3 Karate Throws For Strikers & Stand-Up Fighters

– The problem with throws is that you need to get from a distance close to your opponent otherwise, it’s hard to throw them. And why would you wanna throw someone? Well maybe because they’re better than you at punching and kicking. So you need to close that distance to get them down and control them. So with me, I have my brother Oliver-san today. And he’s gonna help me demonstrate this. We got two with punching
and one with kicking. ‘Cause the idea is that
you hide your entry using either your own strikes, punches or kicks, or your opponents attacks. So number one, I’m the one attacking in
order to get in and throw. Starting from a left, left position. I simply step in with that
gyaku-zuki, a reverse punch high, jodan-level in Japanese. So stepping in, bam. You can start off by just doing the punch in the hands. And then like boom. One again, boom. You can do one, two as well and then go with the attack instead of pulling back the arm, I keep going. I close the gap, I bridge the gap, as I punch through. And I step behind (taps leg) my opponent. And now the next step is simple. This hand is free. If I want to I can lift
either one leg or perhaps both legs. Or no leg. Simply by doing this scissoring motion using my knee this way and my arm this way. Try to have some external rotation in your shoulder joint to make it more stable. All right one more. So you can start off with
some jabs if you want, bam, bam, step in the same motion. This hand, this arm
should be under his chin for maximum effect because the body goes where the head goes. And strive to push his
weight onto his back leg which is the pivot point as
you spin him around down. Okay? And like I said, if you wanna throw him a bit higher or with more force you can also lift a leg or both legs if possible. So that was number one. I’m using my own punch to
cover the entry for the throw. Next, I’m gonna use my opponents attack to duck under and throw instead. So we’re fighting and he throws jabs. I try to anticipate his attack. It could be a kizami-zuki or just a shorter jab. But what I do is I try to
sense when he’s jabbing and I duck in this way. Maybe he steps in. So I just duck down
and let him come to me. Or I step in but the important
thing is to change level. Okay? So you’re not going into a strike. Change level and then
simply drop your hands here. (pats legs) From here to here. Under his hips, just behind the knees. And then the next part is simply this. I push away with my legs and I pull slightly with my arms. Make sure that you’re not
in this position here. Because it’s easy for him to get me down or choke me out. Meaning your head should
be here in a tight position against his body this way, see. Water tight, air tight, nothing comes through. And then from here I simply look up, I push and I lift here down. If you’re fighting someone
who’s much bigger, much heavier or if you’re simply
weak then you could just lift and spin them around here. You don’t have to throw them in the air. But that looks cooler. Finally, instead of using
punching the third throw is against a kick. So again my opponent is the one attacking. I use his kick, his momentum to throw him. We’re gonna do the front leg
mawashi-geri here. And bam that way. So an easy way to protect yourself is to simply drop your arms
here to protect your ribs. But then, again, your
other hand drops here and goes under scooping his leg. Again, here, to catch. Now look at my own legs here. I will step behind my own
leg into what’s known as a kosa-dachi in Japanese. And in that same move, I keep going behind,
hut, and throw him down. Again. He kicks. Block is number one. Always protect yourself
before trying anything else. In Japanese we call this
“Karate Ni Sente Nashi”. The most important thing in
karate is defending yourself. Attacking is secondary. So again, Humph! This way. Block, step in, and simply tap his supporting leg. The important part is this, after you block and go
in just pull, just pull, pull, pull, pull. And he spins around. This can be done on the other side as well but now we’re just using the front leg. Finally, one more time. This way, bam, and that’s it. These are three of my favorite throws that you can use together
with punches and kicks in order to execute them
much more successfully. Because again, the hard
part about throwing is to cover this distance
without getting hit. ‘Cause it’s hard to throw from out here. And how you get closer to your opponent will dictate the success of your throw. That’s it for today. I hope you enjoy this. Train hard, good luck, and have fun.

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