04 Welcome

Aikido traditionally seeks cooperation,
not competition for power. Welcome. If I join with his power,
his power is my power. No competitive idea. That’s the traditional Japanese style
of martial arts. If you stay in one place, it’s a problem.
So don’t stay. Gather his power by focusing on the face.
If he pulls… So give him a chance to resist, then join. You may control. I’m collecting his mind on this line. When he pulls…
so give him a chance to push. That’s all. Only one. Welcome, don’t accept. Welcome. The main technique is how to welcome. Normally, when we do, we want to hit. But no, this one is keeping on. It’s a different sense. Windmill and wind – one set. Without the wind,
the windmill can’t do anything. Keeping the initiative is important. Resist. But don’t resist. And unify his and my power. That’s the introduction. The Zen explanation says about a big ego that without a big ego there’s no realization. Willing. We need him to be willing to push. Then welcome and join. We need intention, but not intention. The traditional idea applies to painting also. Just skill or techniques is not good.
Go beyond the techniques. Act intentionally, but not intentionally.
But intentionally. Welcome. Only welcome. Welcome. It’s a martial art. You must respect your partner’s mind. Give him a chance to attack, attack, attack.

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