#17 Face punch=얼굴지르기(Oelgul jireugi)/TAEKWONDO BASIC

Hello Taekwondo learning at home I’m oh seyeob. nice to meet you Today, we’ll learn about the Face punch Face punch in taekwondo is attacking the philtrum area The philtrum Nose and Between the upper lip Easily, the bearded man, look at the position There is a slight pit in the middle. That’s “philtrum” You can punch it In the same way as body punches Attacking positions only You can punch
it with philtrum instead of solar plexus What about how to exercise alone Look at the mirror and punch at your own philtrum height or Mark the location on the wall and practice the punch Let’s face punch attention Preparations Riding stance(Juchumseogi) Ah! Face punch one two one two Baro rest We practiced face punch Is not it difficult? But just practice! Please Practice

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