the low kick is one of the most devastating karate techniques that you’ll ever encounter it is primarily used in styles like chalk wishing and Richard you and Goju do but many other styles use it too unless you practice modern point karate where it is actually a forbidden technique and for good reason because it’s painful in today’s video I want to share ten devastating low kick karate combos that you can use the next time you’re fighting somebody check it out I’m Jesse from karate by Jesse calm aka the karate nerd and when it comes to low kicks there’s a lot of things that you need to know to make sure that it actually works as you want to for example the angle of your kick needs to be 90 degrees or 45 degrees down never kick in a upward angle because that means that your opponent can easily catch or block your leg secondly make sure to not kick with your ankle I’ve done this mistake a lot of times and I busted up both of my feet see you want to kick with your shin not the top of your foot this means that you need to stand closer to your opponent as opposed to the range that you would be in if you do a classical roundhouse kick with the top of your foot now the low kick by itself might not be a showstopper although it certainly could be but the main advantage of using low kicks is to combine them with other moves and that is exactly what you will learn in this video last but not least before we go on with the 10 combos I want you to understand the terminology that we’ll be using this kick is known as a get on which means a low-level mawashi getti which means roundhouse kick in Japanese that being said here are ten devastating karate gedan mawashi giddy low kick combos oh and remember to keep your guard up [Music] the first combination is what I call the low low high in this case you want to go with the low kick first two times to set up a high kick which would be the showstopper now the reason you’re doing two low kicks is because you want to trick your opponent into believing that there will be a third one because the human body is always trying to find patterns and so when your opponent senses that low kick coming for the third time he or she might try to defend it and that means it’s an easy target to go high instead boooooo game over the second low kick combo is what I call the low low weight low because we’re utilizing something that Bruce Lee called the broken rhythm so all you do is you throw one low kick you throw two low kicks and then you start as if you would be throwing a third low kick but you stop for a split second so that your opponent believes that the third is coming with the same tempo he or she might actually flinch and start defending against that but immediately when your opponent thinks that the third low kick is not coming you throw it with that broken rhythm usually this works so well because your opponent might put all of his or her weight on that leg which he or she would be defending with but now the kick wasn’t coming so the weight is planted down on that leg and then your kick comes and breaks it to pieces the third combo is what I call the low low double sweep again we’re gonna lead with two low kicks you do the first one you do the second one and for the third you go deep meaning you try to go for that back leg that’s supporting leg and in best case you actually sweep your opponent all the way to the ground and then finish them off this works especially well if your opponent starts defending themselves by trying to block with your shin that makes it sweet even easy but obviously you don’t need to sweep you could just kick that back leg anyways next we got the Lolo slide to a sweep meaning you do again to low kicks one BAM – BAM for the third one you don’t pull your leg back you keep your leg attached to your opponent’s leg then you just slide down along their leg and you sweep them out as they try to plant their weight down on the ground you can actually do this with higher kicks as well for example if you’re going for the midsection or the ribs all you do is let that leg be there and then just slide it down tracking their leg and sweep their foot out before they have a chance to plant through weight number five halfway to the tenth now I want you to do a outside inside high kick meaning you start with a regular low kick from the outside but then you go from the inside with the front leg instead this usually helps to sweep out the leg which then sets up the third kick which is again from the outside but a high what we call a Jourdan mawashi get in Japanese be careful because your opponent’s arms might fly out to the side so he or she could actually meet your foot with pretty high velocity and that could cause some damage so all you do is the outside low kick inside low kick and a high outside kick from number six we’re gonna start in the same way you do your regular outside low kick you follow up with a front leg inside low kick but then you keep that momentum going spinning into what we call a cushy dog Eddie a back kick hitting with the heel straight into the gut the main principle is the same as for the previous combo but this time he just switched the last one from a high roundhouse kick to a spinning back kick and if the distance is too tight you could actually move back or even jump a little bit to make sure that you have that full hip extension for the back kick for number seven we’re gonna go with a sidekick combined with the low roundhouse kick so you start with your get on mihashi getti but then instead of pulling back to a regular fighting stance you keep going through you chamber the leg and you throw a straight side kick to the ribs in fact for this combo you don’t even need to hit with the first low kick you could actually do it like a feint like a fake so you go through and then the actual kick is the side kick but then again if you can’t hit that first low roundhouse why not it’s just more damage for number eight we’re gonna switch the stance so now in order to kick with your front leg from the outside you need to switch your step so you’re gonna do a quick shuffle band and boom you kick straight from the outside so what the opponent usually thinks happened is that you’re gonna use your punches or throw a kick with the other leg as you’re doing the switch step it kind of freaks them out but instead of doing any of that you just do the switch step and the low kick game owners next up number nine were almost there guys and this is a bit freaky so for this kick you need to have a longer distance and now your opponent would usually not expect a low kick from this type of distance but that’s exactly what you should do because you should always do the unexpected now all you do is lift one knee and jump forward as if you would do the karate kid’ kick but then you drop down and do a low kick instead totally unexpected now this is a little bit of a high-risk move I don’t suggest you do it against the best fighters in the world in the first minute of the first round but maybe later on when you’re getting tired and you need to explore some more creative options especially if you’re not winning the fight so again just try to close that distance with a little jump drop down and do a low kick straight over the thigh last but not least number 10 now we’re gonna do the famous Superman punch plus a low kick this is something that the famous UFC fighter George st. Pierre used to do and he’s actually a karate fighter from the beginning which might explain it so all you do is the Superman punch and then you follow up by chasing your opponent with the low kick again the good thing here is that we’re combining high and low which always sets stuff up in a beautiful way and boo that is it these were ten devastating and super painful low kick karate combos that I think that you should start using immediately I mean why wait start practicing them on a kicking shield or a heavy bag and then gradually progress from there and see if you can incorporate them into your next sparring session train hard good luck and have fun

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments! 🙂 I'm so glad to hear that you like my work. Visit my website to learn more: http://www.karatebyjesse.com

  2. Master Enkamp.I live in India . Your videos have helped me to build a greater and better karate technique. Thank you very much

  3. Hey, Jesse, hello from Kazakhstan! Do you think that kyokushin karate is absolutely another sport than a traditional karate?

  4. Hey I really enjoy your how to improve videos. I've been practicing kenpo and jiu-jitsu since I was 6 and very recently I was diagnosed with a softball sized brain tumor that took 4 brain surgeries to remove and even still I need radiation therapy sessions. In doing so I was living in the hospital for 4 months and learned that many things that i used to do would have been forgotten. Things like auto racing, playing the piano and martial arts are taking a very long time to relearn. Your how to vids are helping me regain my old self again and after watching this video I began recalling many more things. Thank you again. I really appreciate it.

  5. Another thing I’d like to share is kicking with the ball of the foot which is done in Isshinryu. Low kicking with the ball of the foot to the chin, knee, lower foot and all the places you mentioned will more than likely maime a person or cripple them so they could not fight back. Isshinryu traditionally uses no kicks higher than the waist and for self defense it’s perfect. Thanks for sharing and helping people understand bunkai too along with the importance of Kata. Keep it going Jesse!

  6. ok i didn't except that shit woooooow damn u made almost every perfect combo for low kick that is hard to counter or block nice

  7. is that really karate 😂 karate seem soo cool even more than karate movies what u show used in mua tai and and mma and kick box and karate and with nice combos

  8. Just watching this video again and I want to ask you something… I'm a practitioner of point karate (shotokan) but I can't use my full fighting combos because we can't perform low kick as you said.. is there any chance that I can practice shotokan karate like traditional style? I don't wanna ask about this my sensei now cause I don't know what will be his response… can you tell me what to do?!

  9. My Sensei got me once or twice sparring with the low low sweep LOL and bless your partner for letting you kick his legs god knows how many times!

  10. Jesse Enkamp's teaching approach is perfect and a great inspiration. It brings me back torwards karate fundamentals the way they are supposed to be taught. His teachings are so rich in style and strategy in which is a signal of fundamentals, and not swaying from the true karate way, or martial way.

  11. I would cherish a chance to study karate under Jesse Enkamp. The methods and preparation that's so clear in his strikes lessons and drills .make his video my favorite thing I've seen online or YouTube. In the early and mid eightees, I studied under one of my favorite people I ever knew who is passed away now within about a year or two now. But our art was goju ryu. He was a true clean martial man with fine fundamentals who I will never forget .And whats so amazing is that I see a quite a bit of him in Jesse Enkamp and Jesse is so young and to have the same sound karate foundation is a great treasure in the way of the arts. And the way of life. My teachers name was Harlan Cary Poe. Keep up the good work Jesse. Tarek Dajani NYC. Email: [email protected]

  12. HAAHAHA the last kick omg.
    Jesse I personally LOVE low-kicks, to the point where now most other black belts I spar with at the dojo joke as we begin each round by covering up their legs. I get sent selfies a lot too of bruised thighs. 🙂
    Keep up the great work, and see you at KNX18!

  13. Loved the moves! I will be practicing all of these kicks. By the way though, the Superman Punch is from Muay Thai, it’s called the Cobra Punch

  14. This is excellent Sensei Jesse, very similar in terms of technique execution, as well strategic, intended purpose, to our Kyokushin Karate style. Much respect for your excellent tutorials, Osu! 👍 ☺ ✌

  15. Hello! I would really love to practice this! But I am worried about injuries to knees. Could you explain how to avoid injuries? maybe bending the knee?

  16. We usually stand with the hips more squared in relation to the opponents, i.e not as typical point Karate stance but more facing the opponents almost with both hips facing the opponent. It can sometimes be easier to camouflage the kick but at the same time you need to have a high core strength, as in all Karate, to get all the power through the kick by using the hips and the core. But this does as well depend on body size, muscular build and quality of technical execution. Great demonstration of combinations, Jesse Sensei. And yes, we use it a lot in Kuyokshin as it can be really devastating. But fortunately, I have in my long career only used it in sparring or kumite, thanks god I never had an actual street fight. 🙏

  17. All styles of karate should use it in sparring it teaches defend against the most used kick in the street by someone who has no martial arts experience

  18. This was totally awesome, man! I knew Karate had leg attacks but I didn't know they were so perfectly attuned for combos. I do Taekwondo, which lacks leg kicks, but I was looking for a source of ideas that I wasn't finding in Muah Thai, which I'm not a fan of. These are so much better as they create more variety and better combo chaining. Unpredictable and fluid. Love it! This is way more compatible with my Taekwondo combos. Fantastic vid, thanks so much for posting this! You've given me a ton to think about!

  19. I have a very funny experience with using low kick. I am a south paw fighter and I almost to won every kumite with this move actually. Because I am a close quarters figher. I actually do a low kick motion but using a knee kick to the opponents thigh. I won every round and some times switching that to using a knee to lever. I was at the time rochester competition in kyokushin tournament. But in the type of the fighter video you recently uploaded, I knew I am a gifted fighter because I am patient with enduring the attacks I use my observation to my advantage. In result, I could've been a real martial artist.

  20. It pains me to watch this, knowing how obsolete this all is! After BJJ, this is all awash in lots of Eastern cultural bias that does not apply to the Western competitive mindset. Jesse, you deserve better than this.

  21. I have been on a roll these past few days watching your videos. I feel so rejuvenated in my pursuit to continue my Karate

  22. My sifu always keeps telling me to beware from karate low kicks, because , even if I intercept them, they can transforms into high kicks and I would get kicked in the face, which has been left uncovered.

    Unfortunately I cannot reply those kicks, since I am not able to reach high, and so it's difficult to learn how to counter them.

  23. But, using shin to kick below the waist is not advised because it may broke one's shin. Should one still use it for lower blows?

  24. Thanks for your works Jesse!
    I’ve just recently started my Karate journey along with my son.
    We find your videos very useful and inspirational.

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