#19 Poomsae Taegeuk2 part 2(step by step, Mirror mode)/Taekwondo Poomsae

Hello Taekwondo learning at home I am Oh Se-yeob nice to meet you Today, Taegeuk 2 Of the 18 actions,
I’m going to practice
from the seventh to the twelfth action. Did you practice until the sixth action? Practice with me. Let’s practice until the twelfth move attention Preparations(Junbi) one two one two one two To the left, I’ll low block with the forward stance Prepare the low block with your left hand The left foot of the back Moving forward stance, “one.” Low block with forward stance, “two” Eighth action Front kick and
forward inflection stance Face punch Both hands, chest forward lightly Rear right foot, front kick one Before foot get down right hand Get your body punch ready at the waist Down the foot, , forward inflection stance and Face punch with Philtrum height two The other side will do the same right hand Get the low block ready Front right foot While moving toward the front, “one.” Loe block with forward stance. “two” Put your hands in front of your chest Rear foot, front kick. “one” Before you put your foot down,
put it on your left hand waist and Kicked left foot Face punch with forward inflection stance two next Forward, forward stance face block Prepare your left hand face block one The front left foot Forward stance face block moving forward two Finally, the twelfth action One more step forward to forward stance and One more face block Right hand in the waist, face block ready and Rear right foot,Moving to the forward stance. “one” Face block with forward stance, “two” Baro rest Let’s do it from the beginning according to the command attention Preparations one two one two one two one two one two one two Baro rest Did you follow well? Next time I’m going to practice till the last eighteen moves Just to the twelfth action After memorizing and practicing Please proceed to the next Practice

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