? Pourquoi un double teishô ? Bunkai KARATE | Lionel Froidure

Hello karateka, I hope you’re great. Today, let’s training on the aplication of a doble Teishô or doble shôtei. We can find it in some katas like Unsu. The idea is not… He will attack me and… and another guy is attacking me in the other side. I block this way ? Imagine that they need to be perfectly synchronized and striking the attack at the same level or you don’t know where to block. I think it lacks some reality on it if you’re doing this kind of bunkai in Unsu. After you can also block this way and put the other like here like in hikite. Why putting hikite there as you could put there or here. May be there a another solution, more practical. I will use the movement of this arm like an hikite A pulling hikite! I am pulling the arm while the other arm strikes. Quickly and with care. You turn. Leave your comment under and it will be a pleasure to answer you. See you soon for another video. Ciao. Join me on Instagram!

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