10 Shocking Things About China Nobody Knew

10 Things You Didn’t Know About CHINA Hello people, we’d want you to share the
things you know about the East Asian nation- China. Now don’t start talking about Bruce Lee,
Kung-Fu and Jackie Chan. Not even the fact that it is the most populated
country or the 4th largest in the world. We mean things beyond the Great Wall of China
or the skyscraper studded global financial center- Shanghai. Anything? It seems eating Chinese food once a week doesn’t
qualify you to be a Chinese culture aficionado! Since we’ve burst the bubble and left you
aghast, maybe we should make it up to you somehow! How about we share some interesting trivia
about the country? We bet, it’ll leave you scratching your
heads! Number 1. Secrecy in Executions
What if we told you that the People’s Republic of China executes the highest number of people
annually? Where on one hand, abolishing death penalty
is the rage everywhere, China executed more than 2000 people in 2013. We know you were expecting a proper number
but since the number of death penalties is a state secret, vague answers are all you’ll
get! But it’s not just the number that is shocking
but also the methods. Many executions are done on the road using
vehicles called the death vans designed by Jinguan Motors. The makers of this van feel that injections
are a “humane” way to execute people clinically because it is a quicker way than gunshots. We got a new definition of human rights from
China, what more could we ask for? Number 2. Christianity on the rise
When you think of Christianity, the thought of Italy certainly crosses your mind. But what if we told you that China has more
Christians than Italy? The historical period between the Boxer Uprising
and the Second Sino-Japanese War is seen as a golden age of Chinese Christianity, as converts
grew rapidly and churches were built in many regions of China. We know that about 80% people in Italy are
Christians today and with their total population of 60 million, the followers come out to be
48 million. On the other hand, China already has 54 million
Christians in the country, comprised of about 40 million Protestants and 14 million Catholics. Let that sink in! Number 3. Love for Olympics
It is a matter of pride for any country to host the coveted Olympics but China’s devotion
to the games is next level! Let’s take you back to the Beijing Olympics
when China was so full of pride that they ended up naming their kids after it! Most of the 4,104 people with the name “Aoyun,”
meaning Olympics, were born around the year 2000, as Beijing was bidding to host the 2008
Summer Games. The craze did not end with the name “Olympics”
because more than 4,000 Chinese share their names with the Beijing Games mascots, the
“Five Friendlies.” It is safe to say that China’s way of showing
pride is insane! Number 4. Geese recruits in Police
Seems like China has created a new saying, “Birds of a feather fight crime together”! You’ll be surprised to know that officials
in rural parts of the China’s Xinjiang province are using domesticated geese to aid in law
enforcement. Well, geese are aggressive, vigilant, have
exceptional eyesight and hearing plus they are very brave! If you’ve ever had to deal with them, you
already know that they are loud and nothing can shut them up! What more reasons do you need to justify their
involvement in law enforcement? Number 5. China’s artificial islands
This might come as a shock to you, China is creating artificial islands in the South China
Sea! You heard that right, ARTIFICIAL ISLANDS! China is pumping sand on already existing
rocks and coral reefs in the sea to create islands stable enough to support airstrips
and other military installations. It may sound impossible but China has used
mind blowing technology and has turned this weird idea into a reality! But why is China going through so much trouble? Perhaps the prime motivation is to reinforce
China’s claim over the region. We aren’t sure but what else could be the
reason? Number 6. Dogs are food
Being a hardcore non vegetarian, what qualifies as food for you? Fish and sea food, chicken and poultry and
maybe snakes and spiders if you are the adventurous type! But dog meat? Well, China celebrates the Yulin “Lychee
and Dog Meat” festival every year to mark the summer solstice. The annual ten-day event can be traced back
to 2009 and it is believed between 10,000 and 15,000 dogs are slaughtered for the festival. Animal rights organizations have been pressurizing
organizers to cancel the event but they haven’t succeeded yet. If eating dog meat doesn’t bother you, this
festival is for you otherwise stay far away, we repeat FAR AWAY! Number 7. Water pollution is real
Did you know that China has 20% of the world’s population? That’s interesting but the thing that troubles
us is that only 7% of global water resources are owned by China. If this does not bother you already, let’s
tell you that 90% of cities’ groundwater and 75% of rivers and lakes are polluted according
to the World Bank. You know what we are hinting at, right? This insane water pollution forces 700 million
Chinese people to drink contaminated water every day. Does this fact change your perception about
this rising economic power? Number 8. King of Disputes
Chinese and Indian forces have been in conflict over the tri-junction -India, China and Bhutan-
dispute at Sikkim border. It all started with China’s attempt to construct
a road through Dokalam area which was opposed by Indian troops. China is not only engaged in conflict with
India but with its claim over 90% of the South China Sea, the country has created enemies
in the neighboring countries of Malaysia, Vietnam and Philippines. China has even messed with Japan over the
uninhabited Senkaku Islands in Japan, the Diaoyu Islands in China, and Tiaoyutai Islands
in the Taiwan. Seems like China is engaging in territorial
conflicts with all its neighbors which might not be such a good idea in general! Number 9. Economic superpower
What would be your reaction if we told you that China has become the world’s second largest
economy by GDP (Nominal) and largest by GDP (PPP)? This is no joke, the Chinese economy grew
6.8% the last quarter of 2017, equaling the growth of the prior 3 months exceeding expectations
of 6.7%. The figures are proof that China is an emerging
global power and the only one able to challenge the US world hegemony in the first half of
the twenty-first century. It is interesting to note that China was the
United States’ largest supplier of goods imports in 2016 and its 3rd largest goods export market! Number 10. Credit score system
What comes to your mind when you hear the words, credit scores? In the UK, credit scores are just a number
used to determine whether a person is eligible to get a loan or credit card but this is not
what China means by it! Basically in 2014 the Chinese government developed
a “social credit” system based on people’s routine behaviors to determine the trustworthiness
of the country’s 1.4 billion citizens! It is expected to be in practice throughout
the nation by 2020, woah! Based on these scores people are being prevented
from buying plane and train tickets, stopped from entering social gatherings while on the
other hand, a positive score can lead to discounted bills! This score system might or might not reward
you but it sure is a privacy breach, are the citizens realizing it? Which of these facts about China surprised
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