【Tiktok China】#13:Men are different before and after bathing?

When someone says bad things about your friend Her friend just said no at all How he behaves like this really annoys him He I don’t like her too Don’t like her Do n’t say bad things about my friends, otherwise I want to say Sister, I finally added it to my goddess’ WeChat What are you saying about my first sentence? Are you there Just this sentence Silly If he likes you not here, if he does n’t like you Then i sent Looks honest There should be no problem Keys for you to share Handsome Heartbeat so fast What does he want to do Are you stuck? Treasurer, pay the bill, you see this number you eat Unlucky, let alone, let’s go Oh Who are you I am a god of lanterns It turns out that you are the Ding God of Allah Deng God? It is the god of the lamp, I am the god of the lamp! You broke my bottle and lost money So are you hitting me now? Do you know what i do Come in and try? Hmm, okay

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