16 Things You Didn’t Know About BRUCE LEE!

16 Things You Didn’t Know About Bruce Lee! 16. By Any Other Name? Bruce Lee was born November 27, 1940 in Chinatown,
San Francisco in the Year of the Dragon at the Hour of the Dragon (6:00 am to 8:00 am). At the Chinese Hospital where he was born,
he was given the name “Bruce” by the doctor, Mary Glover. But the name his parents gave him was Lee
Jun Fan which means “return again.” His parents returned to Hong Kong when Bruce
was just three months old and Lee’s mother thought he would go back to the US one day
so she chose this predictive name. However, this wasn’t the first name Lee’s
mother had given young Bruce. She first called him Sai-fon which means “small
Phoenix.” 15. Bruce Weed? Bruce Lee only had only one formal instructor
in Wing Chun, a Chinese martial art, when he was 13 to 18. His instructor, Yip Man, was known to use
opium regularly and one student claimed he used his school’s tuition money to support
his habit. Bruce later adapted the Wing Chun he had learned
from Man into what he called “Bruce Lee’s Kung Fu” or “Style of No Style,” considered
by many to be the beginning of Mixed Martial Arts. Dana White of the UFC called Lee “the father
of MMC.” Lee’s most famous philosophical quote to
“be like water” came directly from Yip Man’s teaching of the art of detachment. Lee was never known to use opium to detach
himself but he was reported to use cannabis, specifically edibles, and a small amount was
found in his stomach during his autopsy. However, doctors never linked the cannabis
to his death, instead blaming it on a bad reaction to pain medication. 14. Lee’s Earliest Work
Movies and acting were in Lee’s blood from a very young age. He appeared in over 30 films with the earliest,
Golden Gate Girl, in 1941 at just 3 months old. The film was directed by the first Chinese
female director, Esther Eng, and Kuan Man-Ching who were friends with Bruce’s father, a
noted opera singer. Esther used Bruce as a stand in for baby girl
for just a few seconds. However, his name was not listed in the credits. 13. Cha-Cha Ching
In addition to being a master martial artist, Bruce Lee was also an award-winning cha-cha
dancer. Initially to gain the attention of a girl,
Lee started lessons and soon realized how much the footwork practice could help his
fighting. When he left Hong Kong at 18 and made his
way to America on an 18-day steamer trip, he made extra money teaching other passengers
how to dance. He arrived to San Francisco with $115 in his
pocket. It was during this same trip that Lee practiced
his English with fellow travelers, embraced his American-given name, and shed his Chinese
name, Lee Jun Fan. 12. Average Student
He attended Edison Technical School in Seattle and then the University of Washington there
in 1962 (with a low GPA of 1.84) where he took philosophy and drama classes. He even only received a C in gymnastics! He wasn’t paying attention to school while
he attended. Instead he was focused on opening his kung
fu studios in Seattle and Oakland. He was also writing his first book then, “Chinese
Gung Fu: The Philosophical Art of Self-Defense.” Despite being an average student, Lee spoke
English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Japanese. In fact, his good English helped him to get
the role of Kato in The Green Hornet in 1966. Lee said that it was because he was one of
the only Asian actors who could correctly pronounce the lead character’s name, Britt
Reid, that he got the part. 11. Health
With a body as fit and tight as Bruce Lee’s, you would never suspect that he wasn’t a
perfect specimen of health. Surprisingly, he was administered an exam
by the US Army Draft in 1963 and he failed! His eyesight was not good as evidenced by
photos of him behind the camera with big Coke-bottle glasses. He also wore contacts, which back then, were
probably especially brutal on the eyes. Then in 1970, Lee suffered a back injury that
almost kept him from continuing his martial arts. He was attempting to do a “good-morning,”
a move that requires holding a barbell across the back shoulders while bending over keeping
the back straight and knees slightly bent. 10. Way of the Cat
A lot of people want to know why the cat was featured so prominently in the fight scene
in Way of the Dragon between Lee and Chuck Norris. During the intense fight, there are several
shots of the cat and even some zooming action near the end. Apparently, Lee wanted to use the footage
of the cat to play off the idea of a cat pawing at a toy, or Lee viewing Norris’ character
as a plaything. Rather, it just sent a message of confusion
to movie-goers. But channeling animals through the loud, sometimes
shrieking noises Lee would make when fighting served great purposes of helping him focus
and to disorienting his opponents. The Mortal Combat character, Liu Kang, who
is based on Bruce Lee, also features these unique animal sounds. 9. Black and Yellow
You have seen it on Uma Thurman in Kill Bill, and on characters Grand Theft Auto. It shows up every Halloween at parties and
doorsteps each year. The famous yellow jumpsuit with the black
strip down the sides is trademark Bruce Lee attire. While it was rumored that Lee choose the color
to make a statement about his race, film producer Andre Morgan said that was not the case. In fact, Lee was only offered two jumpsuits
to wear in Game of Death – one yellow, and one black. When they were reading the script, they saw
the fight scene with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had a portion where Kareem kicks Lee in the chest. The big footprint wouldn’t show up on a
black suit, so Lee chose yellow. It was auctioned off in 2013 and a private
Hong Kong bidder won it for $780,000. 8. Multi-tasker
According to his daughter, Shannon, one of the greatest things she has learned about
her father over the years is that he was an “insane multi-tasker.” According to his friend, Lee would drop down
and do push-ups if he had to wait for an elevator. He could do push-ups with a man weighing 250
pounds sitting on his back. He was also known to read a book, watch boxing,
and exercise all at the same time. Not to mention the fact that he was a martial
artist, actor, producer, writer, dancer, choreographer, and philosopher. 7. Crunchy Smoothies? Breakfast for the champion often included
protein shakes with eggs, but get this…with the shells! Along with powdered milk (the only time he
really ate any dairy), peanut butter, brewer’s yeast, and some supplements, the shakes provided
the energy he needed for his very active lifestyle. In addition to shakes, he often had muesli
cereal which included grains that could be soaked overnight for a porridge effect. To this, he would add dried fruits and nuts
and 2% milk. He liked Chinese food over western food because
he thought western food didn’t focus enough on carbohydrates and instead paid too much
attention to protein and fat. 6. Seattle Home
Lee referred to Seattle as his home. He attended school there and worked as a waiter
at Ruby Chow’s restaurant. On his first date with his wife, Linda, he
took her to the space needle. He worked out at two studios – which are
now Ho Ho Seafood in Chinatown and the other is Szechuan Noodle Bowl. He loved the nature of Seattle, Lake Washington
and how it made him think of a place where his father took him to fish in Hong Kong. Now, there is an exhibit dedicated to Lee
at Wing Lake Museum with the hopes of having a permanent “Bruce Lee Action Museum”
in the future. So when Lee passed away, it was clear that
he would be laid to rest in Seattle. He is next to his son Brandon at Lake View
Cemetery. 5. Quick Draw
Not only was he a skillful martial artist, Lee was plain fast. He was so fast, in fact, that during filming
of Enter the Dragon, the shot had to be slowed down to 34 frames so that moviegoers could
actually see his kicks. In an 11 second fight in 1962, Lee won with
a knock out but also included 15 punches and a kick. It only took Lee .05 seconds to react and
punch from a 3 feet distance. He quickness wasn’t limited to just fighting. He was known to steal a dime out of someone’s
palm and leave a penny before they could make a fist. 4. Top Students
Bruce Lee had three instructors that he certified himself. They were Taky Kimura, James Yimm Les, and
Dan Inosanto. Right before Lee died, he told the two living
instructors (Kimura and Inosanto) to close his schools because he wanted low numbers
of students in order to keep the quality of the teaching high. They taught small classes and Lee himself
trained with Chuck Norris, Joe Lewis, and Mike Stone. Each of them won every karate championship
while they were training with Lee. He also taught Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Steve
McQueen, and James Coburn. His teaching was in such high demand that
he could charge up to $275 per hour. It’s possible they trained to the Mission
Impossible theme song as that was a favorite of Lee’s. He told the composer, Lalo Schifrin, in 1973
that he often trained to the well-known soundtrack. Another one of his students? James Bond star George Lazenby but there is
no word on whether or not they trained to any James Bond theme songs. j 3. NO-kia
In 2008, Nokia created an online commercial featuring Bruce Lee playing ping-pong with
his nunchaku and then setting matches on fire as they were thrown to him. The viral video caused quite a commotion as
many people thought it was real footage. Unfortunately, no footage exists of Lee actually
performing these amazing feats and it was something Nokia created from scratch. 2. Lemme Take a Selfie
The best place to take a selfie with the legend in the United States is at 943 Sun Mun Way
in the Chinatown district of Los Angeles. There you can see the only public statue of
Lee in America often surrounded by visitors in fighting stances with cameras and phones
ready. The sculpture is 7 feet tall (Lee was actually
5’7”) and includes his amazing abdominal 6-pack (maybe 8-pack or even 10-pack as his
pants are too high to count). Why Chinatown? Lee was a regular there while he filmed the
TV series The Green Hornet and he also opened a martial arts school nearby. The sculpture was created by a Chinese artist
but Lee’s daughter, Shannon, worked for 5 years to have it moved to the US. Besides this free option, you can also pay
for tickets to Madame Tussauds in Hollywood and see the wax version of Lee busting through
a window while doing a side kick. 1. Final Movie
Filming for the movie Game of Death was underway when Bruce Lee died on July 20, 1973. In order to complete the film, the studio
decided to rewrite the ending with the main character faking his own death. Shockingly, they also included shots from
Lee’s funeral with 25,000 crying fans and footage of his body in an open casket. When he was finally laid to rest in Seattle,
WA, Lee was wearing the traditional Chinese outfit from Enter
the Dragon.

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  1. "Boards….Don't..hit back." That's a direct quote. If you don't use punctuation then you don't get it right. Punctuation is a translation of how we speak. Without it.. It's merely, "Boards don't hit back." Have a listen to him saying it and notice what I've typed. My massive passion is grammar.

    She mangled or messed over the Chinese name because this video is made for those drinking too many "Rockstar" drinks that don't care much about anything, or they do but things happen to fast they don't notice. Haaahaaa.

    Bruce Lee was not "an insane multi-tasker", he was very well focused! Unlike most people in 2015 to 2018 with very lousy focus, Bruce knew what he wanted to DO. His mind was focused because he created it that way. He was not insane at all. You should come to understand what "insane" actually means. Bruce was highly focused on what he want and how to do it. Unlike most people today. Again, nothing "insane" about it.

  2. He was near sighted that's why he kept a hand out in front, to help judge the distance from his opponent. Also Bruce was a joker. He loved playing jokes on people.

  3. I miss playing on the exercise bike with Brandon at Bruce and Linda's house
    Me and my brother used to go over there with my uncle hurb jackson. One time Corine Abdul jubar was there. And Bruce walked up to him looked straight up crouched down sprung up spun around snapped a board Corine was holding as high as he could.the board flew all the way to the fence and fell in a large pile. By the way . Hi Linda and Shannon.

  4. Permission to post :
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    Thank you for your support 🙂

  5. Of course the feds wouldn’t say it wasn’t the edibles. That stuff would make them filthy billions per year. Could have been poisoning we will never know…

  6. I use to admire Bruce in my earliest days of youth , However ; As a BJJ for 17 years and Judo for about 8 ,Shotokan -Karate , Now i realized that Bruce Lee Wasn't an MMA fighter neither a fighter , but an DISCIPLINED ATHLETE that's all , there are no record of his fights neither that he participated of any attornments . I use to follow hes carrier , and i have only one fight of him with these Kung-fu master that kick hes ass , in a private Match .
    Bruce Lee was a very dedicated athlete and Martial arts lover, But nothing else thAn a ACTOR , a very ambitious actor career

  7. He only had one testicle, he was of German decent, he was born in America, he was never fully trained in any form of martial art, he never fought a sanctioned fight in his life, he was not as tough or fast as the hype, his movies sucked, he was a drug addict, he cheated on his wife and family with a fellow Chinese actress scank he died in a whore house from drug addition related problems, his JKD is a joke

  8. unknown fact for you…in the film Enter the Dragon…remember the cobra scene where Bruce confronts the cobra….well the cobra ACTUALLY bit Lee, but its venom glands were removed prior to that…

  9. Bruce lee came from heaven and , now hes back in heaven . Rip to all the great men and women who died before us.

  10. 3 more things you didn't know about Bruce Lee. Bruce Lee was an actor with a macho fetish, Bruce Lee had a very basic degree in the martial arts…He was by no means a master of the martial arts, Bruce Lee was a film maker, all of his fights where choreographed and most of that kung- fu shit don't work out in the streets. Bruce Lee wouldn't stand a chance against even a amateur boxer out in the streets. Okay folks, Don't let all that martial arts shit go to your head.

  11. I once asked Bruce Lee…after showing him my fists of fury..you gonna run east or west? he looked at me for like..20 minutes….started crying and ran north..completely forgetting the two directions I gave him to run….it happened that way on November third in upstate New York.I was eleven years old…oh the agony,oh the ecstasy of that day…I had to tell someone before I too pass.It hurts to tell ..but Bruce ran very fast that day.

  12. Real live hero love me some Bruce Lee.im just like him im in to kicking some asssss.south central LA cali..es NHC 1street to 190 EAST coast Crip 69th flower an main..coast crip ak47 box jdog.for death doe..bastard

  13. George Lazenby was never Bruce's student. They had met just a few days before his death when Bruce offered him a part in The Game Of Death. This was confirmed by Lazenby in interviews.

  14. 01.He likes John lennon
    02.He Likes USA but for Living more good in Hongkong
    03.His got big Ego for everything specialy when he Talk
    04.He want to be self Famous
    05.He pretend Focus in every step he takes but he so careless with family
    06.His dream is becoming the best martial art in the world but he forgot his Chinesse
    07.Like Whiskey rather Eat
    08.He Choosen his fighter not the hidden real fighter
    09.He Loan money a lot from Triad for movies budget
    10.He want to make Jet kun do famous so it can be Heritage to the futures
    11.He make a new weapon double stick for martial art
    12.He hate his parents law
    13.No body can tell him what to do
    14.he likes Peanuts
    15.take a bath 3 X a weeks
    16.he likes to know the wickness from someone

  15. 17 He had only one descended testicle
    18 His family was Asian Illuminati Satanists which is why there was an inter generational death curse on them
    19 He used steroids
    20 His first martial art was Tai Chi taught to him by his father
    21 His footwork was patterned after Muhammad Ali’s boxing

  16. Bruce Lee was a gumball machine martial artist. He was strictly jerky weird noises, choreography and movie making. Its all make believe.

  17. “Be like water making its way through cracks. Do not be assertive, but adjust to the object and you shall find a way around or through it”

  18. 16 things that the public doesn't know about Bruce Lee or are they 16 phony bull shit thing's that we don't know about Bruce Lee. You see like everything else it's all gossip especially when it concerns celebrity's living or dead. It's all slanderous gossip. The only way for anyone to make money is to immortalize something, They sensationalize it in a most vain way by gossiping and talking a lot shit. Gossip, special effect's and  immortalizing is a very effective combination used in all brainwashing. They have to or else they wouldn't make any money.

  19. You have heard something from somewhere . . . then added a bunch of rubbish and try to make a movie? You are bullshitting only urself. What do you know about Bruce lee in anyway . . .?

  20. Bruce Lee did not died over a reaction medication he died because he was set up by his so call stunt men that never did had to use him

  21. here is my list of 16 things people don't know about Bruce Lee
    1) he thought he knew martial arts after he learned wing chun which is fragmented kung-fu
    2) Bruce was completely ignorant of true martial arts which is kuntao and disrespected it by using the word 'kune'
    3) he was sent to america but he was not 100% chinese, only 2/3 – his mother was 1/2 german
    4) Bruce realized the limitations of wing chun due to it being a female oriented self defense
    5) when he got to washington state in america he started teaching the fragmented wing chun he knew as gung-fu
    6) he only had two years of trianing in wing chun which was a 3 year course
    7) when it got back to china that he was boot-legging wing chun as gung-fu, yip man complained the grandmaster of kuntao due to the fact that had he not complained, they would have put the smash on him in china, for agreeing that wing chun was gung-fu when it fact it is fragmented therefore already mixed (deluted) martial arts – that means it cannot build chi w practice
    8) the gung-fu federation sent a true martial artist to Bruce t shut him down, and that is where he first heard of kuntao
    9) Bruce was defeated with little effort from the martial artist whereby Bruce began to know he was weak physically and knowledgeable
    10) Bruce was banned from learning what true martial arts was due to him willing to publicize for gain from
    11) Bruce, chuck, Bill, Kelly – all of them – have no clue what martial arts is
    12) Bruce violated every rule of martial arts, one of which is true martial artist do not lift weights – it is antithetical to chi – and that is how he hurt his back and almost never walked again
    13) Bruce was treated at the hospital with electrostatic sessions which made him recover faster so be bought a machine like the one used and started using it to shock and infuse himself to increase his reflexes but he not power in a fight, just to do exhibitions – which he supplemented with hashes and steriods the white boys gave him. No martial artist look like Lee
    14) Bruce Lee was easily defeated if anyone fought him for more than 5 minutes due to his back injury that never really healed. This is why he demonstrated his notions of martial arts which is fake martial arts. what martial arts teach two finger push ups? But, bad back or not, he was never match for a true martial artist. What martial artist did he ever fight except the one that put him down in washingtom state. And Ed parker's brown belt that beat his butt
    15) Bruce was out to belittle anything non-chinese like karate or japanese or tai boxing
    16) Bruce was black balled and X'd before he got china, then lured back and placed under contract with the triads under Raymond chow – and here is a bonus
    17) the fool then decided, when his 3 picture contract was up, and he was super famous, to go it alone, and decided to make a movie about the triads trying to induct him, called the game of death which he lost – and this is not even the half of it
    One more
    18) he died like the fool he was, and put his family in jeopardy with the triads as well, so the tongs handled his son

  22. his english was far from good in Green Hornet.Native speakers had problems understanding him because accent was so thick

  23. Marijuana.. Cannabis.. When are we going to come to our fucking senses and realize that it's NOT a drug, but nothing more than a fucking PLANT!!! It doen't harm anyone, never has, never will!!! The utter STUPIDITY of the "human legislative system".

  24. He worked as a barback. At Tadich. Jack's… The Kearney hospital ia alive and well. Did Bruce Lee EVER use opiom. Seriously. Keef Richards sez no.


  26. It's one thing to say you know something about someone and it's another to prove it. You can discredit some good people by not proving what you're saying. In this case, about Mr. Bruce Lee Jun-Fan, you say so much without credit to your sources, not one. That makes you a equal to a dark alley printer who takes air and writes for an article to make money or fame. Don't be so cheap. There's many,many viewers out here who are looking for authoritative video articles. Just blabbering into nowhere is only a slight of hands. Do better. Good day.

  27. One of his legs was shorter than the other, another fact. I used to go to Dan's studio on Torrance, don't know if still there.

  28. What a Shame , IP MAN smoked Opium ! ! Recently they have found the cause of
    Bruce Lee's death was related to Getting the Pain Killer Cortisol which was injected into
    his Back Disk to stop the pain from an Injury he had from a Fight with those Chinese
    who wanted him to stop teaching Kung Fu , so if he lost the fight he should have
    stopped teaching KF , but he won , i guess you all saw that in that Movie by Scot Lee .

    He took so much Cortisol at each sign of pain , that the Side Effects eventually
    gave him Brain Aneurysm and died of it finally .

  29. Lee's legacy was contrived and permanently formed by an aggressive manufacturing process. It was a very
    successful experiment in the Cult of Personality.   Lee was a superb acrobat…. but he was not a Martial Arts god
    by any stretch of the imagination. All in all… Lee was worth far more dead than alive.  1960's  Bruce Lee was sorely
    beaten by Bobby Lowe in Hawaii…. in a boxing ring and in public. Search tags for this page Bobby Lowe beat
    bruce lee, bobby lowe bruce lee, bobby lowe vs bruce lee, bruce lee vs bobby lowe, bruce lees connection to
    bobby lowe @t        ——- excerpt:  "………  I believe that if he hadn't got into movies (he had Ed Parker to thank
    for that), he would have just been another kung-fu teacher. Due to his Hollywood fame, Black Belt Magazine did
    numerous articles on him and these were later followed up by Inside Kung-Fu Magazine.  Bruce was actually beaten
    badly many times in his career, but the magazines wouldn't let that be known (nor would Bruce as it would detract
    from his image). Bobby Lowe's Kyokushin people in Hawaii crunched him badly and a well-known Uechi-Ryu group
    on the east coast also mauled him.  I personally know individuals (Chinese) who got along with him but who admitted
    to me that they'd witnessed him getting his tush beaten by several other martial arts people…..But that was kept very
    hush-hush and is still not widely known. …………"  Hi !  Welcome to the  'Bruce Lee Forevermore Toy Store'
     Bruce Lee was a fantastic acrobat.  A circus performer.  A perfect fit for the stage and screen.
    Lee attracted a global following and fascinated billions of eager dreamers.After all, Bruce could punch and kick, stand
    on one finger … and even scream like a cat … wow !  Each one believed Lee was a true Kung Fu Master.   The true
    Master-of-Master's even. Lee's life ballooned to such immense proportions that a simple prick to that balloon would
    instantly deflate it.  Lee and his agents produced hundreds of millions of dollars during his brief lifetime.
    But all it would take was for one man to unexpectedly come along and beat Lee to a pulp.  
    This was a very real possibility and became a very real concern   for the controller-lawyers who managed the
    Lee Money-Machine.  Lee reached an apex in his life.   It just could not get any higher or bigger.
    And now was the time to avoid the encroaching probability that Lee just might fall … that he could be taken down.
    If that did happen …  the entire dynasty would fail.   It would become completely empty and worthless.
    Lee, it was decided, was worth far more in death than in life. If- Lee's legacy could be frozen in place… then the
    Lee Money-Machine could, theoretically, continue on endlessly.  That was the consideration at hand.   And it was
    made without further equivocation.  Lee must die and now.  And he did.  He was killed in order to save the explosion
    of a rich and vast enterprise.   After all, when it comes down to it …  it was all a matter of business.
    Now, Lee's story lives on and will do so for centuries … since there is nothing that can interrupt that story.
    And the story of Bruce Lee will always produce a constant flow of revenue.   Not surprisingly, any questionable
    allegations will be very easy to deny.  It was all a smart, albeit cruel and lying business decision.  It was then and
    still is- a business where everyone wins.

  30. Our apologies Bruce baby. Yeah, yeah, we know! The only one who could beat ya would be Bruce Lee. But, he's dead too, ya know. There is ONE though. He's "Cellulose Charlie Chen", but he can't speak Cantonese! And worse, he can't stop a speeding train, or a flying mozzie with his chopsticks and he can't beat 100 at one time, only 50. And, sob..like you Brucie baby, I can't capture him on cam, cos he's a speeding bullet, just like you, and just like you too, he just leaves a powder burn. He hasn't got your exalted wisdom, which surpasses all the masters of the ages. Your god-like skills combine all the martial artistry of every kind, in every age, by anyone who ever graced a tournament, a mat, clobbered opponents in a Dojo, on the streets, beating the crap out of every single back lane Bruce Wannabe, by the bucketload. Why, even MMA's and heavyweight fighters fear your awesome 130lb wringing wet physique capable of kicking an elephant to death, and crushing the balls of every pimply faced youth having a wet dream about you, and being the nightmare of entire armies of green berets and special ops. We kneel at your steelie twinklie toes Bruce cos, not to do so, would be blasphemy.

  31. I don’t know who runs this channel, I don’t know how I got here, but if there’s even a single point in this video that I already knew about Bruce Lee, then I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill you…

    Have a nice day 🙂

  32. 15 Bruce Weed?
    Don't know if people can handle the truth, but…
    Dr. Don Langford (Baptist Hospital, Beacon Hill, Hong Kong), Dr. Cecilia Wong – Anesthetist (Baptist Hospital, Beacon Hill, Hong Kong), Dr. Peter Wu – Neurosurgeon (Saint Teresa Hospital, Kowloon City, Hong Kong). This are the doctors names that treat Bruce Lee after he chew some hashish leafs from Nepal, looks like this type of hashish caused intoxication or an allergic reaction to Bruce. While dubbing the movie "Enter the Dragon", Bruce Lee himself told Dr. Peter Wu at the time. Bruce was treated with "Mannitol" to lower the increased intracranial pressure (cerebral edema / brain swelling, the exact same thing Bruce died from). The big problem is that the second time this happen (Bruce chewing hashish), Bruce were in Betty Thing Pei's apartment, nobody knew Bruce medical history with the hashish, the rest is history.
    People now can see the interview when Dr. Don Langford and Dr. Peter Wu tell this story with more detail, search Youtube for "Wu Tang Collection – Bruce Lee: Death by Misadventure" advance to around 45 minutes.

    "We gave Bruce a long talk before he was discharged from hospital, asking him not to eat hashish again," said Dr Peter Wu in the 2000 biography The Tao of Bruce Lee. "We told him that his very low percentage of body fat could make him vulnerable to drugs." Wu also cautioned that his stress levels could dramatically magnify the effects of the hash. "Since he'd already had a very bad time with the drug, we told him that the effects were likely to be worse next time."

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