3 Most Dangerous Bruce Lee Fighting Techniques

– Are you a fan of Bruce Lee? Do you want to know his three most dangerous fighting techniques? I have my Shifu, the Octavio, joining us martial artist for 26 years in JKD, Bruce Lee’s martial art
for 20 years as well. (upbeat music) – So Shifu, what’s the first technique that you’re gonna show us? The first most dangerous technique? – Alright, dangerous
technique, or dangerous weapon would be the finger jab, to be honest. Right? Take the eye out and something’s gonna happen
to the opponent right? So it’s a matter of him moving towards me, and I’m gonna go right into it. There’s no reason for me to wait. The art’s very offensive, so he comes in, I’m gonna blast it right through and continue on my onslaught. – And we are connecting
with, what’s the proper way of holding the fingers? – To brace it, especially if
I’m hitting this for training, you wanna keep your fingers together. So if it’s here, you’ll see it, if I’m striking right to the
lens, that’s how braced it is. So if you leave it open,
that’s for another way. – So it’s these three parts,
right? Not just one finger? – No, right.
– Not just the index finger. – No, you can do it here, really tight. Brace the fingers together
because if you hit the skull you end up probably
breaking your own fingers. But this would be a perfect eye jab. – Now it’s not a flick.
– No. – It’s not a flick right?
– No, no. You got the thrust like it’s a spear. Even if his hands were up,
right? If your hands were up I’m gonna go right through it. Even if you were striking at
me, I’m gonna still go for it and this is a longer weapon than his arm. Just depends on what kind of opponent. But even then, I can be able,
as soon as he throws a punch I’m gonna go this side,
he throws the other one, I’m still gonna go inside. So yeah, absolutely, you
don’t wanna ever take or wait, you know as soon as he moves, that’s your queue to attack. – You can see just the power right? Yep, it hurts. You can see that. So first dangerous technique,
very dangerous, finger jab. The second most dangerous
Bruce Lee technique? – A very famous kick is the shin kick. He steps in, it’s a
matter of hitting here. Now normally if he’s stepping in, he’s throwing a rear punch
or a punch at the same time, the idea is the effect
that it’s gonna take. As soon as you hit the guy,
that’s what’s happening. – Yeah he’s open. – And then from this
point on, my follow up, as soon as this is still
going, this way see? This is gonna hit right into the head. And for, just for the motion, he comes in. Can you imagine if you can be
that quick, you don’t wait. He moves in, I hit, I
end up back to this now. – That’s right. The third
most dangerous technique is? The groin kick. – Straight kick yeah. So I
mean, at any point in time he steps towards me, I
still go for the foreleg. There’s no, again, I always
say this, do not wait. He comes in, it’s a matter
of just hitting the groin, just quick enough to get him to hunch over and he hunches over, at this point you can take advantage of this. Or he hunches over, you
can take advantage of that. Or, again his hands are up,
and he’s ready to smack again, and still gonna hit towards the head. – This is not what you
see in Bruce Lee’s movies the Flying Kick. Very dangerous. Practice
safely. So there you go. That’s the three most
dangerous fighting techniques that Bruce Lee has in his art. You’re all set to go.

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  2. A jkd vid after so long. So happy to see sifu octavio back. Plz tell from where cn i buy a wooden dummy. I m going into this stream professionally. I m jst a beginner

  3. Thank you for making this video. I enjoyed how you ask specific questions the execution of these methods.

  4. Wow… making this JKD video in a NEW place makes me guess that you guys will continue making more martial art videos especially JKD!
    Go on ✊

  5. Yess yess good good you made ur point sr dont take advice from broke people, thank u for bringing in the master?

  6. thanks again i wish i could talk to you we have so much in common the onlyproblem is im in a 3rd world country

  7. Extremely happy and excited to see you and Sifu Octavio together.
    Mr. Dan looks happy and slimmer and Mr. Octavio looks excited and fairer.
    Cannot wait for the next JKD video!
    As always, thank you so much for the great content!

  8. hi dan good video mr octavio awesome skills. I was wondering when you guys were gonna do another it just motivated me to go and train thanks guys

  9. Great video! This guy is scary fast. Great tip on the follow up back fist after the shin kick. Always about the next motion. Flow with it!

  10. Great video with your Sifu. I enjoy watching your Sifu explain things, it reminds me of the old Bruce Lee films he did where he explained his techniques. The great thing about Bruce Lee is his philosophy along with his MA abilities, techniques and training. He was always like water and adapting. Absorbing new things, then using what he can from the various training that he did from studding with Ip Man (Yip Man) along with Ed Parker (Father of American Kenpo Karate) to Fencing, to Boxing. You can see so much of Bruce Lee's Genius in Jeet June Do. I have been involved in Martial Arts since i was a kid, and I have learned so much from Bruce Lee's teachings.
    I see a bit of Bruce Lee when i was watching your Sifu move and explain things. Its a natural flow in his movement. I noticed that the attacker was doing something many fighters do which is the worst. When he went to punch he pulled back and then came forward with his much. This made him telegraph his shots along with also loosing power by pulling back then going forward. He should have moved forward without cocking back. But its something i've also dealt with on the street too when having to deal with a situation.
    Alot of fighters develop that habit and do certain things before they attack telegraphing their next moves.
    I enjoyed the 3 techniques and think they are very affective when used.
    The best test for your metal in your style is in real life. I've been in many tournaments when younger but i learned nothing tests you like real life when being attacked. The funny things is when ever i was put in a situation i always just reacted and it just flowed out of me. One time my friends where there and they said it was like watching a movie. They came and they were taken down in seconds. But i guess thats the true goal "No Mind" where we just reacted and are able to take care of business.
    I would def call you the Sifu of Business. You've mastered the art and keep it evolving to the next level. I haven't seen many of your MA related videos but the ones i have i do enjoy. Thank you for the post and please tell your Sifu I said thank you for the demo too. Top Shelf A++

  11. Also, Bruce Lee was def. one of the best Martial Artists that ever lived. Even though he was a short time with us i think his philosophy, training and ideas will continue to educate others on life. I don't think it was just for martial arts because if you really take the time to listen to what he had to say its about how to be successful in life in mind, body and soul. So he took Martial Arts to its true goal in mastering life from the inside out and being a success in what ever you do. People many times equate MA to just fighting but if people take the time to look a bit more, they realize its a life encompassing endeavor.

    I think as part of peoples training they should read great books like Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching (A Taoist way of viewing things), Miyamoto Musashi's Go Rin No Sho – The Book of Five Rings (an amazing book on Kenjitsu (am amazing MA to practice if you have the chance)), Sun Tzu's The Art of War (Amazing Military philosophy), Wei Liaozi, The 48 Laws of Power, The Alchemist and there are so many more. I think that a true master in life is also a Warrior that is always forging his metal in the fire of life. Which makes them into a more greater person and more successful in anything they do.

  12. I'm joining a Jun Fan JKD class sometime this month. Is there anything that I should know? (Or tips or something like that.)

  13. you need to stay lousse and ready, do it gracefully. if you let fear or anger penetrate your heart that s it … just give up and go home

  14. His body mechanics are so close to Bruce lees its eerie to watch.. think of all those imitators in kung fu movies how many?..none of them moved anything like him….this is impressive. Its scary.

  15. Good stuff for defence and competition, real life scenarios, I like boxing and wrestling, not gonna say I've had to assault unreasonable people, but I have, and wrestling and boxing have worked.

  16. I like things coming in threes Sifu Dan but this should be four, with the addition of the throat punch.

  17. I would love 2 learn wing chun. I wanted 2 learn it every since I found I about it I watch all movies involving tha technique, but I dnt have a skool near me . So I watch your videos 2 get kloser

  18. Finger jab .,… when can safely be acheived? I mean great tip for sure, but many hard bones on the face, last thing you want is a broken finger early on. Dont want one at all. Just saying trying to understand the fingerjab & when its appropriate to use it.. But like you said if fingers are tight together ,more stabil. Sorry for dumb question,just trying to understand. –

  19. Thank you for returning to the teacher, including the student. very good techniques. It looks very effective. Stay that way. Good Life. regards

  20. ?Dan, Is workout or these stuff are helping with the way to the succes
    ?A lot of succesful people are doing workout, so. is it important

  21. Very nice video. Quick and informative. And your sifu put on an excellent display. Thank you very much Mr. Lok!

  22. This is exactly why I don't understand why all these MMA junkies try to discredit Bruce Lee's fighting ability. Are people so stupid to not realize that Bruce Lee did not train for competition, or do they not know what martial arts original intent was for? It's SELF-defense. It is someone attacking you, and you are trained to respond to it, as quickly, and fast as possible, to cripple, blind, and maim your attacker. You cannot finger jab, kick to the groin, in a MMA SPORT, with rules. If Bruce Lee trained for MMA, he would be very successful in his weight class.. his philosophy, and his mind, the way he was constantly evolving proves without a doubt, he would have been a force to reckon with, in the octagon, but to discredit his martial art ability, and reduce him to just an "actor" is the dumbest shit I've ever heard.

  23. In a fight, there are no rules. Attacking your opponents weaknesses and limitations is everyone's weapon and it would be foolish not to practice, in fighting and life.

  24. Nice SIFU. Finger Jab ( like a spear) (don't wait), Shin Kick (steps in), Groin Kick (steps in) (don't wait)

  25. Impressive and effective. However, in real Life situations it's not always suitable. In case of a really clear situation that's a good solution. Speed and non-telegraphic motion are the key. Good demonstration from Sifu Quintero. But situations are not always that clear. To act in this manner, it must be a life threatening situation, but often that's not evident. So judging the current situation, keeping a clear head is very important, too.

  26. whats good about this is, your trying to end the threat before it evens starts. no grappling, no bjj, just simple direct non telegraphic moves, instead of big mma fight who had biggest ego.

  27. Thank you Dan you're doing Bruce Lee a great SERVICE and.,all of us. all you guys are Super. . Cheers all
    Keep on flowing Dan.
    .. JKD. ..

  28. Sir, I wanna ask that how to take a mad street fighter who Rapidly attacking on us , I think you wanna make a video on it. Thanks.

  29. Bruce Lee is why I started Martial Arts in 1982. He will always be my hero. It's so cool to see his principles taught effectively today, especially the economy of motion. Excellent video, thank you.

  30. All these videos teaching stuff it takes a lot of practice on some. Don't watch a video & get into a fight & get your azz handed to you.

  31. Yes the finger jab is good to use, But! The eyes is such a small target and it's very hard to hit in a real street fight for most untrained people.

  32. I have less experience than these guys. What I have witnessed would discourage hitting with a closed fist. Once the hand is broken it becomes unusable as a weapon. Would like to have Dan address this.

  33. If he moves towards you the intercepting kick would be #1, but I learned that from bruce. I dont know much

  34. Yes. More raw than MMA. Why? Because it is a street fight and there is no such thing as unfair techniques in a street fight. Bite when you need to, gouge out eyes if you need to, punch their nuts if you need to, break their ankle if you need to, snap fingers if you need to and use surrounding weapons if you need to. The only problem is sparring like this leads to serious serious injury and cannot be replicated.

  35. Sir i am the big fan of bruce please this is my request to make a video of kung fu or all chops and also karate and please give training online on youtube. I am also big fan of you

  36. Mr. Lok with regard to the shin kick, is it also most likely to damage an attackers knee that is leaves the attacker incapacitated ? In my 20,s I practiced martial arts for 6 yrs. I am 60 now still in good physical form, to being older I want to stop the attack before it goes any further… I believe this shin kick would be good to stop an attack from getting worse…? Your suggestions would be greatly appreciated ….

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