170/ PYONG, O JACKIE CHAN COREANO ! #OBrasilInteiroJoga

Anyoung haseyo, Pyongers.
Welcome to my channel. I’m here at the
Mestre Cho Institute, an institute for Tae Kwon Do,
a Korean martial art. I’m here to show you one of the sports to be played at the upcoming
sporting event in Rio. Tae Kwon Do is a
Korean martial art, so I decided to show to you
with Professor Fernanda. What we did at the beginning
with those crazy kicks was a formal greeting
of the Korean martial art Tae Kwon Do The professor told me that
Tae Kwon Do was considered a demonstration sport in
the 1988 Olympics Seoul, South Korea, and, therefore,
didn’t award medals. After that,
at the Barcelona Olympics, it was considered
an official Olympic sport to win medals,
and then it got serious. Today, we’re going to do
a Tae Kwon Do challenge in which the professor
will show me some moves, and I’ll try to
reproduce all of them. I’ve already done Tae Kwon Do when I was a kid, at a
Korean school where I studied. I stopped at the green belt with
a blue stripe. Now I’m gonna put it on… I wanted to wear a black one,
actually, but I can’t. The black belt is this thing here and you have to be
a great Pokémon master. So I’m going to use the one that
I stopped at, to be fair. There’s a cool way to tie it,
we’ll show you now. Before the training, we have to
do the Tae Kwon Do Student Oath and also recite
the Tenets of Tae Kwon Do. We’re gonna do it now,
because this is official. Raise your right hand. -I promise…
-I promise… To observe the tenets
of Tae Kwon Do, respect instructors
and seniors, never misuse
Tae Kwon Do, be a champion of freedom
and justice, help to build
a more peaceful world. -I swear…
-I swear… -courtesy…
-courtesy… -integrity…
-integrity… -perseverance…
-perseverance… -self-control…
-self-control… -indomitable spirit.
-indomitable spirit. Now the professor
is going to demonstrate some Tae Kwon Do techniques,
kicks, punches, and I’ll try to reproduce them, and
that is today’s video challenge. It’s not really a challenge,
but we’ll remember my good times with Tae Kwon Do
when I was a kid who… Well, I was a kid, so I think
it doesn’t really count. The first kick is
Ap Tchagui. Lift your knee as high
as you can, then extend it.
Try to hit with this part of your foot. -Oh, this here.
-Yeah. This part here. Lift and kick. Wow, your foot goes over there… -This is the basic kick.
-Go ahead. For every attacking movement,
we execute the Kihap, the shout. Kick… That’s it. I’m going to raise
it a little. He missed! Cut that part! -It’s ugly to do this, isn’t it?
-What? You can’t even do this right? -It’s ugly, right?
-Yeah. But I can’t say anything
because look… Oh, you bent over. Now let’s do the
Ap Dolio Tchagui, diagonal. Lift your knee,
except in this one you have to twist and extend.
Just a little. AHH I’M DYING… Same thing, left leg. The left leg is hard. SCREAM LIKE A MAN Push, push. Very good. Now you have to turn
backwards and push. Ok. Good. Turn around. -That’s right.
-Like this? Yeah, except you’re not going to
do the turn like this. How do I do it? Good. Let’s go. Same thing,
except turning the opposite way. Yikes! That’s it,
you just have to hit it. Try to do the
Mondolio Rurio Tchagui. Yikes.
Mondolio… Tchagui. -Mondolio Rurio Tchagui.
-Rurio Tchagui. You have to extend the same way
as in the Tuit Tchagui, except at the end, you pull. I’m telling you,
my left leg is defective. -Turn slowly…
-Turn slowly… -And then kick with the other.
-Kick with the other. Like that. You look like El Chavo. -Put this hand here.
-Like this. Then No! OOOOOOOO…!!! It was too high. But I jumped when I kicked,
that’s wrong. Turn your back
to the enemy. Now, with Daniel’s help,
I’m going to do a triple kick that she taught me… “Taught me,” because
I’m just going to try. It’s a kick where you
go “boom, boom, boom” and hit three targets in the air.
You guys are gonna see it now. These are
the last challenges. -What kind of crap was that?
-You have to kick right. Three, two, one…
One, two, three. I did it! I broke my arm.
But I did it. The final challenge here
at the Mestre Cho Institute. We’re here to finish this video
on the Korean martial art. Pyong is going to try to
kick 10 times alternating between the high kick and the torso kick,
without touching his foot to the ground. So he’s gonna try to do this. -I can do it.
-Do it. Starting, the last challenge. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine… He missed. Try again. One, two, three,
four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. I did it. AAAH I’M SO TIRED We’re done with today’s video.
Thank you very much, professor. If you liked the video,
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description for you to see it and I’m gonna put two videos
from other YouTubers that are doing this project.
Cool? Here are the 2 videos. This was professor Fernanda,
who’s been a black belt for 5 years. -What dan?
-Second dan. Second dan of the black belt,
so don’t mess with her. We would like to thank
the Mestre Cho Institute for the gym, the space,
the professor, for Tae Kwon Do, for the uniform
and for my belt that I got back the green belt with a blue stripe. That’s it. We’re gonna stay
here practicing while you guys click there
on the information or on the cards. Click on these videos. Look at my kick
the most awesome of all. That’s almost Kung Fu.

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  1. Parece uma capa de bujao essa especie d kimono coreano q a menina esta usando.kkkkkkkk
    Manda fz um p reestilizar meu bujao d gas.

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    Azul (A que eu tou)



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