▶️Aprende COMO SE HACEN los movimientos de YURI BOYKA (2a Parte) 🤜🤛

today we will see the second part
of the best tricks of yuri boika last week I brought for you the
first part of this movements great martial artist and I promised you that
if we reached 10,000 views and thousand likes in less than a week we were going
to do the second part and not only we reach those figures but the
we overcome by so much that I am very grateful to all of you so
today I present the second Part of their movements.
if this video exceeds 20 thousand reproductions we will continue with this
series, now just leave me in your comments on which martial artist or
what character would you like me to show your movements it is very normal that in this
video will see me with two clothes different and later you will know by
what, in this video we will learn three sequences made with the
movements we learned In the first video, if you have not seen it yet, do not worry, because up here you will The direct link appears so you can watch this video and learn the movements. If you’re ready let’s start. this movement in capoeira what I know as MOLA or suicidal and the truth is that I have other names in others disciplines but I don’t know what it’s called like that
is that if you know him by another name You can leave it to me in your comments.
to be able is this movement very important that we have true
KP UP knowledge which is the movement in which we get up
from the floor … if you want … Hello once you have mastered this part of the movement now we go to the most complex part that is the projection that will take us
towards the floor, this exercise is we need to make the progressions
to train in a safe way and let’s avoid injury, instead of
start it lying down let’s go find a differently this time we are going to
Use the following posture. I will start standing and support my arms to the floor, from here first learn to make a roll that would project the
shoulders to the floor and make my body turn that
way, if I am able to make that move we will try to stop it in half,
observe … I support my arms, I simulate the rotation but I keep my feet back,
now from here I will use the movement of the KIP UP to boost myself in the same way with my arms, I do the rotation, support shoulders and from here
momentum once we understood that let’s go to the second level which is to try
make a small handstand project your legs up,
but while the legs go up try to reflect your arms to
shoulder down in this way project, low, and from
from here I do the same, I push the legs and arms now it’s just a matter of projecting each
higher our hip once who has the movement of
this way now let’s try do it backwards for which is
important that we already have the domain of the movement called macaco which is the following .. a projection above if I am already able to make that move
we can move forward and if I still don’t know how to do it Enter now the link I’m going to
leave up here and learn step by step once we understood that we will
make a half macaque observe, impulse and once the second arm rests under my weight on the shoulders what would the exercise be
previous and from here project once Once again, I perform macaque, halfway down and back a little more fluid, macaque when the second arm supports low and back remember that this movement cannot
practice until we have the compression of the macaque, once I understood it we will do the same thing but with a little jump, instead of starting
directly with the hand of the floor I will start with my arms in front and
from here make a small projection even lateral but
jumping back when I am able to do that at the moment
that the arms touch the floor let’s lower our weight on the shoulders once i am able to master this movement and I fall smoothly now
we will only add the projection in our legs to complete our
movement, see here project back support arms
immediately under my weight on the shoulders. and from here project legs and with
arms helped me back now a little more fluid now just to make the variation from yuri boika we will first project with
a leg and ready! with that we have our first movement now let’s move forward ok to be able to do this sequence
we will require three elements which are two different kicks, one
that I know as ARMADA in capoeira and the second kick is something that
We learned in the previous video of Yuri Boyka. How are we going to do it? very
simple, let’s keep one leg at front and one leg back started from
this posture the only thing we are going to do is to cross the leg that we have at
facing the direction where I’m going to move in this case to the side
left cross, turn all my torso and reaching the leg again
left which is what i stay forward we will perform a lift,
now it’s not just straight up but add the trajectory that already
we have with our shoulders in this case to the left side
ending in this way once again a little more fluid … I cross my leg, turn
He raised his leg and finished the kick Now we will try to do this twice in a row once I have control over those
kicks when we do the second in instead of falling back let’s try
fall across so that from here let’s make a turn and a jump .. now that
Jump is going to transform into one more kick. from the second kick we fall
crossing I’m going to make the turn when I’m
again in front I make a jump in this case first I will raise my leg
left to project it towards same side and when the leg goes to the
half of his trajectory the leg of support jump and I’m going to turn with my
shoulders once again … I cross and make the first
kick I turn my shoulders for the second
remembering that the second kick is not going to fall back … but it will fall a little
Crusade … I kick and fall across, now from here I will raise my arms
He raised his leg and jumped now a little more fluid again we have the curse of the
rain, it has started to rain similarly it seems that it will not stop,
so if we can’t continue today tomorrow I will continue with this
tutorial, but don’t worry you don’t they will have to wait a full day like this
We’ll see you right now. and that was precisely the reason that
we changed clothes, today is a new day and we will continue with our video. this last kick is a move a
little more advanced which I know as crossed martelo, in other disciplines
they know him as 540 … there are two ways to make this kick, the basic one that you
I’m going to teach today and a little more advanced than if you want I can make a specific tutorial about this movement. to be able to do it we will use the spin of the kick previous where we jump, I cross the
front coming back with me full rotation raised leg
jump and we finish the turn, only in this kick we are not going to fall with the
first leg that we project but with the one we have on the floor for that
we have to involve our hip To learn its rotation. How are we going to learn it? in a very simple way Do you remember the tutorial of the ‘armada’
dupla? is this movement that is appearing right now on your screen
if you still don’t know how to do it up here I’m going to leave the link for you to go
And learn it. In this tutorial I taught you a turn with the hip in this way, now only this movement what we are going to do is
try to fall with one leg when my two legs pass through the front though
be flexed i’m just going to keep a flexed and an extended look. turn,
I jump and keep one leg flexed With this simple exercise we will learn
the rotation of the hip and the way how our leg should fall,
Now we are going to add a small trajectory to be able to do the
movement in one time I will cross in front, if I go to the side
left crossed right leg getting here I’m going to lift my leg
left and the secret to do it easy is when the leg rises the
I’m going to lift flexed, in that moment that leg is raised flexed i’m going
to make a jump and I will try just crossing the other leg, obviously without impulse it won’t have the same shape now let’s try
make it a little faster, cross, lift leg jump with the other and turn my
hip, now if in a single time and ready with that we already have our
three sequences using the movements that we saw in the first video, I hope these sequences are from help remember to practice them a lot since that is the key to success, leave me in your comments about which martial artist or character would you like us to learn their movements. no more for the moment I
dismissal and see you in a few days AXÉ

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