▶️Capoeira training FOR BEGINNERS | How to train at home?🏠

you don’t have time to go to train at
academy? Well then let’s train at home. this video is dedicated to all
those students who are starting within the practice of capoeira or of
martial arts and that for various factors did not give them time to go to
train the academy to the gym, dojo or whatever, so today you
I will show how you can take advantage of the time and train at home although this training is focused on beginners if you are more advanced
I’m sure it will also work for you that you will learn new ways of
take advantage of the resources we have in Home, if you’re ready let’s start. In this training we will not focus on a specific aspect but that
we will try to do a training complete and balanced where we will work
aspects like attack, defense, how develop strength in addition to
coordination, mobility and ability to improvisation which I consider
which are fundamental aspects in all martial arts and it is very important
that we know how to work with these elements so let’s train but first there
that warm remember that within channel I already made a video about how
perform a general warm-up complete so if you want to see it you
I’m going to leave the link up here now we will begin to strengthen our
body with basic postures, with legs apart I will perform 10
exercises on each side of the following movements. if you start and you still don’t master the basic movements don’t worry
since I have created a course for learn capoeira from scratch and what
you can find in this link, I will start sitting with arms back and
feet up in the air and I’m going to perform five abs 1 2 3 4 5 in
number 5 i’m going to extend one leg and one of the legs is going to keep
flexed, that leg that I have extended without touching the floor I will take
back for that if it’s the leg right my defense is going to be with the arm
left and from here I will help myself arm to lift my hip and
bring the leg back, I keep the hip down and coming back again and
I make another 5 1 2 3 4 5 extended leg front back
if this army seems very basic to you we can do the following leg
extended and I will take it back and I will lower my weight on the arm
in this case on the right arm that can you also help me arm
left look i’m going to take my leg back I keep my body straight
and here we go down we do a flex we come back and the same from the other side second exercise
I’m going to lie on the floor and I’m going to perform three abs of the
next way, lying with your arms On my sides I will bring my knees
to the chest and then project them towards up with the hip and number 3 i will keep again
one leg extended and one leg flexed if the extended leg is the
right arm right to the floor and now what what we are going to do is change
address, here I will open on the other side and we change direction,
once again. left leg extended change
direction and I return … for the most advanced you can perform a flex to
moment of changing legs look one
two changing of the guard, the leg towards the
another direction I will go down on the arm in this case the left leg
low on left arm, I climb and I start again change of arms and on this arm
we go down and we will perform this exercise five
times on each side accumulating a total of 30 abs. once we did these exercises
Now let’s focus a little on the kicks in this case we will start with a
leg back and one leg in front, the back leg what we are going to do is
work with two circles both of out to the center as from the center towards
outside keeping the leg always extended to work so
more efficient let’s use an obstacle and a chair is perfect for this
work Now every time we will get closer to the chair so that this is not required raise more leg and now let’s focus on a kick which starts from this position and one of
the legs that I consider more efficient and is considered by national
geographic the strongest kick of the world I consider it very effective already
that arises from a low posture and is hard to imagine that from this
posture we can perform an attack. the movement is as follows to learn
and to practice this kick I always I recommend also using the chair
that will serve as an obstacle to be able to work in one more way
efficient i will start with my arms leaning on the floor and lift the hip
if the chair is on the left I will use the left leg to make
a rotation and go over it to the other side before reaching the
left side the right leg is going to make a jump and also go through
on the chair now back let’s do this exercise 10 times of
each side. once we get used to this
base we will use the arm and the torso to complete the turn and perform
the kick if the chair is on the side left project the left leg and
when I’m going to make the jump with the right leg right arm
accompany that rotation to make a turn and end the other side in the
same posture on the left side the leg that is going to kick
it’s the right leg, the left leg it will serve us only as a
momentum and once the leg is in the air I will keep from here with the
right leg I’m going to take advantage of the torso rotation
to really be able to launch a kick now a little more fluid
once you lift the center leg the power on the support leg along with
the arm kick and on the other side This weekend we are going
to continue with the series of martial artist movements or
characters, we haven’t made another video anymore that the latter has not reached the goal of
reproductions so if you still don’t have you seen up here I’m going to leave you
link for you to go and see it too remember to leave us a comment on this
same video about which character or martial artist would you like me to teach
his movements Now we will pass one of the parts
that I consider more important in training and that many of
the times are not given the importance necessary and which is to learn to
move around and have the ability to adapt to any situation of
faster way within the capoeira movement
main is recognized as ginga and this same movement has variations or
displacements that we can use like this is that we are going to learn some of them
first we will only perform the ginga moving from left to right now lateral shift when
we do the ginga and we separate the legs the next foot goes back
now the left leg that would go towards back goes to the center to move this
leg to the other side and exit the same shape in the ginga, on the other side is
I open the same leg drives the left leg open and
again now we will use this same base but in
instead of starting the movement when we are in the lateral posture we are going to
start it when we are with the leg back, the back leg goes to the center and
the leg we have in front does a lateral movement to go out doing
the ginga towards the direction from back to center and side, now moving my arms, I’m at the base of the ginga when I change my legs I change the
arms In the previous move once
we were back at the base of the ginga we just gathered and opened but
we were still looking in the same direction not now … the leg behind me is going to
take one step forward and the other leg will also open forward
but in that moment we will change our angle to face
our goal, from behind I do the two steps and change my angle towards this
direction from the other side from behind I move and return again … now the same on the other side from behind I move and change ginga
and displaced them if we are ready we go with a dynamic
a little different which will help us to increase our ability to
improvisation for this latest mechanic training we will require
some obstacles in this case I’m going to use some glasses and which is going to
help create a training area to work our ability to
improvisation and also mobility this type of training is very good
for any martial art since activate your peripheral vision very much and
it’s something we have to work on too much what we are going to do is
simply place them in different places on our site
training and once the we distribute what we are going to do are
displacements using movements basic as is walking in four
points back forward
side to the other side and movements like
small circles the goal is not to stay in one
space but walk around e interact with all obstacles
first like this and once we were able to perform in this way we will start adding movements more advanced among which
we will include some kicks some jumps but the most important thing is not to throw
these obstacles I always self-impose a punishment every
time that shot 1 i will pay with 10 push ups and 20 abs
let’s see how it would be and ready with this we have finished a
small training routine now tell me what would you think of me doing a
weekly plan for you to follow training and you can create this type
of training for all levels from basic to advanced if this idea
you like it leave me right now in your comments
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moment waiting for this training has been to your liking
I say goodbye and see you at the Next video, axé.

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