10 Self Defence Tips You Need To Learn Now

Self-defense is the best way to save your
neck in a tight spot. We have heard incidents regarding mugging,
burglaries and carjacking over the news multiple times. But we normally think that it won’t happen
to us, ever. Unfortunately, no one is immune from attackers. But that does not mean you need to invest
in security or personal bodyguards to save your ass. Here are 10 self-defense help tips that we
hope you’ll never have to use in real life. 1. Clench your hands the right way
A fist is always the best option in a fight. Most often this fact is ignored. However, your hand automatically clenches
into a fist, as a result of a stimulus, just before a blow. Keep in mind that you have to attack with
full force without injuring your fingers. Don’t expose the thumb at any cost. But bear in mind that it shouldn’t be concealed
under your fingers either. This can lead to a fracture of the thumb. Also, the force of the clench should not be
too stiff or too loose. If the grip and the clasp are too loose, then
the impact of the punch will be less. If it is stiff, then you could hurt yourself. You should also use the flat of your hand
in a fight. That flat palm shove will come as more of
a surprise. Number 2. How to break free if your hands are tied
Focus on one thing, you need some space when you are being bound by a rope, cord or a duct
tape. That way you can move your hands and legs. What you need to do is leave some room for
air. If your hands are being tied, clench them
tightly in fists. If you are being bound by the body, then inhale
in air so that your diaphragm expands. The more room there is left between the rope
hand or body, the more chances one has for an escape. This is what you need to do if you are being
tied with a rope. If your hands are bound by duct tape, you
can simply tear it apart. Don’t believe us? So here’s how you do it. Just raise your hands above your head, and
then thrust them down with a lot of force. This method can be applied even if your hands
are bound from behind. Sounds easy? Then, start practicing. Number 3. Remember To Attack The Weak Yet Vital Spots
Of The Attacker If you lack the necessary strength to overwhelm
your attacker, then you need this trick to survive. Try to incorporate the element of surprise. Strike a blow as hard in the vulnerable areas. Which are those areas, you ask? The vital areas include eyes, nose, nape of
the neck, throat chin and many more. Hit as swiftly as you can. A bit of delay and you could be overpowered. Number 4. Use Security Apps On The Smartphone
This point applies to all women and children. Smart phone apps such as Family Locator, bSafe,
and others should always be downloaded on the phone. These apps will allow you to track the movements
of your kith and kin. These apps can aid you in sending out a distress
signal if required. In case you do not have a smartphone, then
use the emergency number feature on your phone. If your phone lacks this facility too, then
keep all the important numbers on speed dial. Number 5. Keep Pepper Spray At Hand
In case you are being trailed or you have anticipated an attack, then Pepper Spray can
help you to buy some precious time. If you are lucky enough, you can use this
opportunity to disarm your opponent or simply throw him off track. You can also use it as a part of an attack
combo. Just spray it and land a kick on the attacker’s
groin, then you can rush to the nearest police station. Number 6. Using Code Language To Indicate Danger Or
An Emergency We all have used this trick in childhood. Many of us invent code language and new words
to send out secret signals to our near and dear ones. Though this seems illogical, it could increase
the chances for you to save your life. You can use this code for texting and alerting
the concerned person. Use the code to tell your predicament or your
location. But use it articulately so that your assistance
reaches you in proper time. Number 7. Use Objects Lying Nearby As Props
Random objects that could help you out of a sticky situation are your defensive and
offensive props. If you are confused about this, then allow
us to elaborate by giving examples. Your purse can serve as a shield from a knife
assault. Your scarf can be thrown in an attacker’s
face. Umbrellas, bags, and even small change in
your pocket can be of help. Keys are one of the best tools. Don’t waste time trying searching for a
knuckleduster, use the lid of the trash can if it is at hand. Number 8. How To Escape From Various Types Of Grasps
You can escape from a hand grip by using this trick. Rotate your hand toward the attacker’s thumb. Remember that you should do it in a quick,
sharp jerk. If the assailant realizes your plan, he’ll
squeeze your hand with all his strength. You can also use your legs to hit your attacker
in the groin and knees. Step on his feet with as much force as you
can. If you’ve been grabbed by the hair, then
this technique could be useful. It would allow you to inflict pain on your
attacker. It also provides almost total control over
his body. First, grab the attacker’s hand with both
of your hands. Second, use your feet again. Land a kick on a weak spot. Finally, if you feel that the attacker’s
hand has slackened his grip, then let go of it and break into a run. If you’ve been grabbed by the neck, then
hit the attacker in the groin, or poke his eyes with your fingers. Number 9. Learn All About First Aid
Learn all the vital instructions providing first aid. Be it yourself or somebody else, knowing about
first aid always helps. There are countless emergency situations there
might be an injury, and a hospital might not be immediately accessible. In this case, your first aid measures could
save a life. You can even carry a first aid box in the
dashboard of your car. Number 10. Always Be Alert
Even if you know each and everything about self-defense, it is always helpful to be a
bit alert. If you are well aware of your surroundings
and the occurrences that are going on near you, then you could save your life quite easily. Always be on a lookout. Maintain a distance while you are walking. If you are vigilant enough, then you will
be able to act on time. So, are there any self-defense tips that you
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2 Replies to “10 Self Defence Tips You Need To Learn Now

  1. Number 1 can be a dangerous tip. A fist is important, but they talk as if strikes with the knuckles are the key, ignoring "hammering" strikes, as is common Silat, among other martial forms.
    Number 3 shows groin, eye, and throat strikes. But these can also be done on the defender, and despite the pain of groin strikes, they don't stop a resisting attacker.
    Number 7 forgets that a non-rigid weapon like a scarf is much better for grappling and binding an attacker, much better than a bag when facing a knife.

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