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  1. Great stuff! Nice angle on the movements too, making it easy to see and to get the moves. (well… "get" might take longer 🙂
    One small issue tho >> it was a pain to scan for a specific kata's every time.
    Anyway, here's a time-reference for whoever might share my conundrum 🙂
    one small step… 2:42 – Nidan, 5:20 – Sandan…

    8:00 – Yondan
    10:55 – Godan
    13:50 – Teki Shodan
    16:40 – Bassai Dai
    20:50 – Kanku Dai
    25:05 – Enpi
    29:15 – Jion
    33:25 – Jitte
    36:50 – Hangetsu
    41:35 – Tekki Nidan
    44:15 – Bassai-Sho
    47:42 – Kanku-Sho
    51:30 – Gankaku (Ex Chinto)
    55:10 – Sochin
    58:45 – Tekki Sandan
    1:01:10 – Chinte
    1:05:17 – Ji’in
    1:08:30 – Nijushino
    1:12:05 – Meikyo
    1:15:35 – Unsu
    1:19:35 – Wankan
    1:21:55 – Gojushiho-Dai
    1:27:10 – Gojushiho-Sho

  2. This is great! Thank you. I haven't practiced karate in 8 years and I've forgotten all my kata. Now that I've taken up Tai chi, it's been a game changer to my life. I've been looking for a reference video to remind me of the moves. Arigato!

  3. kata is just an element of karate as a whole,kata is practise to develop,timing,stances,distance,focus,concentration,and endurance,in karate,there is we called sports karate,and kata competition,real fight is different and we have to understand we don't use kata but combat techniques which is also an element of karate, practising kata promotes goodmuscle memory so that in real fight it defending and striking just comes naturaly.real fight is very complicated to predict but memorizing movements helps you improve your reaction in that situation there is no winner in arguments ossu;!!!

  4. Как говорил великий мастер воздух не может дать сдачи… Да для развития координации детей не более. Занимайтесь спортом, берите лучшее из всех школ, создавайте свой стиль, под себя и удачи в бою..

  5. Ошибок много шопесдец. И качество исполнения херовое. А уж ошибки новичка – трясущиеся руки в конце траектории вообще за гранью.
    А сам мужик на Шо Косуги похож

  6. Oss
    Im a karateka from indonesia, this video helped me so much because tomorrow thre is a testfrom green to blue belt, thank you

  7. In our karate, we call Heian 'Pinan' like instead of Heian Shodan, we call it Pinan Shodan. I'm tryna learn Saishan(whatever it's called I forgot) because I'm in 1st Kyu. I like kata more than sparring because I normally get punched below my ribs(and it's painful too T~T).

  8. I did Karate when I was a kid, reached Blue belt almost brown one, and coming to try if I can recall some of this katas.

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