip on your basics. Mr. Dean has come a long way. I like his progression. When he came to me he already had that smooth fluidity that you see in his game, so that was not something I gave him, that was something he had. But he polished that and became the practitioner that he has as well as the instructor that he has, that he has become. And I’m very proud of
what he has accomplished. And very, very excited for this test because he will be my second third degree black belt. Nice, again. Push him, TJ, push him. Very nice. (everyone applauds) (mumbles) (mumbles) (everyone applauds) (everyone applauds) Time. (everyone applauds) Thank you, one more please. (everyone applauds) When you wear a brown belt or a black belt and you start doing seminars people will test your
abilities and your mindset, so it’s very, very important that you have your school repeatable skill sets. That’s why he’s just so diffluent. Very nice. (everyone applauds) Tap. (everyone applauds) Okay, good. The impression that my professor
used in Gracie left on me, his style of Jujitsu is very
different from everybody else, it was a, he could turn
it up if he wanted to but he could also play with you, but then when he would turn it up it felt like a 400 pound
mind reading boa constrictor, and that made an impression on me and so I started to try and emulate that. (everyone applauds) Hey, you can’t use my
own stuff against me. (people laughing) (grunts) (everyone applauds) (grunts) (everyone applauds) (people laughing) (everyone applauds) (light music) Award you the third stripe. (everyone applauds)

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  1. Well at 76 years of age and 60 years of my life being a martial artist, let me be the first to say this is still judo derive from the Japanese, as time goes on we all learn we better ourselves but the art is still judo on the ground. True jujitsu is the throwing and breaking of bones ,extreme speed in striking and then breaking of joints and choking, but we must give it to the Gracies they brought it up to another level.

  2. Respect for fighting himself as a purple belt! Lol awesome JJ displayed here. Thanks for putting this out here

  3. Awesome rolling, awesome practitioners and awesome exam! Only thing I don't like is all the lapel controls where they wrap it around and behind and any way that is possible, but that is just me. I much prefer No Gi and no gi submissions etc, that even in my gi training I use only no gi grips and submissions.

    But this was fantastic to watch!

  4. The true masters work that slow, controlling style where nothing happens quickly, but their defense in impregnable and it is just a matter of time before your position is lost.

  5. I didn't even have to start watching the video, just needed to read the title to know I was gonna feel tired after watching this

  6. Just out of curiosity, are there any holds barred in exams, or perhaps just frowned upon? I ask because against that last brown belt I saw several instances where the guy was so focused on other stuff that Roy could have just wrapped up the leg right by his face and gone for a nice and nasty ankle lock.

  7. Sensei went easy on him at the end, but understandably so, this takes some amazing cardio fitness…not easy to roll back to back like this!! Well done, great video!

  8. I love how respectfull and friendly people in the Bjj community are, my best regards, from a boxer??

  9. Quite the challenge. After so many rounds grappling the big guy, you gotta be spent at that point, yet he persisted, followed through all the way to the end. Very good.

  10. me: Wait is this just this black belt rolling with all of the students….{Looks at time of video}. I ain't watching that! I don't have time nor do I want to watch this one guy roll with everyone for 18 mins! I have better things to do
    Also me: {18:24 later after numerous stops rewinds and watching again of certain techniques} That was great, I wonder if there are any other gauntlet videos like this….

  11. That was an amazing test! Also his Sensei was older and it was unreal how he controlled him, but even more unbelievable was the students ability and heart to get out of positions and capitalize! Just a pleasure to watch! Much respect to all!

  12. This is absolutely nuts! The conditioning you have to have and the shape you need to be in to do this sport is insane!

  13. I did 10 years of Jujitsu and I remember that when my technique was bad I'd sometimes force it using my strength. Of course this usually didn't work but occasionally I got them to tap lol. It was a stupid idea for the long-term, of course, because then I'd be very tired right after that. Energy conservation is important.

  14. I feel like the second guy he went against who was the black belt tapped him and then felt bad and let him tap him the second time.

  15. My instructor was a black belt at the gracie academy when Roy Harris was there. He was kicked out by Rorion. Something about filming a video in a Gracie Jiu-jitsu shirt.

  16. I love how the master went easy on him at the end, knowing he was exhausted, but still made him work a little. Did this sport for 22 years….the average person has no idea what kind of shape you have to be in to grapple at that high a level for over 20 minutes.

  17. dude this shit is extremely intense and very effective hand to hand combat situation. I'm gassed out in like the first 30 seconds

  18. So what if in real life the attacker isn’t wearing a giant robe with oversized collars to grab onto ……. then what

  19. I know that Gi Jiu-Jitsu is the proper JJI've been practicing since '98, but Nogi is so much more fun.Rolling and watching!!!

  20. This is awesome to see a professor that isn’t afraid to have his student tap him in front of his academy. Very humbling and awesome display of Jiu Jitsu.

  21. Gi or no gi.. well here's my opinion, if your gonna take ju jitsu for self defense I say 10000000% no go. Bcz the gi is used to aid you in almost everything.. so if yr on in public and you get into a fight and rely on yr training yr gonna have some issues in that there is no nice thick sleeves.. no thick collar to help you.. but will still have a massive massive advantages just by what you have learned in rolling in class. Either way.. ju jitsu takes years and years of practice n learning so why invest all that time n money and end up being half cocked if something really go's down out in the street? And.. I'll say if u just want to learn.. n have no plan to ever use it in a real life situation.. u just wanna learn and maybe compete in matches by all means learning with the gi is 100000% for you! I'm just saying.. it's like carrying a gun without any rounds in it… you'll have the gun on you but it won't do ya much good if you get into a situation in public… u can pull it out n pinot it at the person.. n hopefully they run.. or they might pull 1 of n call yr bluff!

  22. Awesome vid. What's great about it is the instructor. Some teachers have too much pride to post a loss against his student. But this guy displayed humility

  23. I wouldn't mind learning some Bjj but i rather keep the fight standing. Too many factors and dangers involved. Multiple opponents, weapons, glass on the ground and God knows what else is on the concrete.

  24. The boss was easy (my humble view), everybody was breathing from their asses (including the black belt boy) but the boss man… such an enourmous power… i guess he was a little easy with his student not to break the bones! Man he does not need to get to neck, he can choke from anywhere !!!

  25. Thank you so much for this video ! 😀

    I was hesitating if I should learn BJJ but this definitely helped with my desicion! 😀 Thanks.

    You also have an amazing teacher, he is like an immovable massive rock-solid mountain that you truly must climb!

  26. 14:16 I know the feeling lol. Beside those kind of instructors burn your energy and breath with just being on top

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